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  1. I see a lot of people "meh another 109" at the K... I don't understand why, I'm hyped up! There is also the fact that it comes out together with the jug, and that a lot of people will fly the jug the first few weeks and completely suck at it. I'll do my best to drown myself in a heavy downpour of jug tears while flying the K-4
  2. There's an old French cussword "jarnicoton". Comes from king Henry IV (of France) which used to curse "jarnidieu" (je renie dieu = I renounce god). His confessor, father Coton, forbade him that particular cussword, as such he started cussing "jarnicoton" (je renie Coton = I renounce Coton).
  3. I wonder how many people here would get a stroke if there was no update nor DD this week.
  4. Announcing collector plane(s) would indeed fall under the term "amusing". amusing = collector plane pleasing = new mechanics thrilling = new expansion Awesome = you buy game and they offer the planes IRL
  5. Previous week they mentioned "We can't disclose what we're discussing yet, but when we'll be able to tell you we're sure you'll be surprised and amused by the new prospects". Maybe this weeks DD will give us a little insight said new prospects?
  6. FYI : -2.23529! = gamma(-1.23529) = 4.150425656195508296768 and now I'll go back to being an ass IRL
  7. I noticed that in the A8, one tank drains before the other*, while (for example), in the A5, they drain at the same time**. Jumping on that, I would like to have a glimpse at the implementation of managing fuel fuel from the fuel tanks. *I suppose the aft tank gets drained first but didn't check it at all so I could be wrong on that account **not actually at the same time, but switch before front and aft tank every 10 sec
  8. maybe a look at the planes that have featured the least in the DD's (did they feature at all?) : Tempest, P-51D and P-38
  9. As far as I can see, the flight logs show much more hits - i think that it shows all hits. If I understand correctly, log files now count each and every bullet hit , whereas before it would add all hits within small timeframe (let's say 0.1 sec) and then display that amount of damage. In my view, the 0.000 damage just means that a mg bullet hit but that it hit a non-critical and non-vital part, not even reducing life from a wing (for example ,a hit in fuselage that then stops at a armor plate)
  10. My experience with the gyro-gunsight vs 109's and 190's useful for following scenarios - shooting at 109 when he's going at higher speeds as his maneuvers will be sluggish the gunsight computes very well. High deflection shots at 500kph+ - shooting at target that didn't see you coming. If you're having a little input from control surfaces or sideslip or w/e, the gunsight compensates very well - pursuing someone on deck at certain distance. not useful in following scenarios - if you're not used to. At start I couldn't hit a cow in a barrel. The keybinds I use for changing sight distance were kinda unnatural to me, had to train a bit to be able to reliably change gunsight distance in a fight - dogfight at low speeds against a 109 that tosses his plane around. Downright a drawback in following scenarios - a good Fw190 pilot tossing his plane around in front of you. I try to both anticipate him and the way my pipper is going to move (it has some delay) based on the input I'm going to give, which itself is based on what I anticipate the 190 is going to do. My brain just explodes when trying to compute these 2 trajectories. In that case, I just switch to fixed gunsight* * gunsight has 4 modes : leading + fixed, leading only, fixed only and a fourth one for night ti;e
  11. The thing is, when throwing out those numbers (640kph), one needs to look at the primary source to see configuration, weight, model number, rad position etcetc of the tested plane. An example for the Germans would be tests for the 109 with or without gunpods, where sometimes websites throw numbers but you don't quite know whether those numbers are for a 109 with or without gunpods. For example, the in-game data specifications for the Mig series 24 mentions 626kph at 7600, in which I have more confidence than the 640kph from wiki, which doesn't specify the model. My tests on patch 3.005 show me, at 7600 meters, MiG with fully closed rads does 621kph. This is 5kph difference with the 626kph the specification mentions. With rads as to not overheat* I get 602kph. Yet my tests show me indeed that many (most?) planes have a high-altitude top speed that is too high, doesn't curve back enough compared to charts *I forgot which rad position that was, must've been 30%-50% for both oil and water rads
  12. Is it me or does that look like Albert Einstein in pilot gear???
  13. As much as i like patches, I'd very much prefer a DD this week.
  14. Maybe an overview of the Specs, skins and all possible load-outs for the P-47, with explanation how the turbo is going to work in game. And does the P-47 have the ability to carry HVAR or only bazooka tubes?
