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  1. Yak-9/9Т My favorite plane is the I-16. The king of agile combat!
  2. Application area: Ju-52 Explanation of the proposal: Add this pendant as a separate modification. Benefits: Coziness in the cockpit https://youtu.be/KcHU2JALX1Y 7:28
  3. Sorry Jason, I couldn't resist and dare to ask the last question. Is it possible for airships to appear in our game within 5 years? is it even theoretically possible now? There has never been a single game in history where you could control an airship very realistically.
  4. The arguments ended and ordinary demagoguery began. Get the story, son.
  5. There is no evidence - no trial. I ask you to stop blaming without evidence the country in which you have never lived.
  6. in 1943 there was no Russia, there was the Soviet Union (USSR) Can you provide documentary evidence? Read this article. (use google translate) https://topwar.ru/157616-sovetskie-i-germanskie-poteri-tankov-v-1942-g-akkuratnee-so-statistikoj.html
  7. This comrade just grew up on myths about the USSR, do not pay attention.
  8. I hope today's diary will be devoted to the Flying Circus 2 and the АА truck
  9. flying circus 2 please please please
  10. We usually meet on the Finnish server on weekends at 16:00 Moscow time, but it still depends on how busy it is.
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