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  1. My initial rift s settings. I will refine it more in the following days. d3dx_user.txt Rename the file to ini extension and copy it to bin/game/
  2. I am having the same problem =LwS=Balapan had. Vertical position is not saved after i release the zoom button and press it again (but snaps to there when i try to reposition vertical again). Even changing it manualy at d3dx_user.ini doesn't help, it always show the default Y value (zero?). And snaps to the correct one (which in d3dx_user.ini) after one vertical adjustment. I uninstalled the game, deleted IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad directory, and downloaded it fresh with fresh 12.5 mod (also tried with jsgme) - still same problem. What else can i try?
  3. Do all objects (planes) are drawn with such a big angle? I find that even with 30 ° its risky, because some of the objects are not drawn (objects outside hmd original pov?) A plane can be behind you, but you will not see it (if you look at your tail with the rotation).
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