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  1. 34", Acer X34P, curved ultra widescreen, 3440x1440, OC 120 fps. This is just about big enough, as I sit quite close to it. I think the bigger the better.
  2. Thank God you cleared that up! Thousands would have been tearing their hair out trying to figure that out. Actually, I empathize with you. Taught English for a few years in my youth, and ever since I can't help but notice any typo or grammatical error, no matter how minor, whatever I read. After years of practice, (and years of being accused of pedantry) I'm gradually learning not to react. On topic: Update looks fantastic, thanks Team! I really wish though, that I wasn't in the middle of a move, and that my cockpit wasn't packed away!
  3. So, .... it's good to know I'm not the only one who flies QM's against novices! Nice vid, thanks
  4. Amazing! I'm hoping that's a sign that things have finally changed, and not just an anomaly.
  5. Download speeds from Il2 store are notoriously slow, but should at least measure in megabytes rather than kb. In the past, I've managed to increase the speed just by restarting the download. Sometimes takes 2 or 3 restarts before it wakes up. I've also seen a recommendation from a member to go to Settings and check 'Prefer web distribution', though I've never tried that. It's well worth persevering! Good luck.
  6. I find the 'bicycle brake" style lever on the WH stick to be ideal for differential type wheel brakes as on the Yaks and Spits.
  7. Quite a good doc. Some beautiful sequences of surviving spits in flight, in widescreen. I watched it last week on YouTube.
  8. This is the first game I've ever bought (other sims I played years ago were either free or hacked) so I have no idea how expensive this sim is compared to current costs of other games. After spending thousands on my first ever gaming rig (I spent more on my computer/cockpit than I did on my car!), the comparatively small outlay for four battles and FC (and a couple of collector planes) seemed cheap.
  9. Shady? If the release is, in fact, being timed to coincide with the end of the sale (which is only a theory after all), then I would call that good business practice.
  10. Thanks for sharing the link. Lots of good reading.
  11. Thanks Yogi, something else I've learnt. I was doing it between missions.
  12. I'm glad you mentioned the vid, as I had somehow missed noticing it. Of course I went back and tracked it down. Fantastic! I've been looking forward to the Tempest, even more than the Mustang, so it's really good to finally see it in action. I'm with you regarding the audio. It's a pity we never got to properly hear the engine sound, as it was masked by the muzak, but the video is otherwise outstanding. Anticipation is building....
  13. And the Springboks are the favorite foe I love to watch, and fear.
  14. I do sit slightly further back for a movie, but still close enough for 'big screen' effect, so the curve is still good. If watching with a group of others, and sitting back even further, the curve may be less advantageous, but I don't think it would be an issue.
  15. Yes, could be the moment of truth for some of our systems. Will I need an upgrade, or will I maybe need to compromise graphic settings? I hope my system will be good enough, with maybe a frame rate hit. Bring it on!
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