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  1. Maybe someone in this thread can help. I changed some time ago to Virpil controls, and all my axis can be bound, but not my "switches" on the stick nor throttle. My Input devices text file looks like this, and the device numbers match the in game ones, when trying binding: configId,guid,model| 1,%22b362f0e0-aca4-11e8-0000545345440180%22,A10C%20UFC| 3,%22b0d5dfc0-a585-11e8-0000545345440180%22,TPR%20T.Pendular%20Rudder| 4,%220384a2c0-2be5-11e9-0000545345440180%22,Arduino%20Leonardo| 5,%2203eca4e0-af22-11e9-0000545345440280%22,RIGHT%20VPC%20Stick%20WarBRD| 0,%22f4e0b840-dbf1-11e9-0000545345440280%22,LEFT%20VPC%20Throttle%20MT-50%20CM The buttons/switches in the key binding menu acts like it has been bound, but nothing happens when activating the keys in game. All help is highly appreciated 🙂 PS: Both throttle and stick works fine with all buttons in DCS
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