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  1. Thanks again 307_Tomcat, found the problem, seems the JSGME start in folder had moved somehow. Ops normal now 😃. Loving this mod again!!
  2. Thanks for the quick reply 307_Tomcat, any ideas what I'm should be looking for?
  3. Hi I've been away for a little while so just getting back into IL2 and I used this MOD previously with no problems but I'm unable to get this to work. I'm using JSGME to remove old mods and add in the new one (only using this one as it happens). I've got mods selected in game and my gut tells me this something simple that I have overlooked, so any help would be appreciated! Also using this with Occulus Rift.
  4. MF-Beepee - thanks for this. Just spent the last two days trying to get this sorted. Should have came here first and saved myself a load of work! So far this has worked - just have an issue when loading a profile my mouse/keyboard goes crazy and types continous -+ ! Thanks again!
  5. Same problem here but this worked for me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbBaTeB5llM
  6. I was having major issues with my Rift, kept disconnecting and reconnecting. Checked all the leads and usual stuff - updated to the latest Nvidia driver and now all working really smoothly.
  7. Thanks for that, got Afterburner now - just need to do a bit of study/research into it!
  8. Thanks katdog5, I'm fairly new to OC so am happy for any advice. Changed a view settings that got a slight increase, I'm using Gameboost from the BIOS which seems to give the best performance, try to have everything else shut down.
  9. CPU-Z is fine, just me looking at the specification rather than Core Speed - ticking over nicley at 4803Mhz ish. Downloaded Afterburner - so having a fiddle with that!
  10. Thanks chiliwili69! Not sure what I'm looking for here, CPU speed in CPU-Z states 4400 Mhz. With MSI Command Centre running it states the CPU at 4800Mhz. DRAM Freq 1200Mhz (FSB DRAM 1:18)?? Will have a look at MSI Afterburner. Apoligies if this is incorrect but I'm not overly familiar with OC!
  11. Had the Rift for a few months now and wow! What a difference. Tried a few flights with Track IR the other weekend and while the graphics are way better, with VR you get the "feel" much better. Anyway here are my results - only did the VR test. 2018-01-20 14:59:00 - Il-2 Frames: 4240 - Time: 60000ms - Avg: 70.667 - Min: 44 - Max: 91 Specs in signature Passmark results: CPU Mark 13234 CPU Single Threaded 2821
  12. I too also got this monitor and have to say it is fantastic. This has made such differance to my game, so thank you Space Ghost for your recommendation!
  13. From time to time when my shooting is off, in particular my convergence shooting, I fly a few missions in QMB only with aiming assistance on. I find this puts it all back into perspective, especially in all the twisting and turning during dogfighting.
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