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  1. Thanks MDS1 for replying. If I can get 1,000 hrs out of mine I'll be happy with that!
  2. I received my 7.5cm Sahaj extension today, after an unusually long delivery time. My order had been confirmed and the receipt for payment had been sent on the same day that I made the payment, and the item was dispatched the following day. Top marks to Sahaj. That's where the process broke down. For some reason it took a few weeks to reach my address in New Zealand from Poland. Edit: This delay was clearly nothing to do with Sahaj, as he dispatched it the day after I paid and by priority post. There may have been a holdup with NZ customs, or some other problem en route. No harm done though, as I've just received my new computer, and the build shop at the other end of the country had neglected to install the wi fi component into the motherboard! Still waiting for delivery of the wireless adaptor that they're sending me, so I've yet to purchase, download and install The Game. While I'm unable to test my joystick with it's newly installed component, in flight, I can give my first impressions of the extension: Out of the package (bubble-wrap lined envelope) it looked very impressive. Not 'just a piece of pipe', it is quite substantial and precision engineered. No trace of burring, the threads are totally smooth, and perfectly matched the WH threads, as you'd expect for the price paid. The connector plugged in easily and has a degree of flexibility to allow for offset adjustment of the handle to suit center mounting, which I'm currently working on. The resistance of the spring is now perfect for me, having felt a bit stiff before the upgrade. Small inputs now feel much more precise and should greatly improve shooting accuracy. I can't wait to test my new, improved joystick with that first takeoff and, eventually, in the heat of battle. I'm curious to know how long the original rubber seal lasted before coming loose MDS1. This is one problem I hadn't heard of with the WH stick. When did you start using it? I'm curious because my stick is brand new, and therefore hasn't even begun to suffer the dreaded sticktion yet.
  3. jaygee485

    Patrol at Dawn - Spitfire IX cinematic

    "I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it. There are a ton of changes I wanted to make..." Yes , very enjoyable to watch! Hard to see how you could improve much on that composition. Awesome.