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  1. Regarding ww1: I want to buy everything as soon as possible ... collector aircraft, weapon mods, AI only two-seaters as a "prey package". WHAT EVER ! I'm just waiting to throw some money at the developers. Regarding ww2: if it's on sale. I think i'm already too spoiled by ww2 content to still be this excited here.
  2. G'Day, I got the exactly same problem. . All mods are disabled, unfortunately the issue still persists. What can i do ? Is there some kind of recovery ?
  3. I am very happy to see this poll ... I just saw my wingman break formation to attack enemy fighters without a single radio warning. The first message was consequently "I am wounded" ... radio communication like in the good old 1946 would be a great improvement, it is really very well done there; I play BAT regularly and don't miss anything in terms of commands. Especially when playing career in Expert Mode and Iron Man, it's imho really important to have some basic radio functionality because if the AI just keeps getting better (which of course is great per se) and it remains so difficult
  4. According toTolliver/Constable, they had contact after the war in 1956 when Hartmann called Mertens to persuade him to join the newly established West German Air Force. They hadn't had any contact for 11 years and Mertens almost dropped the phone when Hartmann suddenly called... But Mertens had a good position in the municipal water supply in Düsseldorf and was father of two children and Hartmann recognized that Mertens wouldn't trade that in and so Hartmann didn't ask him in the end.
  5. Yes, i know this problem, BOX resides in it's own folder directly on C:Drive. I think the heavy weather in your first pic comes close to what i was seeing. This issue has now become a more and more serious matter, i took another attempt with V.12.1 and the cumulonimbus enabled in career and when i wanted to finish the mission i suddenly got kicked out of BoX enviroment with at least 5 or 6 different error messages and the whole system was frozen, quite frightening, i couldn't even bring up task manager. I presume it might be a rare conflict with this new laptop , missing
  6. No, but i'm inclined to think it must be some issue on my side. I downloaded and installed BoX on my new laptop after 4.501 came out. So i did a couple of career missions with vanilla clouds, but even with ultimate presets they still look a little bit bland and then i remembered the clouds mod i had installed on my desktop pc. The funny thing is, i did a career mission and the clouds where there as expected, huge and epic, but then i got kicked out with RL business and i had to start the same mission again and then all the splendor was gone, only thin cirrus-like remains persisted.
  7. G'Day I get weird results with CloudsV.12.1 and Cumulonimbus after the recent update to 4.501. Thin hazy clouds in heavy weather, not at all like it used to be. Can anyone confirm ?
  8. I just stumbled over this. https://www.cockpitrockers.de/en/product/messerschmitt-bf-109/ What do you think ?
  9. +A. B or C do not look like leather, imho.
  10. Greetings to all . I just made the jump to BoX Series and it's definitively great. I love the career mode. But i won't let go my trusty Il-2 1946 4.12.2 install with the vp-media modpack (and countless mods on top). Just finished a DCG campaign mission with more than 70 planes left after the action ! Runs incredible smooth and still looks amazingly good .I doubt there will be any sim around you could individally customise in a comparable way for years to come. Flying a Me-109 F4 does feel astoundingly similar in both sims. And then there's still Rof...All three sims are great, couldn't d
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