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  1. The AI seem to suffer the same results from wounds as we are experiencing I nailed a AI DR1 the other day I was real close and saw his head go down so I followed him down. I thought he would crash but his head popped up again and retained control just before impact. We have all felt the dead stick that comes with a good wound and if your low sometimes there is not enough time to recover before crashing. I think its great that the AI is not immune to this its bad enough that they can spot us any were, anytime, thu any kind of cover.
  2. You can play ROF in VR with an app called VORPX I have used it for a lot of Direct X 11 games but its not quite the same. Games built for VR always seem to be a lot better IMHO
  3. Yes we will play in our minds next
  4. We did some fine tuning on server last night ,, but just cant do anything for a 435 ping , sorry who ever you were.
  5. I REDID the assault missions so when 4 of 5 are down new wave comes in, with the timer system it was easy to get swarmed lol ……… Its a lot of fun with some buds if you get all 20 in 30 min.s it ends the mission and you get a ticket to the peep show at the carney.
  6. Same here for barges they will not fire ww2 barges attack np . Got some better results with Thorny13pdr-aa with the attack area command but still lack luster. I will have to check trains as they worked on last confrontation.☹️
  7. 10,000 sq. km. map of the Arras sector in WWI including cities, towns, airfields and famous No-Mans-Land. Ten legendary WWI aircraft to fly - Spad XIII, Sopwith Dolphin, Sopwith Camel, RAF S.E.5.a, Bristol Fighter, Albatros D.Va, Fokker Dr.1, Fokker D.VII. Pfalz D.IIIa and Halberstadt CL.II. Also includes the Fokker D.VIIF, Bristol Fighter F.III and Halberstadt CL.II 200hp engine modifications. Numerous types of buildings, hangars, ground vehicles and scenery objects to enhance mission environment. Detailed and precise exterior models of aircraft with 4K skins. Full-scale 3D interior of each aircraft that looks amazing in VR. Fly as an observer/gunner in properly equipped aircraft. Custom skins support. Quick Single Mission generator. Two multi-player modes of gameplay - Cooperative and Dogfight. Realistic ballistics modeling. Realistic gun-sight visuals and operation such as the famous Aldis sight. Detailed physics model and performance of aircraft. Detailed damage model to simulate damage to planes made of lighter materials. Mission Editor support. All I did was read this first and I knew what I was getting.
  8. Yes didn't see any WW1 options for train , or just blind, low head on approach they cant shoot over engine, then cross finger and clench buttocks.
  9. All you flyers that havnt committed to FC can have a peek by flying gunner you don't need the FC game to fly gunner .
  10. The Misfit server is now updated with balloons ,period trucks and artillery, got a small tank battle in NML on one mission, they added some small barges as well that can travel on most rivers, fingers crossed it all works. So go blow some s@#t up!!
  11. Night map did I hear night map...……….I am on it tho last time I did one in ROF the idea was pooped on, I love the search lights in my eyes.....feels like Hollywood.
  12. this is going in circles Please close this thread
  13. Yes that looks like a very cool game but no VR support so a step backwards as far as games go IMHO
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