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  1. So, broad blades decrease top speed. Is it right then to say a 109 equipped with longer and thinner prop blades would have a higher top speed than the a 109 with rather short and broad prop blades (that is, supposed the longer blades would fit the 109)? Why also would the late-war 109's (or 190's) with ±2000hp engines not fit 4 bladed props? Or same question posed otherwise : Why did griffon spits have 5 bladed props? Why not 3 blades, but broader blades? The engine output is roughly the same, ±2200hp or so. Why the different approach between both ?(both planes have quite low ground clearance so "longer prop blades" is practically not feasible to convert the extra HP's into thrust)
  2. Often times I cruise the forums and suddenly see a remark like "yeah, but the broad propellers make it accelerate faster at slow speeds" (just inventing here). Or when you look at differences between some models of planes, the only difference is the propeller (example being P-39Q-21 which is a P39Q-20 fitted with a four-bladed Aeroproducts propeller - source : wikipedia). This piqued my interest - i know there is a difference between wing designs, with benefits and tradeoffs for different designs. Concerning propellors, I wonder if someone could explain (or post link to explanation) the effects of different propeller specifications/properties (length, are the blades broad/thin, 3-bladed, 4-bladed, blade curvature, why are the blades thinner near the hub, then broader?, difference between wood or metal props??, ...) on the aircraft's performance. What are some typical tradeoffs concerning propellers on ww2 warbirds? Note that I have mathematical background so if you link a course of propellor theory in which the subject is approached from maths, i can possibly understand it :D Also note that I'm not asking the difference between variable speed props or constant speed props, but really more about the properties of the blades themselves! HandyNasty
  3. when flying the il2 with the 37mm's and one cannon gets damaged, you feel the recoil quite distinctively when you start shooting your remaining 37mm.
  4. I think they're not going to show new things they're developing, but rather stuff they already showed us earlier in rough state, now in more developed state (or finished). Think Co-op or campaign, mixed with closer look to graphic improvements, as they showed us the planes previously.
  5. Since last patch 1CGS have showed an incredible amount of things on which they worked (G6,A20, FN, ... and so much more). Now I'd very much like a demonstration of finalization, for example : a video of taxi, takeoff and landing of fully-finalized P-39/A-20, on updated stalingrad map with the whole plethora of graphic/visibility updates/improvements. Plus I actually want to hear and see that 37mm in action, on a big juicy target like the He111
  6. We have Collector planes like yak1b, La5FN.... Mosquito is a very very suitable choice for a collector plane in the timeframe of Bodenplatte
  7. From Hans-Ulrich Rudell's mémoire, part where he's in the caucasus : The panorama as we approach our objective to the south is glorious.Ahead of us the snow peaks of the 15,000 feet range, glittering in the sunshine in all imaginable colours, below us green meadows spotted with yellow, red and blue. These spots are plants and flowers.Above us a brilliant blue sky.When approaching the target I often forget entirely the bombs I am carrying and the objective. Everything makes such a soothing, peaceful and beautiful impression. The mountain world of which the Elbruz is the centre has such a gigantic and overpowering effect; in this or that valley here one could easily tuck away several of the Alps. on the question 'how', I like this part Fighting in the narrow valleys is a thrilling experience.We are often unwarily enticed by our eagerness for a fight into a trap, if we pursue the enemy or try too persistently to discover his hiding places. If in our search we fly into one of these narrow valleys we are frequently unable to manoeuvre at all. Sometimes, however, a mountain suddenly looms up at the end of such a valley, rising sheer and blocking the way ahead. Then we have to make a quick reaction, and time and again we owe our escape to the good performance of our aircraft. But that is still child's play compared with the situation we find ourselves in when 600 feet above us the mountains are wreathed in dense cloud.
  8. A buddy of mine has his left hand on his joystick and looks around with his mouse in his right hand (being right-handed). He's been doing this since il2 sturmovik forgotten battles (2003? 2004?). His SA is really goodI have never seen someone do scissors like him. Just need a lot of practice and a little masochistic side
  9. I would say give the stuka the D-5 'modification', which swaps the 2 machine guns for two 20mm's, which would be available for missions in the appropriate timeframe (more BoK than BoS afaik - not sure on that). Would make it better at strafing and better able to defend itself. Although that seems a straightforward implementation, I just read on wikipedia that the D-5 has longer wings, and thus there would have to be a recalculation of the flight aspects, slightly new visual model etcetc; more work than just the simple armament swap The Ju 87 D-5 was based on the D-3 design and was unique in the Ju 87 series as it had wings 0.6 metres (2-feet) longer than previous variants. The two 7.92 mm MG 17 wing guns were exchanged for more powerful 20 mm MG 151/20s to better suit the aircraft's ground-attack role. - wikipedia stuka page
  10. what I do in the Ju88 is the following : I takeoff with my view as the frontal gunner. The better fontal view from this pos allows me to line up the strip easily, and make corrections quickly to deviations
  11. Hello, Like many others, I really appreciate TAW and what you and your team are doing. Keep it up!! I have 2 suggestions, which i came to understand I have to post here 1) is there any way to count kill assists? 2) remove the "aah, I'm wounded radio message". If you aren't showing kill messages etc, why does the "I'm wounded" message appear?
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