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  1. Hello there Ladies & Gents! Some bits of other stuff, including some animated gameplay options for a change We're prototyping our menu & our soundtrack, care to tell us if you feel like the mood is adequate considering the topic? The footage is kinda old so no worries this will be changed and made more relevant, but it was picked based on the sort of feeling we wanted to convey more than anything. Hope it does the trick As of late we've been posting a lot of 3D stuff, but it doesn't mean we've been inactive under the hood - qu
  2. Thanks guys, appreciated! In the meantime here's a little update - first about our clouds We worked hard on optimizing them following our little video collab. Now they're faster & prettier, and that's all we need from them! (that and hide your task force from AI snoopers too of course) Besides, we just made a small vid regarding our design process for our in-game sounds. Beware, before you click on this button, make sure your wife/children/dog/neighbors aren't sleeping while you're using the big stero
  3. Some extra guilty plane-related delights today for you fighter pilots (it is a bit tougher for anybody who would be into bombers though ) Great thanks to Chris from Military Aviation History & Justin Pyke for this charming (and challenging) collab opportunity! Loads of original never seen as of yet Task Force Admiral footage featured today in this video which will tell you about the death ride of 4.Kokutai against USS Lexington in February 1942. We prominently feature in the first half, but any fan of the PTO is obviously highly encouraged to watch this one video. Planes aren'
  4. Hi there chaps! A little news update for those who wouldn't be tired of hearing about the PTO all week already We posted a small update over there at our Steam page. Please feel free to come over there pay us a visit - and leave us a like if you fancy what you read, it helps a lot for discoverability! Just click on the pic below, and enjoy the ride! Cheers and have a great weekend, everyone!
  5. Thanks to both of you, as always, much appreciated Cheers!
  6. It is surprising to see among other things indeed that people don't realize that these trailers are 100% CGI. but honestly, I'd have thought people would have realized by now These Playway pieces are smart prototype videos, but none of these is showing actual in-game footage. Doesn't make the final games bad, mind you, but it also shows how efficient their creative marketing department is! 😁
  7. Well, erm, yeah of course - sorry if it wasn't made clear earlier, but I am the producer & co-designer in the original dev team Cheers
  8. Hi there ladies & gents! It ain't much, but here is the digest of our latest entries over the last few weeks. Work being done on the texture of USS Hornet, and some attempt at making the vegetation look acceptable at ground level. We won't go much further than that - we're making a wargame, not a combat sim like Il-2, so we can dispense with quantum palm trees - but as long as they more or so look the act, it's all fine! (beware, the Japanese cruiser was pasted on the original picture to see how the scenery would fit, and we're applying filters to try to catch the mood)
  9. Don't worry too much about the rest of the line up (including what hasn't been announced just yet). I am happy to say that I scouted myself half of them. Some, like Regiments or Second Front are already so advanced that I cannot really see how they would fail at delivering what they are showing. Don't expect anything like what has been done in the early 1990s, we cannot and we won't re-enact that 1:1 - but we dev teams are all feeling intimately connected to the legacy of what MPS stood for and there's a bit of this in all our games, in a different fashion each time. As for myself,
  10. Hello there guys! Happy to see you're still following us. Sorry for the silence lately, but I simply didn't want to abuse Jason's kind hospitality. Besides, it's not been all roses & al for some of our colleagues in the times we're going through, but let's say we're still out there, mostly happy & working hard. A few things to play catch up, if you will. First of all, we posted a few updates since my last passage: - A big one on the website https://drydockdreams.games/2020/11/20/legends-fall/ - And a smaller one a few days ag
  11. Thanks boys! And yes, Semor's bet is much safer AFAIK myself. In the meantime, please enjoy a small summer dev update between two happy beach cocktails! https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/1281220/view/4397155783160563685 Cheers everyone
  12. Today, some artsy stuff for those who care for some colours Ah, IJN Dark Green, my luv...
  13. No worries bro, I am quite certain you're going to end up with way many more games than your time allows, unfortunately At any rate, on the air combat front, things are shaping up nicely. Just gotta teach them some advanced tactics next week (including the Thach Weave) and it will really start to look like something. At least good enough for a wargame
  14. If you found Decisive Campaigns great, then you gotta try Shadow Empire from the same designer. It just got out, and it's an instant classic.
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