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  1. I second this. Plus, afaik, the La5-FN and the La-5F were produced simultaneously during 1943 (even if it's the bubble top La-5F which we don't have).
  2. I was unable to reproduce this. Can you give the exact way you obtain this? When I start at 3500meters at 100% throttle and dive (rather steep dive), I stay at 1.42 ata until around ~2k where the supercharger gear switches to gear 1 and ata drops by a fraction (to like 1.38 if not 1.40). The ata then goes back to 1.42 as I continue my dive (within the 2-3 seconds after going to SC gear 1). So afaik there is nothing wrong with the supercharger behavior within my tests. So, to repeat the question, what is the exact experiment in which you observe this "faulty supercharger behavior"? which map, temperature, throttle settings etcetc
  3. I'm just wondering - as the server crashed just now - if we can see the combat log of the flight which got interrupted due to the crash? I'm curious as me and my teammate got a funny/odd event and would like to see who we were fighting. Additionally I also wonder if you can lose your pilot due to the server crash - if you got damaged in the 5(?) mintues before the crash. Does it count then as a "quit server" where you lose your pilot?
  4. 2 weeks from now is June 6th... So I feel it's gonna be 2 weeks
  5. this is just a discrepancy between what website shows and what really is. I noticed it too 30 mins ago when trying to join while my buddy was already in the server. Server is full while website shows there are still a few places left. - Website shows 77 players online but does not show the spectators (aka, it shows the players who actually picked side and/or who actually spawned) - Website has some delay or might somehow not be precise to the number
  6. 9th of May is a holiday in Russia (end of WW2 in europe). I suppose the Devs will take Friday off as well to get a long weekend. Thus I predict no DD this week. But I do predict update 3.013 to fall next week.
  7. @E69_geramos109 Thank you for doublechecking and coming to same conclusion and ty for vid as well, makes it more visually clear what the test gives as results.
  8. With the "unbreakable" setting off I obtain the same (I just need to do the tests in a smaller time window as to avoid engine destruction due to high engine setting for too long a time)
  9. 2 tests make me believe that High-altitude - above full throttle height (FTH) (8km+) engine of the 109G-2, G-4 and G-6 might be wrongly modeled. Discussion was done in this thread : All velocities are in IAS, tests done on Kuban Autumn map, full fuel load and custom setting unbreakable is on. Description of Tests Test1 : Above FTH : Comparison of 3 engine regimes for the G-4 and G-6; 2 engine regimes for the G-2 1a : Comparing top speed for the G-2 between 100% throttle (automatic 2600RPM) and 100% throttle with prop pitch manually set so engine is at 2800RPM 1b : Comparing top speed for the G-4 between 80% throttle (automatic 2600RPM), automatic 100% throttle (2800RPM) and 80% throttle with prop pitch manually set so engine is at 2800RPM. 1c : Same as 1b but for G-6 Test2 : Taking 109G-4/6 at full throttle to top speed at altitudes above FTH. Upon this, switch to manual pitch control and then reduce throttle to 80%. Results of Tests and description: Test1 : Between the first and third column, we have a ~20kph IAS difference and this is consistent for all planes. However, there is a difference of IAS between column 2 and 3 of ~7-10kph IAS, despite the fact that the ata and RPM are the same for column 2 and 3. Test2 : G-6 at 10km alt : 100% throttle at top speed : Then, fixing prop pitch and reducing throttle to 80% (screenshot from ~1-2 seconds after reducing throttle to 80%) : We observe the RPM increasing to 2900RPM, which leads to the increase of ata from 0.92 to 0.96. This means that for given propeller pitch angle and given speed (349 kph IAS), reducing throttle from 100% to 80% leads to an increase of RPM. Note that this behavior is NOT present in the F-4!! One does not observe the same results for both tests when trying with the 109F-4. Ergo, it therefore seems to me that something is wrongly modeled for the DB605.
  10. It would indeed be great for them to acknowledge this issue. Additionally, the behavior I noticed here above is only for the G versions of the 109's, the F and K don't have this issue. I suspect therefore that this is indeed a bug / not-correctly-modelled-feature. It shouldn't be that hard to correct? However, I do not rule out the possibility that it is correctly modelled and that we are overlooking something in the workings of the DB605. Yet if that's the case, I'd very much like to know (from the devs) where I (we) were wrong. I do my tests with "unbreakable" on where engine does not blow up if you abuse the engine settings.
  11. There is that one quote from I don't quite recall who again that says : 'the tempest with throttle shut would overtake a Fw190 in a dive'. So be prepared to get a similar thread concerning tempest dive performance when this happens not to be the case....
  12. I've found the current A-8 versus Jug and Spits MkIX matchup very nice. The A-8, however, is even more dependent on flying together on comms than previous FW's to get most out of it.
  13. Yeah, FSB will bring 2 Red fighters in for the event!
  14. From what alt? What speed was the dive started at? What engine setting? Which dive angle? At what speed did you start pulling out of the dive? 500TAS? 600TAS? 700TAS? How many G's did you pull to get out out of the dive (because it seems your tests was a dive + climb)? Were your planes trimmed correctly over the whole speed envelope throughout the dive? At what speed did you "end the climb"? How many times did you perform the tests? Or was it a one-time-try? I mean, your result does raise my eyebrows, but without the context in which you performed the dives and with all its associated side-effects those would entail, it doesn't tell me actually all that much (I'd like to see the vid, that would clarify some of it, like PapaFly's tests). I would say that your test result as you describe it "Ju-88 climb more and manages to stay as fast as the P-47" has understandably zero value in the eyes of the Devs, the persons who you finally are trying to convince that there is something off. Can you explain exactly what were the conditions of your tests (dive angle, engine settings, ....) and quantify your results ("climb more" : how much more? What was the evolution of velocities?)? I am curious about it and would like to check it for myself.
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