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  1. This week : A patch, a sale, and since never 2 without 3, a DD
  2. TBH I specifically mentionned 109's and not necessarily all BnZ'ers. Before 4.001 the 109's were heavily gated by the lack of effective elevator control at higher speeds in comparison with LaGG, Yak, La5. Now all of them are gated not by elevator control but by G-forces. Another plane to which I feel the new G-force model is advantageous (in the few flyouts I did) is the La-5FN. Before 4.001 it was control was gated by the elevator stiffness at higher speeds. Now This is less of an issue (not completely disappeared, especially negative G's), as the G's you can pull are now mainly the bottleneck.
  3. For me, the issue isn't the damage that russian weapons deal. Chimango, you come up with statistics from TAW, I can explain all those without the need to invoke "russian guns don't deal enough damage". * Observation: German 20mm minen blast knocking unconscious, wounding and killing pilots waaaaay better than before. My opinion : it is too much (I agree with you here) * Observation : Difficulty/Inability to bail when wounded above certain threshold. Since I suspect russians to be more often wounded than germans, simply because blast effect from 20mm minen + germans get PK'ed more often by the russian 20mm and 0.50 cal when shot in cockpit, ergo this feature is more detrimental for the survival of VVS pilots than LW pilots * Opinion : New G-force model is really really really a boon to the 109F and G series when fighting the mid-war VVS planes (Yak, LaGG, La5). These combined make me feel that I don't need the hypothesis "russian guns don't do damage" to explain the current lack of "high-performing" fighter pilots or fighter squads on the VVS side in the current TAW iteration.
  4. The plane loss to pilot loss ratio for 2 dates in current TAW campaign : 24/11 (map2) : Axis : 485/260 = 1.87 VVS : 515/280 = 1.84 01/12 (map3) : Axis : 512/271 = 1.89 VVS : 651/344 = 1.89 Ergo, the current number indicate that the plane loss to pilot loss ratio is the same for both (Although I acknowledge the need for more data points), whereas in previous TAW's, the ratio was definitively in favor of the VVS (I don't have hard numbers here, just memory and gut feeling).
  5. when prolonged climbing at high engine settings or slow speeds at higher altitude (lower boiling temp) you might overheat with rads closed. I've only had it occur to me on summer maps. 99% of time I'm on closed rads.
  6. I can't start game, it says "please update your game, new version available"
  7. I think this only refers to the Yak-9U(T) and Yak-9P versions, aka, the versions of 1944 and later. These are made from more better/lighter materials (more duralumin, metal wing spars, ...) than the earlier variants because the soviets weren't as hard pressed anymore and could go from a "mass quantity" to more quality in production.
  8. The problem I encountered is that a server starts with 10 russians and 20 LW's. The extra lufties that join in cannot spawn, and so there is effectively roughly 20 vs 10 in the air, which is arguably unbalanced but not roffelstomp one-sided. However, then russians start to leave server, so it goes to smt like 20 vs 4, which is where the germans take huge leaps forward mapwise.
  9. after having had a BoBp focused DD 2 weeks ago, I guess we'll see some of TC and FC. Or maybe a more detailed explanation of how marshall mode works
  10. - "several hits" : i only see 1-2 cannon hits on left wing at 1:29. LaGG being sturdy, those amounts of hit aren't crippling. - Also, the tail section of the 109 in itself isn't that heavy. The collision is roughly at wing root, a sturdy element of the plane. Since you shoot in slow motion I have trouble estimating the speed of collision, but it didn't seem that fast. Additionally, maybe ping issues make it that the visual representation of the collision doesn't exactly represent what actually happened So, based on your track, I myself lean towards "the LaGG is one heck of a sturdy plane". Also an "immortality cheat" seems implausible (especially on Berloga) and, seeing that 1CGS looks very unkindly on ppl who'd use immortality cheat or such, you'd need way more solid evidence to claim such thing. PS: I don't know what you mean with "damage desynchronation". Do you just mean that sometimes ping screws over the damage model?
  11. You sure about that? I just took out my D9 (pretty confident that has 4K skin) and the damage textures really look non-4K-like. If they are 4K already, then I guess I'll never enjoy getting shot at 😕
  12. 4K damage textures please, so I can start enjoying getting shot at.
  13. I was flying in Bf110 and it was getting dark (sun just below horizon / twilight) and I was trusting my gunner to call out enemies who'd get close. Yet I got bounced twice without him warning me at all and my buddy once without his gunner warning him. Actually, the call 'gunner 1 is engaging' came the moment tracers flashed by my cockpit. As if the gunner didn't see the bogey at all, even if he were in close 6 o'clock, until we were visibly under attack. Now, I'm kinda pure fighter jockeys so here is the questions : - Does gunner visibility drop drastically under low light conditions / twilight?? My gunner didn't warn me for a P-40 200m behind me - Does gunner accuracy drop under low light conditions / twilight? - Does AAAaccuracy drop under low light conditions / twilight? And AAA reaction time / spotting distance?
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