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  1. Hey for what it's worth.Use this program to run IL-2 in native VR mode without Steam VR. https://gitlab.com/znixian/OpenOVR/blob/master/README.md#system-wide-installation "This allows you to play SteamVR-based games on an Oculus Rift as though they were native titles, without the use of SteamVR!" It's called Open Composite and it uses the openvr_api.dll that is built into IL-2.It also works with any game that uses openvr_api.dll. Some say they get a few extra FPS and it's runs a little better.I think it does,that and why run Steam VR if you don't have to.You can also launch IL-2 like you are running it in regular screen mode and then click activate VR mode under settings graphics and it will ask you to restart and it will run in native openvr,but you have to do this everytime you launch it.With Open Composite you can activate Open Composite with one click and launch IL-2 in Steam VR mode and it will not go into Steam VR mode and go right to native VR mode without the double start. OpenComposite.zip
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