  15. I actually managed to get 596kph right now on Kuban autumn map, height above sealevel 50 meters, fully closed rads, fully loaded. Speed from ingame instrument panel and not cockpit reading . So I presume is CAS (and not IAS). Engine died like 10 seconds after reaching 596kph.
  16. my tests show me similar results for other planes. Not claiming here my tests are 100% accurate Difference between max rads and fully closed rads for : - 109F-4 boosted mode on deck : 501/549 kph (48kph diff) - La5 Boosted mode on deck, outlet effects only : 513/548kph (35kph diff) - yak1B on deck : 506/544 (38kph diff) - P-39* on deck, boosted mode : 534/574kph (40kph diff) - Mig3 on deck, boosted mode : 493/536ph (43kph diff) - Mc202 on deck, boosted mode : 499/517kph (18kph diff) - SpitVb on deck boosted mode, engine merlin 45 : 521/538 (17kph diff) Seems the 34kph difference for the A8 are not extreme, considering the results of my tests. Then again, I know nothing of drag induced by flaps or airflow through rads. * difference between max rads and 60%/45% for water/oil, aka flush setting
  17. http://www.newbyte.co.il/calc.html My tests in meters and kph of 190A-8 TAS give me for combat mode / boosted mode (with 50% percent rads*). I used the link above for cas to tas conversion. i mainly use this link for rough estimation, keeping in mind it might have some error margin I seem to roughly find same values as SuperEtendard. * On deck I find a difference of 34 kph between full open rads and fully closed rads on boosted mode (aka : 560kp vs 594kph). Which is why i want the engine thermodynamics of the A8 revisited.
  18. Please define the concept of "outdiving : "X outdives Y if X does A better than Y" Your phrase refers to permissible speed as parameter A, as such I interpret that you consider that as being the most important criterion when talking about dive performance. I am of the opinion that the WW2 pilots spoke about dive performance more in the sense of performance in shallow dives and then zoomclimb abilities of an aircraft (where P-47 is said to shine)
  19. 2 questions : - the FM improvement to take into account the air compressibility and its influence on the aircraft stability and handling that is noticeable at high speeds Does that mean that we'll get another FM update for all planes already released, where high speed handling will be improved / better modeled? Or is it just for the new (bobp) aircraft? - We also decided to improve the recently released Fw 190 A-8 Beyond the added modifications - for which i am grateful! -, does this mean that you guys will look into the thermodynamics of the engine (running very hot compared to A5), it's timer limits (for example 3 min for 1.42ata net to 10min for 1.65ata) or the drag on the plane by the panzerblitz rockets?* * see several post scattered over the forum
  20. A clock seems to cumbersome to me. Best way to know your engine limits is to blow them up multiple times in combat and learning from that. With exception of the P-39 engine ( don't fly it that much and am not used to it), I haven't blown up an engine in the last months.
  21. How do you get to 60 inches on the A-20??? Genuinely curious.
  22. I presume you mean Free French. edit : the skin looks great indeed. Need moar Lorraine Crosses tho
  23. About the usage of flaps for the yak, I noticed a huge difference between the two versions of the yak-1 and the the yak-7b. In case of the 1 and 1B it helps turn while adding drag, in case of the 7B it makes nose droop down, doesn't help in turn (maybe at speeds lower than 200kph? idk) and just adds drag. Maybe just an impressions since I haven't used flaps that much on yaks. But I have consistently beaten yak-7B's which deployed flaps and have been consistently beaten by 109 whenever I deployed flaps in the 7B in close quarter fights (note: speeds didn't go under 200kph in those close quarter fights). Does anyone have the same impression of difference in flaps between yak-1 and yak-7?
  24. a video (or photo's) of a 2-OP on a mission designed for it (night strike e.g.) ?
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