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  1. Not bad. Not bad at all.
  2. It all makes sense .....
  3. V/KG 2 started off with the A1 version in (late) summer 1943. Night missions, bombing stuff and shoot down an allied bomber if they got the chance. Even carried out a number of daylight missions. V/KG 2 became II/KG 51 in March '44. It recommenced intruder operations (I/KG 51 carrying out bombing missions).
  4. Nooooo ....not the nice Dutch town of Heerlen!
  5. It had something to do with the Kaiser
  6. 1. He didn't tip off the Belgians. But the info did pass on to them. 2. And why did he tell the Dutch? To who'm was his allegiance?
  7. Some 109 pilot 's notes during BOB.
  8. Me 410 DB starting ...... https://youtu.be/jAcgUPjb16Q
  9. Aah yes T. Postma offcourse! Also a Dutchman: L. van 't Hof. Hardly heard of. I quess because these men already painted before the pc/internet era got started. For the benefit of educating I shall post some of his work
  10. Congrats Penguin! Was just looking those Catalina pics up Uufflakke! .... haha. Brings back memories.... I remember on my Catalina flight there was an ret. (Dutch) Navy Doctor. He had flown aboard many navy planes back in the days. Not a Catalina however. At the beginning of the take -off some of the faces started to look a bit worried (not knowing what exactly happenes at a moment like that (engine noise/vibration). I look at the old Navy doc. He looks my way. We're both grinning from ear to ear ...... Priceless!!! And that video offcourse! https://vimeo.com/106056861
  11. Always nice to see aviation paintings! Have not seen these before. Thanks for posting. I like the older medium a bit more though. Long time ago I scanned this old picture on an model kit (Italeri?). Always found this captivating. Something doomish with the orange/red sky and the details of a town and some barges below.
  12. "As a nation that once had the largest merchant fleet in the world, it seems fitting that the Dutch were among the first to set up a national airline that became a strong force to be reckoned with. The need to connect Amsterdam to what was then known as the Dutch East Indies would certainly have been a powerful motivation to get KLM off the ground in the early days. Although formally founded in October 7 th 1919, the new airline did not really take off until May 1920, when a four-seater De Havilland DH.16 made the inaugural flight to London's now defunct Croydon Airport. In 1924, KLM launched a service from Amsterdam to Batavia (as Jakarta was then known), the world's longest air route at the time. In 1946, it became the first European airline to begin scheduled flights to New York, using DC-4 aircraft. Throughout its hundred years of existence, KLM's commitment to innovation has been constant. This doesn't just apply to its fleet either. The airline has also proved pioneering with its use of social media, introducing the first social media-driven flight schedule".
  13. Always nice to see pics of the Reno air races! I was there in '99. Time sure flies ...
  14. Yeah what about some floatplanes? This one looks like fun .....
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