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  1. =FSB=HandyNasty

    Rudder trim alternative

    If you just took off and are climbing, take the easy road : don't put in rudder. If you're not under stress whatsoever, don't put in rudder . You'll fly uncoordinated (which is heretic!) but you won 't have a sprained wrist after your daily 8h of flying
  2. =FSB=HandyNasty

    Tactical Air War

    oh wow i didn't see the IL2 hits...
  3. =FSB=HandyNasty

    Tactical Air War

    I've also had multiple times that, I get a kill after I have bailed out, and am not credited said kill in TAW (in game i do get credited). Note that this not always the case, sometimes TAW credits me the kill too http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=31381&name==FSB=HandyNasty
  4. =FSB=HandyNasty

    DD today?

    A wise proverb says "never 2 without 3". We got new campaign, new patch, therefore we'll get new DD
  5. 1) I agree that it's good that wings don't fall off so easily 2) yesterday I had exactly the same situation with a 109 whose wings looked more like swiss cheese that actaul wings
  6. =FSB=HandyNasty

    Spitfire Vb ground loops

    Tip that works for me when landing any plane without tail lock (spit, LaGG,La5,...) When you land, consider keeping a bit of throttle (~10% or so). The little amount of thrust makes it easier to control the slowing down. Controlling breaking will be easier as well. Your landing run will be longer but that shouldn't be a problem.
  7. =FSB=HandyNasty

    DD today?

    From DD 208 (19 Oct): "Of course, we have many discussions about potential ways of improving the project in the near future and more distant plans. We can't disclose what we're discussing yet, but when we'll be able to tell you we're sure you'll be surprised and amused by the new prospects." From Jason's message from 01 November, concerning feedback feature "We will then analyze your responses and try and apply your answers to current and future plans. " Knowing the Devs, I'm sure the feedbacks they received have been analyzed. It seems logical to me that they make at least some slight adjustments to their future plannings based on said feedbacks, and that the feedback isn't just some PR-stunt with no sequel at all. Now what I'd like is the following : A description / explanation of future plans + how the player feedback influenced these plans. I do agree this would seem more like a Christmas-DD to me than a 7th-of-December-DD
  8. =FSB=HandyNasty

    BF 109 pilots flying without canopy for best vision

    Did some tests: Without the canopy, the G-4 loses ~32kph max level speed on deck in boosted mode Without the canopy, the G-14 loses ~35kph max level speed on deck in boosted mode Drag does increase.
  9. =FSB=HandyNasty

    You really need to do something about extraterrestrial gunners

    Recently I tried gunning myself in a bf110, while a buddy of mine was flying it. One thing I noticed was my complete inability to hit our pursuer (a MiG) whenever our 110 did a maneuver. Even slight maneuvers threw off my aim completely for ~2 seconds, until I could readjust to the maneuvering. Problem was, my buddy was throwing a new input every second (negative G, sideslip, turn, ...), and didn't do "steady maneuvers" and as such I could never aim even close to our pursuer because I was constantly adjusting for previous maneuvers. I actually managed to shoot our rudder and fuselage because of the hard maneuvers, but didn't come close to the MiG Conclusion : gunners are too accurate under maneuvering situations. ALL GUNNERS. We only notice it most with peshka, since it combines speed (you 're longer in 6, with flatter trajectory), lethality of the 12.7mm, durability, and its ability to jostle plane around which makes hitting it harder, while gunners aim doesn't seem to be too much thrown off.
  10. =FSB=HandyNasty

    DD today?

    I don't think it is a wololo-week (don't abuse of wololo else it loses its power in the most crucial moments). Just something small and lighthearted would be good enough for me.
  11. =FSB=HandyNasty

    Tactical Air War

    I'd like to send PM to Kathon (or other TAW admin), but I apparently cannot send Kathon a PM through the forum?? Any help?
  12. =FSB=HandyNasty

    Tactical Air War

    ty for explanation. Had forgotten that aspect. Additional question though : does a "ditched" airplane count as a "lost airplane"? My pilot stats say I lost 1 plane (the ditched one), but does that ditched one then also count in the global numbers of planes lost?
  13. =FSB=HandyNasty

    Tactical Air War

    i got badly damaged last run but managed to land without wing loss or engine killing. Still, the plane counts and "ditched"... Is this normal, or was this due to the server being so laggy? I mean, in 3.006 it would have counted as a "landed".
  14. About the survivability of the engine, and correct me if I'm wrong (I am not that knowledgable in engines), but wouldn't that be an issue of fuel quality? The 87 octane the germans used vs the 95 (100?) octane of the VVS. The low octane grade of the fuel of the LW made engine life rather short, no?
  15. =FSB=HandyNasty

    Tactical Air War

    That is what Smokejumper said : It [the Ishak] can't catch it [an Emil] in a flat turn nor outturn it