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  1. I´d like to see that pilot doing that while pulling some serious G.
  2. Happy Birthday Jason! Any news on the front regarding the Air Marshall? Is the air mashall going to save us in the war?? Thank you for your hard work and dedication!!!
  3. Absolutely and we will accept them. I, and I suppose other members are just expressing our opinion on how to make it better. What we can´t guarantee is if we will have the same amount of participation as in the past if the restrictions are too much. Time will tell . Also what I said about joining as a bomber group is my opinion only, not the bosses final word. Only way to find out definitely is to join teamspeak and strike up a convo. I hope you notice a little nuance between TAW and ACG campaign. ACG campaign is a closed campaign with a huge amount of members in it´s ranks.
  4. As Prancing said, you´d have to get on Teamspeak and have a discussion with the staff, in which they would probably have an internal meeting and decide. Joining in as a group has happened in the past, but a very long time ago and I´d doubt it would happen anytime soon. Mostly due to limitations for fitting people in due to the 84 player limit and performance of the campaign. In my opinion, with the little involvement i´ve had in campaign designing, an external group would have a better shot joining in as a ground attack/bomber unit as this is what is lacking a bit in the campaign. Also, i
  5. Maybe i´m mistaken as well. I think flying around for +25min will not give you CP. If LG can confirm this that would be great.
  6. Really siddy? I think you got to check your amnesia or tone down your alcohol consumption. You don´t even remember how many times we flew with sober sky last taw. I´ll be blunt though, i don´t like flying with you. I do enjoy flying with the rest of =TH=.
  7. ^^ . Also there is the issue that flying escort will not reward you at all, unless you get a kill. In the past you at least got a CM.. Now...nada.
  8. Of course everyone is subject to it. I´m only suggesting how to make it better for everyone. Not just ACGers who are able to field 15 or so active pilots, per side. This would work if there were specialisations for squadrons and squadrons communicate between each other and fly with each other on a regular basis.
  9. no shit sherlock. I wanna see you in a bomber line.
  10. you are missing the point. It isn´t about meta gaming. its about wanting to fly the peshka or whatever bomber you want, for the sake of it.
  11. No you don´t get the point. so lets say there are 15 of us in a squad. We want to have a sizeable raid at a given point to a depot or airfield.. whatever... we need 6 peshkas. so if all RL situation aligns, we need at least 6 ppl to get the bomber line and those 6 need to be there at a given time, which is higly unlikely. So to be able to field 6 pehskas, to be safe we would need 3/4 of the squad in the bomber line...little options for other lines... Plenty of squads rotate between roles during our sorties and this planeset removies the possiblity.
  12. IN this case, there will be no need for stuka.. Which is a shame. because you could just take 109 e7 fighter bomber and raid airfields. The one thing lacking IMO is a need to perform Stuka raids. Also, Stuka raids vs airfield, 95% loss rate
  13. I absolutely agree with you. Those cool raids we did (20+ escort and bombers) will be near impossible. Thos mass raids will be substituted with fighter with bomb raids.
  14. Must have been a very long time ago....
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