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  1. This video at about 12.05 talks about streaming/recording settings for DCS, it helped me out. DCS displays a portrait image on the monitor, but you could probably translate the steps in this to similar effect. You scale up the image in the nvidia control panel, then using OBS you select the 16:9 section you want.
  2. I'm flying using VR and loving it, although I seem to not suffer at all from motion sickness so don't really feel like I can comment on that aspect of it. If you want to try out head-tracking before buying TrackIR, I found that TackNoIR works surprisingly well (I used it mostly for ARMA and Elite Dangerous) and is really simple to set up. It just uses your face as a tracking point rather than IR lights, so it's not as accurate as a Freetrack system, but it's a really nice way to see if you want to invest. I find flying without some form of headtracking is simply awkward and not enjoyable.
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