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  1. @rowdyb00t Will the clouds be compatible with the new haze? I remember you adjusted a few of the haze parameters in different weathers. Im wondering if it will override the new haze density settings.
  2. Thanks very much for the detailed response, that helps a lot 😃
  3. After so many airplanes have been updated oficially to 4k, Im a bit confused on which planes still required mods/skins to incresase resolution of both Color and Bump to 4k. Ive been using this mod: ( [MOD] Historically Correct Official Skins (2K and 4K) ) for a long time, which includes 4k textures of both default and default white skins of all airplanes and the extra download that uses 4k Normal maps for all airplanes. (But it doesnt include any of the extra skins) My question would be, is there any point using this mod nowadays, I keep seeing in the updates that more and more planes ar
  4. I would also love to have this feature implemented, but Im guessing you depend on the devs to implement outgoing data on the ball position.
  5. @rowdyb00t Yes I would appreciate if you do an updated version of the lighting but without the new cloud formations that drop FPS, I love the new lighting (without the gray skies) but the clouds are eating away quite a bit of FPS for me in VR! I know its a bit of a pain to have to carry so many different iterations of the mod so I will understand if this is too much work.
  6. Im kinda doing the same hahaha, waiting for him to upload to play Il2
  7. Ryzen 3900x, RTX 2070 super, rift S, 32Gb 3600 cl14 RAM , SSD Nvme
  8. Yea would appreciate it. I also found that using gpresets even without tweaking anything seems to somehow lower my fps. I will give it another try
  9. Does the nvidia AA settings affect VR? I currently use 2 in-game and FXAA in nvidia panel.
  10. Yea, I tried disabling half of the cores and was almost the same, then I disabled also SMT and it was also the same, +-1-2FPS, so no noticeable difference. My CPU is running at 60deg max when running the benchmark, not cool, but also not super hot, ryzen can go up to 90. Ill do one more run and try to benchmark the average frequency the CPU is running at, ill try to find a software that does that.
  11. Yea, agree with you. I suspect there is something else on the background going on, the difference in DCS from Intel to AMD seems to be much lower than in Il2, 40fps difference between 3900x and 9900k is a really big difference, in benchmarks of old and new games, they test up to 40 games 9900k vs 3900x, and yes, Intel is generally better, but not by 40 fps. The biggest difference I've seen was 14fps in Starcraft, even other old games that are single threaded run at around 1-3% faster in the 9900k, 30-40fps is a 30% difference. It's complicated as you said to check the exact frequen
  12. Motherboard: MSI B450 Tomahawk CPU: Ryzen 9 3900x CPU Freq: 4.6 Ghz L3 cache: 4 x 16 MB Cores: 12 HT:On RAM type: DDR4 RAM size: 32 GB NB Freq: 1800 MHz RAM Freq: 3600 MHz RAM Latency: 14 GPU: RTX 2070 Super STMark: 3060 2020-03-03 00:37:47 - Il-2 Frames: 24019 - Time: 180000ms - Avg: 133.439 - Min: 93 - Max: 235
  13. I have been running the tests,I will paste all the information in the correct format when I get home, but basically, with a Ryzen 3900x, RTX 2070 super, and 32Gb RAM overclocked to 3600 cl14 fast tight timings(66ns AIDA64 latency) and 3093 ST Mark score, all I manage to get is 134 average FPS. How is it possible that Intel, even old CPUs like the 8600k, even if it has lower ST Mark score, runs faster than AMD, something must be badly optimized somewhere? I know that Intel is better for single thread than Ryzen, generally, but the 3900x is a newer CPU, with increased IPC, and in
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