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  1. You're welcome! * * * * * * * I know there might be some fans of big cats with very big engines in here, so here we come... Time for the Final Countdown! Splash the Zeroes - I say again: Splash the Zeroes! I wished we could have kept it for April foolsโ€™ but news stuck in unexpected ways recently. We teamed up with our bros at Triassic Games for a small flying homage to Kirk Douglas, who passed away last week. You might remember him as the skipper of USS Nimitz in the Final Countdown. We had a Zero, they had a Tomcat, so why not make a small crossover for a last fly over? Rest in Peace Captain Yelland! ๐Ÿ˜” If you are into Wildcats, weโ€™re pretty sure you cannot be insensitive to the charms of a Tomcat! Especially prowling on the tail of a Zeroโ€ฆ (All right, thatโ€™s a four-bladed zero, but we had to make do โ€“ still better than a repainted Texan, am I right! Be nice!) We tried to have them do things to each other, but it is already a miracle that they might want to stay within the same engine - we're not going to ask much more for now ๐Ÿ˜
  2. Thank you! Besides Gambit's recommendation, I can only highlight again the importance of John Lundstrom's work in our research and our thinking. He happens to be the top authority in terms of USN fighter combat narrative in 1942 and the author of the best study on Admiral Fletcher, while being gifted with a true talent for writing (which isn't necessary a thing I'd say about all the brilliant people presently on my bookshelf).
  3. Thank you guys ^^ Tim Stone was enough of a gentleman to lend us his column this week. If you wanna learn more about the game mechanics we envision for the game & all, it's a good start I'd say: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2020/02/14/the-flare-path-talks-task-force-admiral/ Cheers!
  4. Thank you/Merci everybody for the nice comments There you go, with a few shots of our new Zero model to end this weekend in beauty! Naturally it is still a far cry away from the level of detail you find in BoX, but for a wargame these will do. No need to cry about the grey tones we chose for the Zeke, the lighting in the render program doesn't give it justice - and these have just been normal mapped, we still need to give them actual historical skins. The "amber grey" stuff will come in due time, fear not. The Rufe is getting along pretty well too. Oh well, these are 150k JPG pictures, you can expect some compression loss along the way of course ^^ I assure you, this doesn't appear so obviously while in-game. Cheers
  5. Anybody still interested? Yes? Good! Here are a few screenshots ๐Ÿ˜˜ First of all, our new weather model, which allows for localized rain squalls, the likes of which saved Zuikaku from a pounding at Coral Sea, or Enterprise from extermination at Santa Cruz. You will be allowed to use them too, but it works both ways... Here, you can see them in action on the larger map. Blue areas are the ones where a set of conditions make rain happen - of course it changes dynamically, and the weather can be radically different 100 miles away. It's your job to make sure that the weather Gods will favor you more than they harm you... And here's a view of how it looks like from under it: Cloud cover will have an actual role in gameplay - as you can see here, it can very efficiently hide ships away from the sky. Your planes might very well miss the enemy - but in absence of a working radar, if communications are down or not an option, and if the Z/B system is non-operational for a reason or another, then your planes could very well miss you too...! They might have to pray for a little opening at the right spot in the cloud cover, just like here: Of course, the same rules apply whenever you'll be trying to get something done at night. Night ops are not impossible, nor forbidden, but try your luck at your own risk. Taking off in the darkness is already a difficult, yet necessary exercise when a dawn strike requires it - but bombing by moonlight in on a whole different level! Yet, it did happen... Arguably, nothing out of the ordinary or super impressive for flight-simmers, but I can tell you - the Wargamer crowd will appreciate! Finally, a sneak peek at something that comes a bit closer to gameplay, for a change. This one prototype shows how the game dimensions interact with each other. It is our early experiment at an interactive Command Post/Map/3D world integration. It is certainly no Radio Commander just yet of course, but it is a first step! Very work in progress, as it is. At any rate, as you can see, the transition is smooth. Switching from a mode to another one doesn't seem to impact performance in any way. As these instances already exist in-game permanently, they don't need to be generated along the way, making the whole process feel rather natural and self-explanatory (well, that's the feeling I have of course, but I am a bit biased - don't hesitate to tell me if I am wrong!). Of course, static 2D & full 3D visualization modes will be available too - you will just have to click the relevant button on the toolbar to activate them (more on that later...). There, there... Hopefully this will quench your thirst for PTO somewhat - you don't get to fly the planes, but at least you'll get to see the clouds ^^ As always, thanks for reading these updates - and thanks to the Il-2 management for allowing me to post them at all โค๏ธ See you around for the next update - and in the meantime, take good care
  6. Well, Unfortunate John Waldron never got to use it after this photo for sure, but as you can see it was considered sufficiently useful to be part of the gear ] Ok, granted, he had Indian blood ^^ Still, not necessarily an uncommon sight. With the generalization of parachutes in WW2, or in PTO over large areas of water, I suspect it was even of a more common use than in WW1.
