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  1. At takeoff huh? I never pulled that one off. I guess you are either overheating or you are letting your rpm run too high. Open your radiator and then your rpm limiter to 90 percent.
  2. You should play the original to get a refresh on true magical aim. Rarely miss? They DON'T miss in that sim and have unbelievable agility. Now for this sim, my advice is to initially push gentle negative Gs while rolling hard and then once inverted, dive while changing directions every now and then while pulling up. That tactic typically works 90% of the time for me. If one is really on you and you are equal in terms of energy, then really you just have understand both your aircraft and theirs to make a decision on what you want to do. You aren't going to try and make an i-16 overshoot a 190. Also, try not to get frustrated with getting shot down, there is no perfect tactics that allows you to avoid any and every bullet, the best you, or any other pilot can do is just make it as hard as possible to shoot you, but it will never be impossible to land a hit on you.
  3. I agree with Fink for the most part. My experience with the Spit's .303s is that they are like a slow poison. Sure they hit your wing or tail and they dont cause much structural damage. But the lil buggers are like a shotgun blast, they almost always hit the engine bay and cause your engine to die or fuel leaks everywhere, which in almost all online servers where everyone goes out with half a tank, will result in an emergency landing. The Spit is going to give many people headaches on axis side. But i think shes good for the player balance...hopefully.
  4. Exactly this. The Yak is basically one giant stall in aggressive combat turns. However, the plane handles very well while stalling, which is why in an axis pilots eyes, may look like they never stalled at all. Being I rarely, if ever fly axis, my only advice against a Yak is to always be patient and never get dragged down. I typically have a hard time with 109 pilots that know how to bounce properly. Dont pull high Gs when diving on an enemy. Many Yak pilots wont know how to handle a high altitude, high energy axis fighter. Most friendlies I see go in to a steep climb and turn to "follow and keep visual" but they dont realize they are stalled sitting ducks to the stable dive speed of a 109, or if they are really unlucky, a 190.
  5. My idea is to have an option in any multiplayer server to create or join a flight. A player could create a flight, designate a target for it, and then other players can see it listed and join it. What this would do is create a formation for players to spawn together and know exactly what their objective is. There could even be a third chat option that you can send direct messages to only the flight. I visualize this system similar to the coop briefing screen in the original IL2 1946. Players select their flight and then plane. Once everyone hits ready, the flight leader spawns everyone in. I believe this system would engage players to interact with each other more and keep the battlefield more interesting.
  6. Its tough because one change will make a percentage of players happy, and the other angry. I believe the solution, as of right now, is highly skilled AA. What we need for ground pounders is a system in game that allows flight creation on a server. Meaning, a player can create a bomber flight, designate a target, and then other players can join it and all spawn together and have their in game messages be sent to just the flight. Really, anything that allows better communication in-game between players makes the experience more enjoyable and organized. I just thought about it too, we are getting that air marshall system soon, possibly the air marshall can create ground attack missions and create a flight that players can join?
  7. Thanks Jim, i was having a hard time finding it in the manual. Flipping through all the pages has been crazy as i keep experimenting with things and not knowing good key words to search for.
  8. I have followed two tutorials on creating an airfield to spawn at in multiplayer. Unfortunately, whenever I run the mission on the dedicated server, you select the aircraft you want, but once you click to spawn, it just says you were killed and you stare at an empty airfield. After making the mode normal, and seeing external views of the plane, it seems to spawn under the map. I cant seem to find a way to fix this as the normal properties lock the y axis movement. Any suggestions?
  9. Not about the turn time, a spitfire has a lower stall speed in a turn than a yak with raised flaps, that is what i meant. You can go test this in simulator that has both planes in it or look up the real-life tests. I am goin to try out the new update! And i can not argue with AeroAce because he is right, but that doesn't make a tactic void because someone knows about it, i expect 190 to dive on me, so does that mean a 190 diving is a bad tactic? See you guys in the sky!
  10. oh? lol guess all the forum topics about the miracle flaps during combat were all a hoax Just tried it yesterday in a QMB and yup, still makes the yak pull like its a spit, never failed me since launch day
  11. Also, if you find yourself with no energy and a 109 comes down to you with plenty, and knows what they are doing, use your flaps. It gives you that extra pull for making tight turns and making the firing angle tougher for the Axis pilots.
  12. I'd like to see ship damage that is believable. Drop a bomb on a flight deck? An actual hole that will make landing on it almost impossible. With so much ocean, I believe there should be a lot of work done to the ships to make them the real highlight of the pacific.
  13. I love flying the p40. She can shoot anything down from just about any firing angle with a quick burst. My issues are the same as Finkeren, she climbs slow and fast dives kill the engine(even with the limiter) unless you pull the throttle back and lose all of your energy. Though, I tend to never fly the thing ever since I discovered the Mig 3 with those UBS MGs Im pretty sure more than 80% of my kills with those guns have been spontaneously exploding 109s.
  14. After an awesome mission in a LaGG, I got 4 victories(2 109s, 202, and a 110) and some ground targets. When I attempted to put in the AAR for a debrief, it gives an error. So here it is! The only thing I can give as help on what I was doing is, the 109s and 202 I shot to pieces but only when the engines stop did the icons dissapear and I went on to my next target. The 110 I nailed in the right engine it came tumbling down to a beautiful explosion. So I don't know if it just can't decide if an engine failure is a kill or not. I put my victories as zero and watched the debrief and it states all 4 targets being destroyed by me, so i dont know what the issue is. But great work on the program and keep up the good work!
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