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  1. I'm quite curious for some info about the improved implementation of fuel systems.
  2. When venting water, your engine is not overheating immediately. Only if you reach the point of "not-enough-water-remaining-in-the-cooling-system", your engine will start to overheat and then die out rather quickly.
  3. AFAIK, you're wrong here. With "unbreakable" on, the engine doesn't get damaged due to overboosting or being above engine limits. However, you can still make your engine quit due to exceeding the temperature limits.
  4. @JG7_X-Man what actually changed? I didn't read anything about changes you mention just here abve.
  5. I already have the Yak, just wanted to post a joke
  6. - random units are same : 3 aaa's , 2 light tanks, some trucks, some katyusha's for the russians and some halftracks for the germans - in game, when you destroy a german halftrack, it counts as a "light tank" in your in-game stats - in TAW, when you destroy a german halftrack it does NOT count as a tank in the TAW statistics - which are the ones that matter - russian random units have 5-6 katyusha's or so. I presume german random units have same amount of halftracks. --> Destroying one random german unit gives you therefore 7-8 "light tanks" in the in-game stats, but only 2 tanks in the TAW stats
  7. I get the following values at sea level : 75 inch & 3000RPM; fully automatic oil and water radiator ; autumn Kuban map; sealevel --> 614 kph = 381.5 mph 75 inch & ~2800RPM; fully closed oil radiator, automatic water radiator; autumn Kuban map; sealevel --> 631 kph = 391 mph I didn't look in P51 data sheets in detail, but I am pretty confident the real life tests were done with boost of 75inch & 3000rpm, automatics rads.
  8. Did you try on Kuban autumn map (15°C and 1atm )? I just tested now and obtain 581kph on deck with 1.58 (or is it 1.65?) ata, that is to say, when you activate boost. Kuban Autumn, closed shutters, elevator stabilizer fully down, 38m in altitude above sea.
  9. It was indeed in Brussels, by Baron Jean de Selys Longchamps.
  10. No. When alone, I still prefer the 190, as it better suits my flying style.
  11. When flying alone, the 190 by a small margin. When flying in pair or more, the 190 hands down.
  12. I'd love to join constructively this discussion, as I'm always interested in DM improvements. However, the new DM calculations are coming out in next patch (see last DD's), and hence I feel this discussion is a bit off-timed. Concerning particular DM quirks (engine of Jug, elevator of Lightning and other stuff), I am sure the Devs know about these and, if they address them in the near future, they will do so after their DM update has come out.
  13. There shouldn't be any conflicts. for some other functions examples : - elevator trim, Bf109 horizontal stab, Fw190 horizontal stab etc can all be set on same keys - oil radiator opening of for example Bf110, He111 with opening oil rads of other planes - same for water rads - RPM control and prop pitch control on keys
  14. Combat power eats into your emergency power. However, it's your choice for having those few tens of initial kph extra. My opinion is not that the tempest accelerates slowly, just dive slowly a few 100s of meters and it picks up speed like no other in-game prop can. Also, depending on how a combat develops, you have the opportunity -or necessity - to throttle down. Combine throttling down with reducing pitch to below 3150 RPM (72%) to get back into nominal mode and give your engine recuperation time. This also makes sure you don't overrev when throttling back up aggressively. Might this actually be the cause of your reduced engine time at emergency? An aggressive throttling up combined with keeping max pitch will make your RPM jump up to more than 3700 revs, and for the few moments/seconds it takes to get back, it puts disproportionate stress on your engine.
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