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  1. I've fiddled around a bit more. It appears that the issue occurs when my PC is first booted up. It takes 3-4 attempts before the game will start. Prior to that, it will time out during the loading screen before the mission starts. The loading bar will fill to 100% but then the game will time out and I'll get a popup saying IL-2.exe has stopped responding. After the 3rd or 4th try, the missions will load and they seem to load properly upon subsequent shut downs and startups of the game. If I power down the PC and re-start, I get the same issue with game crashes. Any ideas?
  2. I'm using an AMD card. I've been fiddling with different settings but haven't been able to figure out what's causing the issue.
  3. I installed the latest update (Tempest, P-38 etc.) and when I try to start a quick mission, the game will crash at the end of the mission loading screen. The red progress bar fills up to 100% then the game times out and I get a pop up box from Windows saying the game stopped responding. This will happen 3-4 times in a row and then the game will finally work. Any fixes I should implement?
  4. I updated to the latest stable Radeon drivers (19.5.2) and tried again. I'm still seeing the mesh underlay. I tried fiddling with landscape filters but the wire polygons show through regardless of setting. Any tips of how to resolve this? Thanks.
  5. Hi. I updated the game today to play around with the Me262. I loaded up the Kuban summer map and noticed that many of the darkest forest covering patches dotting the hillsides were shimmering. When I got close enough, I could see the 3D wire mesh terrain maps showing through in these patches. I'm using an AMD Radeon RX 570 graphics card with 19.4.1 drivers.
  6. My Win 7 PC is dying so I'm going to purchase a new PC tomorrow. I'd like to transfer over my controller profiles and career stats. Can someone please tell me which files/Folders I need to backup/copy over? Thanks
  7. Got the T16000M. I really miss the FFB effects from my Sidewinder even though they only load about 30% of the time in IL-2. The stick seems alright and quite precise (except around the very centre due to spring tension) but I'm not used to it. I find the range of motion on the T16000M is much larger than that of the Sidewinder so my inputs have to be much coarser and it's taking some getting used to, especially the rudder twist in the handle. 15 years on a Sidewinder almost exclusively has ingrained the muscle memory pretty deeply.
  8. My X-55 still runs fine but I could never get programming to work. Whenever I started the software, the testing options would be greyed out and I'd see a message in the lower right saying "drivers not installed". I looked into it and apparently it is an issue with the drivers not having a proper signature and Windows refusing to recognize them. I read somewhere that I could download a program that would create an exemption for them but I couldn't be bothered as the stick and throttle work fine otherwise.
  9. You haven't witnessed how technically inept and generally lazy I am when it comes to mapping my controls and trying to figure out how to use things like SST or TARGET to program stuff.
  10. That was my plan but the store here only has the HOTAS kit with or without pedals. I think I'll pick it up and use the X55 throttle for Il-2 and try the Thrustmaster throttle for Elite and DCS.
  11. My Sidewinder 2 FFB is on its deathbed. Looking for a new HOTAS system. I have an X-55 Rhino. I like the throttle a lot but I hate the stick. I also have a CH Products stick and throttle but the joystick doesn't have a twisty stick (I can't use pedals) so it's of limited use. I was looking at picking up the T16000M but I'm a bit worried that the lack of rotaries/axes will make CEM a bit of a chore. Anyone have experience with the Thrustmaster? How well/poorly does it work with IL-2? Thanks.
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