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  1. Sure that is not in knots? Because 165mph = 264kph... and afaik the optimal climb speed of the 109F is 270kph. The jug with higher wing loading would have an optimal climb speed higher than that I would reckon.
  2. I'd like to have a first look at the map WIP. Some things come to mind : - images of bocage - How detailed will the various Normandy beaches be represented (pre-invasion and post-invasion with the floating pontoons etc) - Amiens prison for Operation Jericho (actually, does map go untill there??)
  3. @SR603-Flowbee Your i-16 skin (2) is actually amazing!
  4. I really want the discussion to be civil and constructive, so please don't take my post here as an attack, but I have to ask : where is the evidence collected for your original claims? Your original claims are (I condense from posts on first page, please point out if I missed something, am misrepresenting something or badly interpreting something) : - Anybody else witnessed elevator standing from 109s? (from post NR 1) - Imo, it's down to inaccurate or recently deprecated modelling of the FM for the later 109s. Some of the chaps think it's to do with inaccurate stabiliser problems
  5. Correct me if I am wrong but in the document, the line of fire unto the P-47 is "Front and Below". So idk about comparing it with shooting down a plane from "above and behind" like the video of the 190 getting shot down.
  6. You mention 'I was always under the impression that the [...] spit had superior turn capability' , which is true (generally*). However, 'turn capability' doesn't mean 'outturn in any and every circumstances'. I would like to refer you to the video I linked below. It compares turn rate of F-4 and P-47B (see time stamp 52:10; whole video is recommended), but the same general principles apply for all planes. There are circumstances where a 109 will outturn a spitfire. It depends on the situation. My question now becomes : what are the situations where you or your squad mates, in spit
  7. I didn't say it in my original post, but I actually do agree with you on those points.
  8. At SL Kuban Autumn, set rpm to 86% (2750 rpm) and close oil rad manually with 150 octane : you'll get 629kph which is 391mph.
  9. You give 1 document as source and base all your conclusions based on that sole reference. The truth is that this is not really solid evidence for the points you raise. For example, in this case: the Dora was flown in 1946 by the brits or americans (report from 20 May 1946), hence my question : where was the Dora originally taken from? In what state? What amount of repairs, if any, were effectuated to the tested Dora for these tests? In the document it states ""f. Trim and stability : [...] an apparent defect in rigging in this particular airplane" . Also : "The hydraulic system for operatin
  10. I'm quite curious for some info about the improved implementation of fuel systems.
  11. When venting water, your engine is not overheating immediately. Only if you reach the point of "not-enough-water-remaining-in-the-cooling-system", your engine will start to overheat and then die out rather quickly.
  12. AFAIK, you're wrong here. With "unbreakable" on, the engine doesn't get damaged due to overboosting or being above engine limits. However, you can still make your engine quit due to exceeding the temperature limits.
  13. @JG7_X-Man what actually changed? I didn't read anything about changes you mention just here abve.
  14. I already have the Yak, just wanted to post a joke
  15. - random units are same : 3 aaa's , 2 light tanks, some trucks, some katyusha's for the russians and some halftracks for the germans - in game, when you destroy a german halftrack, it counts as a "light tank" in your in-game stats - in TAW, when you destroy a german halftrack it does NOT count as a tank in the TAW statistics - which are the ones that matter - russian random units have 5-6 katyusha's or so. I presume german random units have same amount of halftracks. --> Destroying one random german unit gives you therefore 7-8 "light tanks" in the in-game stats, but only 2 t
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