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  1. Oh Im not dismissing that blues didn´t put the hours. But but like Mincer added there was quite a bit of inter squad coordination added on top of it at times. And speaking of stats, now that you mention it, compare =TH= with the following squads in the list in terms of hours and ground kills. If the contribution from them was more comparable to say what some of the lw squds put in, victory would have gone to the blues...
  2. The only reason red won was thanks to the unhealthy relentless contribution of Sober sky, in number of hours and effectiveness in ground pounding(specially map 5) . Take that away, fly like how most of LW have and you have a serious imbalance.
  3. Hi there, Is there one for the Prokhorovka map? I tried this : https://tiles.il2missionplanner.com/prokhorovka/prokhorovka.png Doesn´t work.
  4. Lol Well, the those ground attackers probably got ripped to shreds and deservingly sobecause of the escort doing it wrong. You are hartmann if you can´t be asked to do some ground attack or at least cover them, for the sake of being untouchable and racking up kill streaks. And unfortunately, there are waay more of those on blue side. Nothing glorious escorting low level ground attack planes, however it is suprisingly fun and challenging . But that´s ok because the meta of bouncing lone wolves for kill streaks is clearly the superior form of gameplay and fun. i´m just voicing my opinion, just like you.
  5. What you don´t see as often as on the red side, Ivy, are the fighters providing effective escort for ground attackers and as frequently, meaning being 1-2k above instead and organized instead of CAP at 6k at the frontline. And hartmann style is definitely a problem, and i¨m going to start with you lot. How many ground attack sorties as a group have you made?
  6. Why don´t we just save our breaths here and start a flame war on the devs for putting time and effort on the AA collector vehicles instead of fleshing out the Air Marshall asap? If it delivers the way most of us imagine, and with SRS it should allow an increased chance to intercept the blobjobs. Blobs have always been in taw, only now with SRS it is easier to organize, yet still presents its challenges. We did one attacking a base with around 20 players involved, that took a while to get going lol. It was only the blob that allowed the LW to have local air superiority and CAS in Barbarossa
  7. Tell Jason to get the air marshall out
  8. Yeah I´m looking at the archives on pamyat and i´ve found some documents from the time frame june-August. But I´ll have to find me a russian to look at it. Thanks anyhow !
  9. Sorry to bother you with us, do you happen to know the names of the airfields in which the VVS operated in this scope of Kursk? As far as I know, it was the 2 Air army that participated and they were located in airfields in the vicinity of Oboyan and perhaps Stary Oksol? Do you happen to know the names of them and which division was where? Very much appreciated if you could provide it.
  10. This exactly. I´m going to chime in give my fives cents along with my hairy balls. The whole point of technochat off is to have increased immersion and to have pilots fly according to the quirks of their own aircraft cockpit layout, performance and ergonomics. This means, some aircraft have advantageous aspects of man-machine interface and dissadvantages in other areas. For instance: the 109 without techchat, cannot have a % precision on their throttle settings for Combat and WEP and therefore must be cnservative at times. In contrast to the yaks for ex: which can go full throttle but manage temps with the radiators that can penalize performance through drag, something LW pilots don´t have to do usually. Another thing you must consider, is that even with technochat off, the illusion or idea of man machine feel being absent is offset by the fact that you can bind those controls to your actual peripherals without actually having to lift your hand to switch them or move a wheel, which in some planes irl, can be damn awkward to do in a turning fight, i´d imagine anyways. Sure there is such thing as muscle memory, but lets face it, some aircraft can be superawkward to move some switches, knobs or wheels no mater how many times you´ve done it blind and let alone in the midst of a dogfight.... For this reason, the benefits for immersion, gameplay and realism with techno off, IMO outweighs the lack of tactile feel of the man-machine interface. Choose your aircraft wisely in TAW, take on the challenge and go out and have fun! Cheers
  11. You also find ppl online in the teamspeak regularly on both sides on European evenings. Highly encouraged to meet up with randoms and fly!
  12. Put this into perspective. A AA vehicle in BoX is the same price as CloD Blitz. That is some value proposition... It´s just taking the piss out of their customers
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