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  1. Midway. But as long as you can take off and land on a carrier, I will be happy. Right now I am enjoying il2 1946 with the VP modpack and landing and taking off carriers. It's so fun!
  2. After the horrible last patch ruining the damage model, I decided to install the game and give it another try. Met a DR.1 in my Camel, he shot at me from a distance of about 150 meters, a couple of bullets strafed me and I heard 2 hits. Both my wings fell off.... I wasn't even diving steep or flying very fast. Bye bye FC, it was fun while it lasted. Back to RoF.
  3. from 21 - 00 european time on RoF just now: 13 players. about 20 a bit before. And I as I shot a plane down and it started burning: IT DIDN'T DISAPPEAR mid-air! WOW!!! I actually saw it fall all the way to the ground! Amazing. R.I.P FC.
  4. Fix the friggin glass wings of the Camel! It's ridiculous. Before the DM patch I could plenty of kills. Now against the D7F all they have to do is shoot a bit at your wings and wait for them to fold either right away or after you start turn-fighting.
  5. That will never happen. So why even talk this nonsense? As of now the the damage model is worse than in Rise of Flight. That's the only thing I never liked about Rise of Flight: The easy breakage of wings. Reason why I use the damage mod in singleplayer. Now in FC you just have to shoot at a guy's wings in a dogfight and wait for them to break as he tries to out turn you. In WW1 they aimed for the pilot and engine. Like it should be in in FC / RoF. They aim for realism. Why not aim for realistic damage? The damage model was nearly perfect two months ago (with the exception of that a
  6. It has one flaw though: Drag. You can't escape anything. So if you're in a fight, you must stay in the fight until it ends. That's the only reason Adam and Spitfire don't fly the Dr.1 ( hehehheheh)
  7. Flugpark server had 50 players yesterday evening (central european time). I was alone in a fight against 2 x Albatros and 2 x Halberstadt. I flew the Camel and I beat all four singlehandedly = Wings fell off right away on both Albatros after some solid burst at their body and wings. Same happened with the Halberstadts. I was like "okkaayy...?". It felt too easy. Then I was in a fight against some D7's = one of them managed to get a few hits on my wing. I managed to get a lot more hits into them. The one D7 I hit dived and escaped to the east. The other one decided to continue dogfight
  8. Amazing skins! Makes the game so much better (used them quite some time now)
  9. Been flying FC again a couple of days now. Both a lot in the D7 and Camel. The Camel has glass wings: a couple of hits in your wings: plane starts to shake and if you pull too much "ka-wosh" and they break off. The D7 feels like a tank. Can take many bullets. I see why it's the plane to jump in now. Way easier to get lots of kills in the D7 and survive than the Camel.
  10. Utter bullcrap. No matter what angle or height you attack from the flak is sniping. If you would attack from let say the germans side of the balloons, the guns would need to re adjust. Also even if you dive in from very high almost over the balloon the flak is sniping. This will also result in no-one bother to attack the balloons now and just go for the planes. I haven't seen one balloon attack after this change. Before it was fun to hover around your own balloons to see if players came to attack them. Now it's a ghost town. Also the rate of flak is way too fast. They use WW2 flak it see
  11. You can get the physics pretty much spot on. Ever tried iRacing? Laser scanned tracks, air pressure and rubber mass physics. It feels like the real thing. We all have driven a car and that comes closest. If you have a good racing wheel with force feedback you can feel the tires if they slide or have good grip. Same goes for the physics in RoF / FC = they have the data and the digital nature engine is pretty amazing. Check out some documentaries on the Camel; it behaves in game just as they describe in the documentary. Down to every detail how to get out of a spin and how it behaves when
  12. Ok, my memory might be a bit foggy. It was 2 at night and I was a bit tired. I recorded our fight in the clouds that lasted almost 15 minutes. I will re-watch it and make a video about it Was a very good fight. You got some skills with that plane
  13. That "creating binary mission file" takes a very long time. Up to 2 minutes here. In your version 7 it didn't create this file and the mission loaded very fast in game. Can you go back to this if possible?
  14. Start with the Albatros. Best plane to start with. Easy to master and fly. Also map your radiator controls so you don't burn your engine.
  15. Hi, I noticed after the patch that even though diving in on a balloon very fast from high above each flak hits so close to the plane it shakes by every flak hit. And even as you are like 20 meters from the balloon the flak still hits super close. Resulting in your plane gets either destroyed or engine dies almost every time. Also a bit unrealistic they would shoot flak this close to their balloon too as it would burst it. ----------------------------- And yesterday I was in several encounters with borth AI and player planes that had gunners. I took hundreds of shots into each
  16. It's gone now! Whoever fixed it, thanks!
  17. Can you please remove the instrument panel? I don't want to have to remove my entire HUD to get rid of that awful throttle % text pop up every time I adjust my throttle. This game / server just get worse every day
  18. Also disappearing balloons are quite the immersive killer: Sometimes far away the suddenly appear out of nowhere, then disappear again. Doesn't happen often but it's occasional. Also when you shoot them down they often spin back and forth in this fast weird way. What the hell is going on here?
  19. I tried your FC campaign! It worked like a charm! But there are some quirks: Let say in a balloon attack mission; we are engaging a balloon and after I shot it down I become assigned flight lead and my wingmen just head off in a random direction. Same happened after we finished escorting some bombers over the front. Is it best to play this game as a flight leader or wingman? I like to start as a "nobody" and work my way up
  20. I may be infected with too much experience from RoF. Been flying it since 2009 to this day. But the damage model and stuff in RoF just feels right. In FC it feels either too easy or too hard in sertain areas. Some planes I shoot at just bursts into flames in seconds. While the Dr. 1 I have to empty half of my rounds almost. In RoF I never get this feeling. In RoF is like: "ah I see those hits were good and I get the result expected of that". Anyway. Let's see how this game turns out in the future. It sure is fun
  21. My aim is not off; I have 112 kills on the Flugpark server and my aim is 21,5 %. And like I said; I can see the hits and that he is venting fuel. It's just that it takes way more shots for me to shoot down a Dr. 1 than all the other planes. I can make a video compilation and you will see.
  22. Seriously now. I have shot down over 60 player aircrafts on the server. Fokker DVIIF, DVII, Albatros, 2 seaters, Halberstatz (or how u write it), no problems. But the Dr. 1 again: I just had a dogfight with one. I hit him 4 times with seriously good bursts. I saw the hits: hit the engine area a lot, the cockpit area. Just a tiny fuel leak. And the "fokker" was flousing and bounching around as usual, stopping mid air and shooting at me and others. And he got ONE lucky hit in my engine and of course my engine got damaged. This Dr. 1 plane has like 200 % health damage. Every other plane
  23. It sure does. I run it on ultra and it's smooth as butter. Heard of upgrading CPU and GPU and RAM? Btw, I found a solution: In the copies folder while it updates it keeps both the packed and unpacked file. Just delete the packed files after they are unpacked while it installs And you will save about 30 GB. RDR2 is a horrible ported PC port. They could have easily compressed it down to around 50 GB. The problem with il2 Sturmovik is like you have 5 games in one game. It's getting too huge. But if you read my previous post I found a way to save GB and manage the install T
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