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  1. Jak szukasz polskich graczy zapraszam na discorda polskiego serwera https://discord.gg/t34GJrM
  2. I have a problem. I generated dogfight mission and when i try to load it with DServer it takes very much time to load. On other missions there is no sutch problem.
  3. Hi, i think there should be possibility to place buildings on map 1 by 1 not only in blocks. Block system was fine for plane battles but when we try to build tank battle mission there is no way to build nice towns for city fights. What do you think about this??
  4. Hej jak chcecie się spotkać polatać i pogadać wpadajcie na discord https://discord.gg/t34GJrM Nie jest to żaden klanowy discord lecz ogólny do wspólnego grania 🙂
  5. Zapraszam też na discord serwera https://discord.gg/t34GJrM
  6. Our discord server https://discord.gg/t34GJrM We are looking for someone to build missions for server.
  7. Wpadajcie na nowo powstający serwerek. Aktualna nazwa to Polish Test Server W najbliższym czasie pojawią się customowe misje. Serwer 24h.
  8. Hi i want to invite you to tests of my Polish Server. At this moment there are stock missions but there will be other custom missions after some time. At this moment name of server is: IL2 BOS Polish Server - Tanks and Planes NORMAL
  9. Is there any dynamic MP missions for download??
  10. When i decompile and compile BoS.LogParser.Offline.exe i get mscoores.dll error on my dserver. Any help?
  11. Ok after big battle its working. Now i have problem with BoS.LogParser.Offline.exe but its only to recompile and it should be working
  12. OK is there way to repair BoS.LogParser.Offline.exe ??
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