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  1. 🤘🤘🤘 Thanks for listening to the community and providing a solution to the problem! This is absolutely exemplary! Now I hope everyone will play nice with the devs and let them carry on with planned development. P.S. Air Marshall, when?
  2. Haha I know right. For someone who hasn´t flown this eastern front TAW nor the last eastern front before, he sure seems to know what the atmosphere has been like and tries to force his way on the server admins. I think he ought to take a look at the numbers of TAW on the first 4 Maps. Its normal that ppl are not flying as you get burnt out after while and that I think is the main issue. It has been somewhat balanced that the maps drag ooon for more than a week.. Unless you are diehard like Hardekoning, Tarantul or Prancingkiller who btw probably have more hours in one TAW than this guy logs in a year, you are probably going to fly way less in the later maps.
  3. Well countzero, I think you should take a loook at what the TAW devs have said about technochat.
  4. Don´t worry. Next TAW edition, its coming😘
  5. I really can´t imagine that you could get % precision from moving a wheel and feeling it while your head is on swivel in an engagement IRL. I´d argue that pressing a button which litterally takes a finger to lift on your setup (hotas joystick, keybord) is a much easier thing to do. It is really up to you to figure out which way is the best to go about it(yes some hardware makes this easier). The entire point of removing the % precision on the technochat, is to have every pilot act more conservatively when flying his own plane and use the gauges on his aircraft. Until now, I had never actually looked at the supercharger lever to see which position it was. Unfortunately some planes are more impacted by this than others. Most LW has a lot automation which was RL design advantage but they still have to watch the throttle and AtA. However, all of this is not going to stop me from flying VVS planes in TAW
  6. You can get a pretty close Idea of how open the wheel is by looking at a dent and counting how many times it revolves. 1 Revolution = 40% open. Then, like any other plane, you use the temp gauges to adjust... it really isnt´that hard
  7. Max Dive speed 820km????? That can´t be right for yak 9. Or is that only the yak 9T??. The specification page in game says max is 750 km If I recall correctly. To me the YAK 9 S1 ingame follows the max speeds of what the yak 9D is from data Online. Then again this is not from oficial documents so not sure.
  8. After reading your first post, I also thought the YAK 9 s1 would be faster at altitude (4k) and slower on the deck in comparison with the Yak 1b. . The source is from Stepanets "Yakovlev GPW fighters". To me it seems the yak 9 in game follows the top speeds of the Yak 9D but not sure. I´ll see if I can find anything online.
  9. 1. Your videocard model. R9 380x 2. Your driver version. 20.4.2 3. Have you artefacts like on attached screenshots or not (answer "No, I haven't these glitches" - is very important to know too!). Yes. Mostly like the top 3 pics and on the clouds at any altitude. 4. Does FXAA to MSAA swithcing solving this issue for you completely? Partially. If I turn on FXAA on and MSAA off, i see the pixels of death mostly on clouds or at distance. If I leave MSAA on levels 2-4, I do not get pixels of death, but I get something similar to picture 4 when looking at my 3/9 line while skimming the deck. 5. Does driver settings reset to Factory settings with choosing default GAME profile after that helps? No 6. If you're using some kind of graphics mods (migoto, re-shade or something) does turning them off helps you? None used
  10. I have to congratulate the Devs on this one. Bringing flexibility on dificulty levels as a server option had been requested for quite a while. Flexibility is always a good thing. There will be servers with techno chat on and there will be those without( 1-2 servers i speculate). End of story. Just like Il -2 1946. Really no need for drama. Let´s see what drama the FM improvements will bring too.
  11. Talon (CB admin) said they most probably will leave Techno chat on. Can´t speak for the other two. I even doubt Taw will enable it , at least not initially.
  12. Pretty sure this has been brought up before, but what about allowing pilots to do supply runs even though they are on cooldown from losing their 3 lives?
  13. Bingo. It´s an advantage in making the right decision. I´m mostly talking in the context of environments like TAW. Not Airquake ones.
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