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  1. Thanks boys! And yes, Semor's bet is much safer AFAIK myself. In the meantime, please enjoy a small summer dev update between two happy beach cocktails! https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/1281220/view/4397155783160563685 Cheers everyone
  2. Today, some artsy stuff for those who care for some colours Ah, IJN Dark Green, my luv...
  3. No worries bro, I am quite certain you're going to end up with way many more games than your time allows, unfortunately At any rate, on the air combat front, things are shaping up nicely. Just gotta teach them some advanced tactics next week (including the Thach Weave) and it will really start to look like something. At least good enough for a wargame
  4. If you found Decisive Campaigns great, then you gotta try Shadow Empire from the same designer. It just got out, and it's an instant classic.
  5. Thanks, appreciated ^^ @danielprates Haha. Thanks Daniel. Well, basically everything you see happening in these games, whether it is CAW or CB4G, will naturally happen in TFA too. Just in a waaaaay less abstracted way, that is. These are wargame systems trying to account for carrier combat characteristics in a tabletop environment brought to PC, or more exactly in the case of CAW, this is what technology would allow on early 90s computers, where action would be better resolved in a War in the Pacific-type of animation rather than an actual, living 2D-3D world (which was already possible then, but would be ugly as hell and very, very abstracted itself). Same with the pulse system (in the case of the SSG series the famed Run5, which was as close to real-time turns could ever get). The 2007 remake is not so much a re-imagining, than it is an up-to-date version of the same game. In that regard, more than a generation after the first release of CAW or so, we certainly do aim at going beyond these original technical limitations that are not relevant today. I am excited by what the modern tech allow us to recreate and implement in terms of IRL mechanics, and we'll make full use of this.
  6. In theory, the Zveno experiments showed that using the same kind of systems you could not only recover a plane on a dirigible - you could recover a plane on a plane too ^^
  7. Thanks for the heads up Sone Aye nothing that much new for anybody who has been following us in here as usual. But screens of every kinds, about every topic. Models, research, dev... Take your pick! Something else entirely: we are currently organizing a lucky draw for our community to win 5 steam keys for Cyril Jarnot's Carrier Battles 4 Guadalcanal - probably the best wargame about carrier combat to have come out in ages. It's a good old turn-based, hex-based system inspired from Victory Games' CARRIER, so the system is proven - and the programming rather bug free after a couple months of intensive beta testing from the kickstarter original gang. Simply follow this link to enter the draw if you're interested (don't worry, it's not very complicated...!) https://steamcommunity.com/games/1281220/announcements/detail/2244428724283307050 Cheers everybody
  8. Beautiful effects!😮 Care to share your video FX settings/process/tools or is it a secret? 🤗
  9. I would venture the guess that the game you're looking for is Lucasart's Their Finest Hour And I could still tell you by heart that the debrief screen for a successful RAF fighter mission would show a Spitfire with the code JC O M. That's how fondly I remember that game
  10. - It's internally-developed (unlike our game, or Sea Power, or Second Front) - Yes it will take time - They don't plan to catch up with Il-2 GB and they don't plan too. And I would certainly appreciate for the on-going peace of mind of everybody in here that such things, that are unintended on the part of our Publisher, are not alluded to. 😮 That's a VR-ready multicrew B-17 lite sim that puts crew interaction over actual system reproduction, David the CEO said it so often enough - just like the original was pretty much a management game coated in the guise of an actual combat simulation. It's not a competition, and it's big enough a world. - Thanks for them And thank you too! I wouldn't worry about the Lancaster - that is being taken care of by people who are very good at it already and deserve much praise too! https://www.valianteffortgame.com/ Cheers!
  11. Thanks for the heads up bro ^^ Aye, this is really unknown territory for me. Arguably it would be a great way to help my 3D artist make more of a living on the long run too, but I really don't have the right knowledge for this as of now. Fortunately, now I know where to go to find this expertise it seems 😛
  12. Seconded. Leyte is just everything galore. Competitive and balanced planeset on both sides, an actual land campaign, some seaborne action, acceptable distances for gameplay purpose... Really, just this one please.
  13. Hello guys! Sorry been a bit busy - and when not busy lazy - these last few days. The launch of the Steam store page wasn't a simple task, the whole teaser affair also took its toll on the team, and there's a lot of people left and right that need replies to their questions. As usual, the first & the faithful get served the last - sorry for letting you down in these dog days... - but here I am. Soooo. First of all thanks for the support and the kindness, much appreciated. I would like also to thank yet again 1C & Jason for allowing my presence in here, even if we are certainly much further down the road of development than we were back in the Fall. Obviously we're still an indie team at heart and at work - signing with a publisher can provide help, but it doesn't make games dev themselves, quite the opposite! The pressure is more real than ever. Well we thought about that. Honestly we're getting to the point where we're assembling the greatest collection of ships in this category that I have yet to see somewhere else. But I still don't know which scale, which material, which use (decoration? wargaming?) would fit them best. I am pretty sure that come some point we might be actually able to make a parallel living thanks to this, no kidding ^^ Hehe. Regarding DLCs, we'll start to worry about it when we'll have an actual game on our hands. But my thinking is that a DLC should be used to provide the player with alternate gameplay options rather than just add units or missions. We will probably use them for expanding the scope of the game vertically upwards (aka with an operational/strategic layer) or downwards (aka to the station/simulation level). Depends on what sounds the most popular and what we want to work on then. Slowly but surely we want to offer the complete experience, at all the imaginable scales, while staying true to our commitment to immersion, historicity & realism (considering the size of our studio!) The actual "horizontal" scope (aka a focus on another nation, or new gameplay options at the same scale) will be handled through additional volumes. Vol.2 will be centered on the IJN, is expected to include PVE & PVP multiplayer & a strategic carrier-centric layer too. And yes I certainly hope we'll be able to offer the full Pacific experience, from Ceylon to Pearl Harbor, from Noumea to Attu & Kiska Cheers everybody!
  14. You seem to have a pretty fond memory of 1946, because I can assure it didn't look like that. Even modded. But you probably know better - fine by us. Enjoy Order of Battle
  15. Aye thanks Simfan. Obviously they didn't make that B-17 model to have it sit idle around for long. Things are definitely in motion but they take time. They're a new team, they need to get the stuff going & rolling - the three of us are willing Guinea Pigs in this adventure, but on the other hand we'll get the prime time. Gotta start somewhere, right. The only thing I can say without crapping on my NDA is that everybody is very aware of the DNA of the brand. I am no stranger to the original deal, its characteristics and the choice of the external dev teams who joined in (and the three of us are just three among others). A few MPS legacy titles some of you might remember fondly such as Grand Prix, UFO or Transport Tycoon were published rather than developed in-house by MPS Labs, so I have no problem with the concept. We are all very aware of the added pressure working with this name on our game boxes implies, and to the very least you can expect us to do what we can to do right by it - and do right by you. Just gotta give us time - and money only if you find the final result good enough. Cheers
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