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  1. Have you just installed the new IL2 update, or updated Windows? Maybe something has affected your game settings. Make sure that "Joystick" is checked, in game "Settings", "Input Devices", "Control Mode".
  2. Ok , I misunderstood. If you can't get those monstertech base plate measurements though, to fabricate your own mount you really just need the dimensions of the stick base and screw holes. You can use the supplied WH screws for attachment. I omitted to mention that the WH base plate is 3 mm thick. Sounds like a good project. We hope to see pics of the completed article...
  3. If you're mounting the stick, It's best to remove the base plate, which is designed to be large and heavy to provide a stable base for use on a desk. When removed from it's base plate, the stick base is circular, roughly 110 mm diameter. (An exact fit for the end-cap of 100 mm PVC pipe, as I used) The 4 mounting screw holes are arranged in a square, 60 mm apart. Diagonally, the distance between the holes is 85 mm. Edit: To answer your question though, base plate is 270 mm x 230 mm, with mounting holes 255 mm & 190 mm apart
  4. It certainly doesn't look weird. I think that 21:9 aspect ratio sacrifices just a little of the image height in order to gain a lot of extra width, and the trade-off is worth it. Before I bought my 34" 21:9 monitor I watched several 'comparison' vids on Youtube, and decided ultrawide was the way to go. That Viotek looks like good value for the money.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I've heard this before, but as I've never had any problems with having Il2 located in my 'Program Files (x86)' folder, where it was installed by default, I've just left it there. Finkeren's problem makes me think it may be time to follow this advice. If I move it, eg to a 'Games' folder, will future updates be able to find the new location? Also, it'll be easy to place a new quick-launch icon on my desktop, but will the game-installed 'launcher' icon still work?
  6. I don't know the answer for sure, but as no one else has replied, I'll give my opinion. As far as I know, when a new Battle is added, it is available as an update for users who already own at least one other Battle. As a new user, if you only want the new one, you will need to download it along with all the others, and yes, it would increase the overall download file size. If it's bandwidth limitations that would be a problem for you, rather than available disk space, why don't you use a free public wifi hub? I recently upgraded my ISP plan from limited to unlimited, but before I did that I was intending to download the game at the public library on my laptop, then transfer it to my desktop. Bear in mind though, that the download speed can be very slow. I couldn't get better than 2.8 mbps. Sorry, I overlooked that question, but anyway, I don't know! I don't have TC, but I assume it's also included in the same download. Hopefully, someone else can advise if it's separate.
  7. I thought that it was normal for destroyed ground objects to eventually disappear, in order to reduce overheads. I've noticed many times, in SP, that several minutes after destroying a train, artillery piece or tank eg, it can disappear. It burns for a while, sometimes with secondary explosion(s), and then eventually dematerialises. If a locomotive is detached from the train by its destruction, It will sometimes disappear before I've mopped up the last of the rolling stock. Other times, the smouldering wreckage can still be seen on a later overflight.
  8. If you've already searched FAQ for a solution, click on the big red button "I have not found a solution in the FAQ", which will open a request form.
  9. Welcome Rohan. Just from memory, that's more like 20 gig. but that big download is a one-off. If you buy only one of the Battles, they will all download, even though you can only use the one you paid for until you buy more. And yes! Buy some sort of joystick at least. I neglected to check the Joystick in settings when I first started, so was forced to use the mouse until I figured it out. Once the joystick was working, the difference was night and day. This is a very realistic sim, and you need at least a cheap joystick to appreciate it.
  10. After more time spent calibrating and mapping controls, I'm pleased to report that my first impressions were incorrect. While a few of the many switches, knobs and buttons aren't recognised in Windows Control Panel settings, most of them, including covered eject switch, oil and water radiator axes and switches, and inlet/outlet cowls, are recognised in the game settings. The more I use this throttle, the more I like it.
  11. Hmmmmm..very arts and cafts! If de Havilland could build the Mosquito out of plywood...
  12. I'm fortunate to already own both of those, but want to applaud your gesture
  13. Guilty as charged. I still consider myself a newbie, but have been flying for 4 months or more, and I've never tried it. At first I always flew a Spit, except for a few flirtations with I-16, Bf 110, He 111, LaGG, P40, P47, FW 190D and a couple of WWI planes. The Spits handle beautifully, but lack firepower compared to a Bf 109 with cannon pods and 30mm fitted. You can destroy a whole train with one pass. The 109 G-14, and, more recently G-6 are becoming my new favourites since I mapped a horizontal stabiliser axis, and I've yet to revisit the Dora. Still prefer the Mk IX for air to air. Now I have a new mission, to finally check out the legendary IL-2
  14. This is so obvious that you've probably already checked, but maybe 'Joystick' has become unchecked in Settings? Make sure that 'Joystick' is checked in game "Settings", "Input Devices", "Control Mode".
  15. Thanks to all who offered their advice. I have adjusted my seating position in the G-6, and saved it . Now all is as it should be, and I have enjoyed a few flights with near-perfect POV. Seems to handle better than the G-14, while offering the same options for extra cannon up front. Very destructive!
