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  1. why earbuds bud oculus will work for TS and game at same time
  2. Very true a lot of us Raisins in here from back to RB3D days ....and a lot of flight sims to compare it too since then. But my major beef is buying one game and ending up with another......been trying to be patient with it I love WW1 and the community but its getting tiresome .Since I game in VR only thou its my only choice ATM. I did find an adjustment for Enhanced Visibility but painfull to apply.
  3. Letting people sample FC for free as it is now would be bad advertising for the game....
  4. YUP flushed my dogfight folder still get same error
  5. Got it on 20 server as well but does not seem to cause any issues
  6. It is an all time thing and the only real thing dragging this game down, It sucks knowing what this game can be and what it is now.
  7. Same message on RAF NO.20 server........ but confirm no issues with using it.
  8. AHH come on........If the 20's toasted every man that took it for the team we would be shit faced all the time LMAO🤪
  9. yes I have and even with a ton of tweeking it still sucked.
  10. Yes it was very nice to fly some new areas tonight , different style trench attack was cool ,overall a nice fresh feel...... thanks to those involved.
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