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  1. yup you quit and server quits , green numbers are fps push backspace or delete and they go away .
  2. That's one of many things I believe .
  3. wonderful news...... more entente escorts are always a welcome sight ,good luck in your venture.
  4. Funny 2 hits from the ground fire and I do.
  5. Agreed cant ask them to wait for opposing team to show play on.........we don't need to organize as much as we need to live in flugpark🤪 when its empty is best lmao
  6. yes its a shame there is no provision for setting this in il2_stats {that I can see} as it only can use what the game feeds it, as a result we have to build it in the mission. It seems like both recons have to be done to win by objective so triggering second recon when opposing sides first recon is done might work, or an idea in that direction. Anyways I will be looking at this closer as the stats system for our server is running now but need domain and lots of tuning before I make it public.
  7. AGH probably working or sleeping......but you know that's not what I am getting at. Stat settings should be set to an amount of players on both sides before win is counted, this will not affect personal stats that are very important to some. Victories earned in the more populated events are hard fought it is a shame to have them erased by a win like this.
  8. Really ,this counts as a win were are the other players? Come on central were is YOUR fair play index.........if you want to kill the squad competition spirit this is the sure way.......shame
  9. I did have a data base but a wrong entry I fixed that still no go.......removed postgres and registries and reinstalled it all and bingo got a page up must have missed something on install ...now for some more of the learning curve. Thanks for your always quick reply. Ps what is an easy domain to use never set that up before either.
  10. Been trying so hard to get IL2 stats up but its a bit over my pay scale, maybe someone could see the problem in this shot. Thank full for any help I can get.
  11. Trigger switch is easy to replace in the MSFFB all the switches are really. I bought 10 tactile switches for 10 bucks on amazon.
  12. This will answer all questions IL-2 Sturmovik Mission Editor and Multiplayer Server Manual - Mission Making and Mission Editor - IL-2 Sturmovik Forum
  13. Yea goose bumps just like world league events in RB3D.....more team work naturally transpired than I have seen for awhile ,very cool, and that's on both sides
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