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  1. Yes, I really meant that the T-34 STZ and Pz III L tanks can be used in the battles of 1941. There was no talk about Prokhorovka
  2. my translator cannot translate it) I did not understand the question
  3. I believe that it is necessary to write under each new diary of developers that in the future they MUST transfer the T-34 STZ and Pz 3 L to the same level as the Tank Crew. Since this will be an EXCELLENT passive advertisement, besides, they can already be regarded as a full-fledged part of the Tank Crew. And these tanks are also suitable for use in battles in 1941 (the T-34 STZ began to be produced in March 1940, and the Pz 3 L from December 1941). Among Soviet tankers, the name of the turrets for the T-34 was also common. for example, on all early T-34s, the upper part was comically called "Turret-pie", and on later T-34s (as in our game, this T-34 as part of the Tank Crew) was called "turret-nut". We still conditionally divide the early, middle and late main modifications of the T-34)
  4. Returning to the original topic of discussion, I want to say that the Tank Crew will have a future. The story with the Flying Circus repeats itself.
  5. YouTube has a subtitle translation function. Turn on Russian subtitles, then click on the gear again and there will be a button to translate the subtitles, and choose any language you need
  6. This is the first time I've ever heard of this man.
  7. the films you sent themselves are with an anti-Soviet note. little to do with archives. watch lectures by historians Alexei Isaev, he works directly in the military archives of the CIS
  8. the movie I used as an example is all true. there everything was recreated from the archives. and I do not need to send this frank anti-Sovietism
  9. let's all the same operation barbarossa))
  10. the western community is more solvent. look at the "bricks" under the nicknames of Western players and Russian speakers. you will see that Western players have more of those who have all the IL-2 modules. Why? because let's say a Tank Crew costs 4,599 rubles (no discount), while the average salary in Russia is 35,000-38,000 rubles (472-513 USD)... It turns out that Russian developers of Il-2 are sponsored not by their compatriots, but by Western players...) In the countries of the former Soviet Union, the T-34-85 is considered the most famous war tank (not 76, namely 85)) Interesting fact. T-60 soviet tankers called "a common grave for two"
  11. I also really want a StuG and a Pz-4 with a short gun.
  12. In general, I can recommend this documentary series. there are English accurate subtitles. you will learn a lot about the eastern front) https://youtu.be/BvdK7EMIQDs
  13. And in our "Soviet" understanding, we still need to make a lot of maps for Operation Barbarossa (Kiev, Minsk, Mogilev, Dubno-Lutsk-Brody, Dnipro) a map of Leningrad, a map of Karelia... And many more maps... The western front of 1944-1945 is completely alien to us, because for us it is almost a completely different game... Although I personally do not mind the Pacific Ocean or the seizure of Poland with France...
  14. I think that the Tank Crew project itself will definitely be continued, but it will not be Prokhorovka but another significant tank battle in the history of World War II. In general, in narrow circles of historians, it is believed that the biggest tank battle in history was not near Kursk but in the area of Dubno-Lutsk-Brody on June 25-30, 1941. More than 3 thousand tanks from both sides took part there at the same time https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Сражение_в_районе_Дубно_—_Луцк_—_Броды. This battle was a crushing defeat of the Red Army, but also had a positive impact on the tactics of fighting by the Soviet taniksts. But specifically for Prokhorovka, I would also like again, StuG, Pz II F, Churchill, Su-76, T-70, BT-7, T-60/40, brummbar, Matilda
  15. I just wrote it out of anger, because I have such a cliche that "all Western players are solid germanofiles"))))))))
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