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  1. Hello, I have a problem with hosting a co-op mission and didnt find a solution. If I hosting the co-op mission and run it, I cant see the planes of my mates and they didnt see me and the AI planes (server ist vissible and joining works; the mission download from the clients and you can choose the planes). If my mats host the co-op mission (even the same) all works fine and we can fly together. I have Win10, FritzBox, Kaspersky. In have portforwarding for 28000, 28100, 80 and exceptions in kaspersky für il2.exe, dserver.exe, even the ports are exceptions in kaspersky. Any idea what I do wrong or I miss? Thanks! Greetings Oxyd
  2. Is there a plan to install a air rescue service? It is a litle bit strange that water is like lava...
  3. The problem is only the question about that the skripts on the server well running. For me I had good luck. I didn't saw your. Congratulations!
  4. Could it be that there are some problems with the AAA? I flew above Gelendzhik and had a six but no flak were shooting. In the video there where no flak, too. Only some red ones on the ground instead of blue ones.
  5. Wonderful; this was the problem. Thanks! Now I have the problem that TrackIR dosn't go... Strange thing.
  6. Hallo, I have to get a server online and I can see him on the list and can get online on it. The problem is that nobody else can see it on the list. Do I have to set anything up for others to join? Greetings Oxyd
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