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  1. =FSB=HandyNasty

    How does one not over cool the Po-2 in winter?

    reduce mixture might help. Never had the engine overcool on Po-2 and typically I fly at 85%-90% mixture to avoid black trail due to too rich mixture. But i haven't flown the Po-2 that much yet, so maybe on a very very cold map (-20 --> -30 degrees) you might want to decrease mixture more than that
  2. =FSB=HandyNasty

    RPM sound with 109G2

    I agree with this + implementation seems rather straightforward to me : take audio from G-4 (G-6) when they have an RPM 2600+ It'd would be a (small) increase in QoL for a small amount of work, no?
  3. =FSB=HandyNasty

    Bf-109 Defensive fight

    Scenario 1 : I can't lose pursuer, which is either a Yak-1, Yak-1B, Yak-7B or spitfire, I'm on deck, and he's so close so I cannot escape through spiral climb or just by running away in straight line, then I do the following : Cut throttle (not to 0%), start doing rolls and maneuvers* , make yourself a hard target, sudden negative G inputs (109 handles those well). The idea is to make target either overshoot (best-case scenario) or go vertical to come back on you at low speeds. The "low speed part" means that Power to Weight becomes a crucial part in the fight. So use your better power to weight ratio (Feel free to abuse engine) to force a knife fight where there is a major VERTICAL component (aka, don't just flat turn). Don't make maneuvers to the right but make sure to guide the dogfight so you're always maneuvering to the left as it goes better with engine torque (which is major component in slow fight with high throttle). In the fight itself, seek for moments where you can disengage and use your Power to Weight ratio to just pick up speed and leave your opponent asap. If possible, kill opponent of course. Scenario 2 : I can't lose pursuer, which is either a Lagg-3 or La-5, I'm on deck, and he's so close so I cannot escape through spiral climb or just by running away in straight line, then I do the following Needs some maneuvers to first throw off aim of opponent, then proceed in left hand flat turn and outturn opponent. 109's flat turn better than LaGG's and La-5's, and has better vertical maneuvering. The issue becomes then to deny your pursuer the 1 or 2 or 3 (depends on speed, position, etcetc) firing solutions he'll try to get before you get in your turns where you're out of his gunsight. It goes without saying that success is definitely not guaranteed. Against a player of my skill level, I'd estimate I have a 25%-30% chance to survive a fight in an F-4 against a Yak-1B in the case of scenario 1. Especially the first part is dangerous, once the close quarter combat starts, there are often moments where you can just break off the combat and just run away. * "roll and maneuvers" is a rather vague description i know, but it's matter of practice and experience. Being able to pull the good maneuvers correctly, on time as to avoid the shots of an enemy in your 6 while trying to make said enemy overshoot, is a skill that cannot be explained imho. It can only be learned through practice and getting blasted out of the skies multiple times
  4. =FSB=HandyNasty

    Performance at high altitudes of 10000m, radial engines

    which cas to tas converter do you use @77.CountZero ? Just curious because with the one I use, I get the G-2 to only 630kph at 7000m on combat mode and automatic radiators I use http://www.newbyte.co.il/calculator.php
  5. 14. Soldiers walking on airfields can be killed now; I'm going to have fun chasing these guys around hehe
  6. =FSB=HandyNasty

    Page to check servers on without loading game?

    you can see who is online by clicking "list of pilots online". Afaik it's updated quite often and gives an good insight on how many players are online at the moment
  7. =FSB=HandyNasty

    Page to check servers on without loading game?

    for WoL :http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/online/ for TAW (currently no campaign running) : https://taw.stg2.de For KOTA : http://www.kotastat.com/en/?tour=2
  8. =FSB=HandyNasty

    DD today?

    A non-exhaustive list enumerating the things we apparently want - me 262 - dora - Pony - tempest - skins - typhoon - mosquito - FW200 - Wololo's - Stone please - girls with DD aren't we a special kind of community 😄
  9. =FSB=HandyNasty

    DD today?

    well, we just got an "unofficial DD" in another thread, see Shamrock's blog. An appetizer for Friday (no pressure Dev's) https://stormbirds.blog/2019/01/15/new-2019-il-2-great-battles-content-release-info/
  10. =FSB=HandyNasty

    Really hoping the Mustang...

    Afaik the Pony's engine is a licensed version of the current Spitfire MkIX's engine, as such I presume it'll have the same engine limits.
  11. =FSB=HandyNasty

    Closer to gunsight

    in 109's you can lean way closer now than before to gunsight. For other planes I didn't notice (maybe very small changes).
  12. =FSB=HandyNasty

    Tactical Air War

    As mentioned in game chat, I am reporting following player : VOLGA. sortie : http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=87718&name==FSB=HandyNasty I typed multiple warnings in chat and flashed my lights. It's not the first time an allied plane gets close to me to make sure I'm a spit, so i didn't go hard-core evasive and that clearly was a mistake here.
  13. =FSB=HandyNasty

    Ground Attacker Handbook

    Great job HvB. Not only informative but also very enjoyable to read. Now I can do something useful during the family reunions 😄
  14. =FSB=HandyNasty

    New IL2 Youtube Channel - HandyNasty

    Hey fellow pilots, I made a youtube channel for the community. I have already uploaded videos showcasing interesting dogfights, as well as some more in depth analysis videos. Enjoy watching and feel free to demolish me in the comments (because you can't do it in game ) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZWvT123ZJCLjx6G6JIECCg see y'all in the skies
  15. =FSB=HandyNasty

    DD today?

    damn this patch, now we'll surely not get a DD this week.