  7. Well, of course it helped that back then, games had actually a cover so that the magazine wouldn't have to dig far to find the right illustration That, and the fact that people would consider combat flight sims & wargames mainstream too...
  8. Hello there, ladies & gents! We made a small dev update just now. https://drydockdreams.games/2020/01/28/wallabies-in-the-year-of-the-rat/ Naturally, nothing very new for anyone who's been following the project so far, but there's some more context for those who might be interested in knowing more. In the meantime, enjoy the show Cheers
  9. Thanks! But you were among the lucky ones it seems Flanker Apparently there was trouble with the pics for anybody who doesn't use Twitter - it's fixed now, hopefully? ๐Ÿ˜…
  10. Thank you for your kindness people! Keep 'em coming nice things, they're our fuel, literally Some new stuff for those of you living far away from them evil social networks. Here is a very early, first look at what the air ops planner might look like (the panel and the AI managing the flight deck after your directives, launching & recovering). So far so good, the computer is very proficient at keeping the flight deck open for business, even when the human player is being, well, human (and as such not very stable in his/her choices ^^) A few ships came along too, with USS Northampton, HMNZS Leander & Japanese auxiliaries joining the roster And, last but not least, some fine astronomical experiments. We needed to make sure that the Sun & the Moon both were always where they're supposed to be at anytime, any day. * Tweaking the celestial sphere in-engine โ˜‘๏ธ * Loc & time: Kuala Lumpur 26.12.2019 around 7:10 AM UTC โ˜‘๏ธ * Eclipse looks more or less like the real thing, Sun & Moon OK โ˜‘๏ธ * Not awaking Cthulhu on the astral plane just yet with our dark shenanigans โ˜‘๏ธ Of course, it might not be as spectacular as a bunch of SBDs warming up on a flight deck, but when time comes your pixel pilots will be happy to have reliable astronomical objects to rely on! Next stage: we still have to lit up the night sky with the proper stars, and we will be all set...๐Ÿ˜‡ (simulations courtesy of NASA & www.timeanddate.com) That is all for this small update, Ladies & Gents. Thanks for your time and have a great weekend
  11. You do acknowledge that building masonry & design did make some yet rather visible progress over the course of these few decades since 1944, right? ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‰ They chose it - as they say - on purpose because there's an actual modern US base there. I just don't see what you mean by springboard - in that regard, any map with water will do. Not sure we need to create the sort of tension you are building up with this sort of conjectures, to me that's just cheap bait right there. ๐Ÿ˜’
  12. I think that the Baltic & Finnish front (for both the Winter & Continuation wars) would be a great place to make - there's potential for a map, and more importantly original Axis aircrafts (not just the Ms.406 and the Buffalo you mentioned already, but the Curtiss H.75 or the Fokker DXXI too!) & naturally Soviet aircrafts too. Man, they even had Hurricanes & Gladiators - what is there not to love! Ok, maybe I'd be the only guy to buy that, but still ^^
  13. I don't know if this done so on purpose, or what... What has been announced is nowhere remotely connected to what you're claiming in this topic. As it is, beyond the nice colors and the GPS coordinates, this map as planned is no more adapted or relevant to WW2 than the current Caucasus map would be. It is modern-day Marianas.
  14. Hello there Gents, We posted a New Year update on the website with a few shots of the action in the air. Those who have been following closely might not come across any surprise, but it's always better than nothing I guess! https://drydockdreams.games/2020/01/01/new-years-resolutions/ Cheers!
  15. **HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!** See you in 2020 for the Beta
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