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  1. Im using Rift S , connected with USB-C to the RTX 2070. And on the graphic settings, I'm trying now with High preset, high clouds, 40km visibility, medium shadows, HDR and Sharpen enabled, antialiasing to 4. Running with 1.2 SS in Oculus tray tool now. Doing the gpreset tweak, and adding max_cloud_detail = 2 instead of 1, to remove the shimmering clouds in the distance. (I also tried post_hdr=4, which seems to look a bit better than 3 and doesnt seem to add FPS cost) I get around 60-70 fps in kuban, with heavy weather, in stalingrad and moscow I manage to get mostly 70-80, even on heavy weather, and in Rhineland I get more close to 50-60. Those FPS are for PWCG and quick mission, for example in Achtung Spitfire, my fps tank to 35-40 almost all the time while close to the ground and take off, and get better with altitude.
  2. I'm wondering how are people claiming over in the forums to have 80fps+ stable, with 130% SS and everything on Ultra... Im doing balanced preset, with medium graphic settings on some things like shadows and clouds and sure, I do get higher than 45 always, but it oscillates between 80 and 55-60 all the time. I have ryzen 2700x, overclocked to 4.3Ghz and a RTX 2070 Super... my RAM overclocked to 3400. Wondering if Im doing something wrong, is it really possible to get the game looking really good and keep 80fps stable on single player/career/campaigns?
  3. Im trying your settings, Im wondering if this is smoother/better than using Open Composite.
  4. In case you didnt sort it out yet, I have done this on mine: Install VJoy, and also download Universal Joystick Remapper (UJR). In this image you can see how I set it up, you just have to select in one of the virtual axis, for example 1 (X), your physical stick ID (1 if you only have 1 joystick) and then the stick axis. Finding the axis takes a bit of clicking until you find your axis, basically twist the joystick left and right, and go changing the physical axis for the Physical Stick ID = 1, until you see the State moving, then you know that is your axis. (If none of the Physical axis works, change to stick ID 2, or 3 , depending on how many josticks you have plugged) Once you have the correct Physical Stick and Axis selected, you can do the Special Operation of SPLIT H, or SPLIT L, and it will split the axis into a full range. I have SPLIT H for twist left, from 0 to 100, and SPLIT L for twist right, also from 0 to 100. These will be 2 new axis in the game, belonging to the new VJoy joystick (its a virtual joystick) (If you click on Auto configure Stick ID, it tries to fill all the virtual axis with joystick axis, you could use this also to find the twist, and then set to None everything else that you dont want to remap)
  5. Thank you very much for this, Ill give it a try!
  6. Would it be possible to have one for Spitfire Mk V in Moscow and Stalingrad too?
  7. First of all, thank you very much for your mod and your hard work, its really amazing and appreciated. Ive been running some tests lately and I dont know why but I seem to be getting a big FPS loss using 3dMigoto, even when disabling the Cloud Fix. I love the zoom features of it, I dont really need anything else, so is there any optimized settings to just have the zoom and not lose 10 fps? In this benchmark I have run just now Im getting these numbers, doing a autopilot test run with heavy clouds, cloud fix is disabeld on the ini settings of 3dmigoto. 3d Migoto disabled: 2019-03-18 14:57:17 - Il-2 Frames: 10351 - Time: 180000ms - Avg: 57.506 - Min: 41 - Max: 89 3d Migoto enabled: 2019-03-18 15:15:51 - Il-2 Frames: 8072 - Time: 180000ms - Avg: 44.844 - Min: 40 - Max: 46 I have rerun it a few times and it seems to be consistant, I lose around 10-13 fps average when enabling it. Any ideas? Thanks very much,
  8. I have been trying to use the PWCG cold start version but I cant create a new campaign it gives an error no matter what I do. I uploaded the errorlog here. I can select the airplanes I own but at the point of making a new career, when I select the faction it errors for all of the factions. I would appreciate some help, if possible. Have a great night 😃 PWCGErrorLog.txt
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