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  1. =LG= www. nie działa funpage na FB - ostatnia akcja luty... no ok szukam dalej
  2. 3x 24,5" iiyama = 5760x1080 + laeserclip www.laserclip.pl
  3. Thank you! i contacted with 1.PL they are opened for fresh blood. But Could you give me some advise how to find 307 ?? there are som sites on FB but it doesn't look like they play IL2... thank you in advance
  4. ...also flying DCS but do not have so much time that DCS need (and deserves).. looking for squadron ...and people who will teach me, or just show me "the magic" of BOS in MP.
  5. I also have RTH2070 but using three monitors, had to cut a draw distance and made clouds look "worse"...but never had les than 58 fps. Can you show me your full settings window. Do you use one or more monitors?
  6. ...coś słabo mi to wygląda albo wszyscy przeszli na angielski.... heh
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