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  1. wow that would great on my bass boat too awesome job
  2. There will be some Observation Balloons in the new map I would assume ? A few of those floating around in the present maps would help the immersion .......I miss those big non moving objects I can hit ! Have not heard any mention of them and it would not be a WW1 sim without them.
  3. hear you loud and clear started flying E.III in Red Baron 3D loved it in ROF and it really is a must in FC the lack of upper wing would be great in VR and a suitable opponent of course, it seems only right to still remember the early years of the war. I have every item available in ROF and the cost per hours in fun made it a cheap night out, I intend to do the same with FC as it grows so hopefully these baskets full of requests might some day come true. By the way for myself VR has brought new life to flight sims its as close as this ol fart will get to flying Thanks Jason and all members for keeping a WW1 flight sim alive and progressing.
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