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  1. You need collector plane ju52 with kuban, Stalingrad or Moscu if I’m not wrong.
  2. At any type of bomb and ap 37mm round. Yesterday appears too but with invencible trucks near dugouts.
  3. Bf109e7 with DB 601Aa or DB 601N engines. Bf109g2 with corrected engine problem from 43 as option. Bf109g6 with DB 605AS engine. Bf109g14 with DB 605ASM engine.
  4. Something change this week, usually at EU morning blue side has 2:1 ratio over red side. At afternoon ratio decreased since night when it was near equal (it is not same be 40 vs 30 that 1 vs 14). At late EU night reds usually had a 5:1 ratio over blue side. But this week at morning red side has a 5:1 ratio, and over 8:1 ratio at night. It is a problem of numbers. It is funny because same people entered and left server when red side was outnumbered 10 vs 5 last week, now is entering when they outnumber 15 vs 3 or 14 vs 1. Only a tank column from a large distance when there are few
  5. Con decir que yo puedo llamar jovenzuelo a Supongo... Después de Airwarrior, Aces High y WarBirds, unos cuantos del Jg52 nos vinimos a probar el IL2 ese del Tito Oleg, como ni Dios quería volar de rojo fundamos el Redeye (Xmen aka Beodo, Torpe, conocimos a un tal Miji, luego viciamos a Tumu), solo conocíamos otro escuadrón hispano el 101ECV y fueron llegando gente del E111 y/o sus escisiones al hyperLobby , y poco a poco más gente, hasta formar una muy muy interesante comunidad que hay ahora. El tutu es el tutu y yo con la llegada del resto de warras me volví al jotage, IL2, IL2 forgot
  6. I have a very similar setup (1080ti and DDR4 3000), I was having game crashes at Virtual server. I lowered my settings and for now I’m having less problems. A squad mate is having problems in TAW with an inferior setup. We are the members with lowers setup in squad.
  7. We straffed and bombed those trucks but they were indestructible, status of area shows a 70% but only 2 trucks were up. In next map, it happened too.
  8. I can’t understand how front lines moves. It hasn’t sense. They can advance 30km doing nearly nothing. We destroyed front depots, they didn’t. We found and inmortal front line, it was totally destroyed but puts more 70%. If we destroy 3 of 4 depots and frontlines we only advance 3 or 10 km.
  9. http://ts3.virtualpilots.fi:8000/es/sortie/818577/?tour=40 Do I must begin to strafe planes at ground since kill pilot? He landed at least 30km away from his field. A couple days ago a Spitfire remains crashed since server reset and I didn’t score kill.
  10. But i want mode button acts as a mode button, now it acts as a normal button. I need a lot more buttons.
  11. Ok, then i need to do a profile with my vkbdevcfg to make mode button to work with il2. I will need a BIG tutorial, first time doing profiles.
  12. Anyone can help me to configure joystick at il2?. Mode button isn't recognized by game.
  13. Okae vuela a diario, suelo estar con él por ts.
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