  16. Ok.......but why for this plane only? As I said, until I got the G-6, TrackIR had always given me exactly the right viewpoint in every plane I flew, and after giving up on testing the G-6 due to this problem, I jumped straight into the G-14 and it was still perfect. Same for the Mk IX. Tried the G-6 again. Same problem again. So how can it be a TrackIR settings issue, when only one plane is affected? Edit: I think I just understood your meaning. Did you mean that, in my first time in the G-6, there was a glitch of some kind in TrackIR, causing the incorrect viewpoint, and that wrong POV has been saved?
  17. Yes, you're right with some of those, now that I investigate further. Some are 3-position switches (up-center-down, or left-center-right), but the Flaps switch, for example, works as an axis for planes with multi-position flaps, so most of the others should be the same. The Gear lever, as marked, just acts as a 2 pos. switch, for the Mk IX and the G-14 anyway. I've only mapped Throttle, Gear, Flaps, Horiz. Stab, Canopy Open/Close, and Eject. Just enough for a couple of test flights in a couple of planes, with engine management assists on. All my trims, zoom and zoom reset and gunsight adjustments are on the stick, and I'll probably keep them there. The Horizontal Stabiliser wheel is especially nice to use. It rotates through 1080 degrees, and as I turn it the big wheel in the 109 cockpit rotates in perfect sync. I love it already, and I've barely come to grips with it yet. Edit: I've now mapped a lot more controls, including engine management (I finally get to fly my La-5 FN), and I was very pleased to find that a lot of switches/buttons that weren't recognised by Windows in Control Panel, are recognised in the game settings. So far I've avoided having to learn Joystick Gremlin/Vjoy, while getting way more available controls at hand than with my trusty old Warthog. It gets better and better.
  18. Yes, luckily! and thanks again for enlightening me. As it's plane-specific I can see possibilities to fine-tune POV in a few others, eg I-16. I'm still curious as to why this would occur only in the G-6 and not in any other Bf 109 (or any other plane). Just another one of life's mysteries.
  19. OK, there's a bit more involved than just hitting F10! Thanks for the clarification Hanu. Will this just alter the POV in that plane, and then revert to normal when I select another plane? Or when I restart the game? Or will I have to use the same procedure to return it to normal for other planes?
  20. Thanks for the input. The trouble is, that no matter how high I hoist myself up, I can't reach a position where I can see 'normally'. I can't get high enough, in this one plane, even though I seem to be up against the canopy. I will try F10 though. I had only ever used F12 for recentering my position, but when I get on the computer later this evening I'll give F10 a go.
  21. I'm using TrackIR 5, and, until I was recently gifted with the Bf 109 G-6, my head position was perfect for every plane I tried (apart from difficulty seeing instrument panel in the I-16) My eyes are in line with the gunsights of all planes, with the lighted reticule nicely centered. Looking out the sides of canopies I can see nearly the whole wing, and by leaning slightly to the side and looking down I can see the wing root. Exactly as it should be. This includes several Bf 109 variants. With my new G-6 though, it's as if I forgot to put my parachute on, and I'm sitting on the seat base. My eyes are below the gunsight, so the lighted reticule is out of sight. By hoisting myself up in my chair, I can just start to see the top of the reticule circle, but it's as if my head is pressed against the canopy, and I still can't see much over the instrument panel. Looking to the side, I can see the outer wing, and aileron, but only a small part of the flap and not the indicator lines. Needless to say, I've tried re-centering TIR POV by pressing F12, and I've tried recalibrating TIR, but it still won't work, only in this one plane. I'd love to try out my shiny new G-6. Any ideas?
  22. Just did a quick count, and counted 10. The knob in the center, 2nd from the front, is a 5 position switch, intended for flare colour selection. I won't need that for a while as I haven't graduated to MP yet. Kanttori can correct me if I'm wrong about total number of axes. You've got good taste, and it's worth the wait.
  23. I had many hours of happy use with that!. What I like most, in retrospect, is that all switches, buttons and axes are mappable in game settings. Some of the functions on my new throttle, eg oil and water radiator controls and eject switch, aren't recognised by settings. I'll now have to finally come to grips with 3rd party software to fully utilise all the features. It does feel very nice under my left hand though, and learning to use Vjoy/Joystick Gremlin will certainly be worth the effort.
  24. Despatched Mon 17th, arrived yesterday. The box had been dropped or thrown around (maybe both) and looked a bit battered, but fortunately it had been lined with ply, and the throttle had been very well packed, with egg cartons, bubble wrap, cardboard rolls and newspaper. No visible damage! I've only had one, short test flight so far, after mapping some essential controls, and it seems to have survived intact. Everything working well, and it does feel very nice to rest my hand on, compared to the glossy WH handles. So many extra buttons and switches available, and some that will need 3rd party software to utilise. But first I'm going to have some fun with it.
  25. My new KK throttle arrived yesterday, from Finland. I've just finished mounting it, mapping a few essentials, and testing it with a quick mission. Very impressed. Still haven't bought a decent phone (maybe that's my next mission now that my cockpit's sorted) so these pics are poor quality. Even worse than the last ones, as I've used flash.
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