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  1. NO.20_D_McGoun


    Dang...………. eating material
  2. LOL small cooper probably just knock it out
  3. That's odd they count your death back there but not your kills that's phooey
  4. agreed but if the are ways to game this , its only fair if both sides are aware of it. A 5 point difference in bombers is another matter tho. if that is the case.
  5. Did not know about point difference for bombers. But I did start a recon awhile back right at the start of the mission it was A recon close and not to deep...…….did it in good time made it back and when targets were updated I looked at stats to see a central flyer had already hit 7 targets that person wasn't even in when I started. Seems to me central doesn't have to fly recons at all.
  6. just 3.5 hour drive you can test it all you want bud I will get barf bags for first few flights...….. I love VR I couldn't even fly wargrounds on ROF with glasses my spotting was so poor in VR I don't even need glasses...………...IT'S A MIRACLE
  7. And you said you wouldn't tell
  8. Awesome job today Entente flyers 2 days left I think we got it for the month
  9. we are generally on our practice server every night 8 or so pacific time .The squad has teamspeak coms and many different practice missions, please feel free to check it out.
  10. how about no switching sides period. that way no spies./……... doing recons are suicide now.
  11. sadly we are all in a different time zone as well. no events to date cater to west coast time.
  12. After April 1918 there was no RFC and that's the time zone we are stuck with ATM
  13. I set the ping to unlimited on NO.20 server ..just the practice field... there is a gunnery range in there help yourself shoot a plane on the ground and some airspawn targets will appear.
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