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    Combat flight sims: il2 series, Falcon BMS, Battle of Britain, RPG's, playing guitar, Mount & Blade: Warband, Mount & Blade: 1866 Western mod.
  1. If a vulture is getting a lot spawning targets to shoot, the guys who get shot down are to blame: Never spawn on an airfield that is under attack. Spawn from a different field, gain altitude and then shoot down the vulture.
  2. You will never solve the vulture problem as long as a pilot gets a score / credit to shoot down an enemy plane. And why do you even have a score / credit system anyway? It's totally unrealistic in terms of how the war was fought, Shall a pilot worry about his score / credit or worry about the main mission objective? My advice: Cut the score / credit system completely. Have each base has a set number of planes in the hangars. No restriction of who can fly what. If you manage to land an aircraft back to an airfield, then you fill up that airfield's hangar with the plane you landed. If it's damaged, maybe you can add some hours of repair into that plane before it can piloted. - This will also make the transfer missions much more intuitive (no need to disarm a plane before transfer). For pilot stats: Just keep tad of how many planes a pilot has shot down, flying hours, crashed, baile, died etc. And maybe tone down the penalty system a bit? If you lose internet connection or don't manage to land your plane before the server time runs out, you should not get a penalty in my opinion.
  3. It says you will get 1000 starting credits, but I only got 500. I can't even fly any planes on server now. How are new people supposed to get into this?
  4. Type of improvement: Gameplay / Immersion Explanation of proposals: Dynamic campaign singleplayer and multiplayer: A battle can last for days / weeks. Airfields who gets totally bombed is out of order and no-one can spawn there until re-supplied by HE-111 etc. Options to make game 100 % realistic: No HUD / icons allowed whatsover, both in game and on map. Benefits: Fun for the hardcore simmers out there. Might make the game last longer in the future.
  5. 127Tom

    100 % realism?

    That's good then! Hope more people do objectives. Btw, sometimes when I try to enter the Syndicate server I just get thrown out, even when it's many available slots. Other servers works fine. U know the reason?
  6. 127Tom

    100 % realism?

    I don't mind a good dogfight. But what don't you understand about having planes showing up on the map is total unrealistic and attract vulture players? If they were no map icons, people would do map objectives more, and leading to more interesting flights. Now basically people just vulture over airbases because they can see which air bases has planes over them.
  7. Again: Yes there is, if they remove the plane map icons in total. Then both sides will go where the map objectives are, because it's most likely there the action will be. Now they look on the map: "aha, lots of planes over that airfield, let's head there!"
  8. So, when are you guys going to make this sim an 100 % realism options, like ....almost all realistic sims out there? I am talking about no HUD on map, no HUD in cockpit, etc.? Online play is incredible boring and predictable now since everybody flyes close to an airfield to pick a fight (plane pops up on map radar). You better start doing something or people will look elsewhere.
  9. Anyone knows if this is now an option now in the recent 1009 patch?
  10. That is not the point here. The point here is that people don't do the map objectives on the expert servers cause they just fly to the nearest airfield to pick a dogfight: They know people will see their planes on the map and come tot heir location / they see enemy planes on radar who took off and going for vulturing. It is getting predictable and boring.
  11. At least on the realistic servers; Everybody is just loitering over an airfield so that other players can see them on the map just to get into a dogfight. This makes everybody neglect the map objective and the whole thing turns into a vulture / dogfight thing. It's also extremely unrealstic to see a moving plane on a map.
  12. Can you remove that engine doesn't sometimes start? It's just tedious and annoying, and it happends way too often. Really annoying when trying to make a squadron flight and will always have to wait for one guy. It will take several minutes too to restart the engine after it doesn't start. And sometimes it won't restart. So have to finish flight and chose another plane. I see this just as a bug now really, thats why I posted it here.
  13. ...And this is why I take everything I read on internet with a grain of salt Our squadron play mostly on the Syndicate server, and there is a lot of vulching and people just loiting over air-bases instead of doing their objectives. The main problem I think is the gps icons. If they remove that I think people would loiter more around the objectives to try and spot enemy planes.
  14. Why even care for your score? This is the main problem with the multiplayer anyway; Everybody craving to get that kill, even risking shooter other team mates down just for the sake of a kill. I see very few who actually do objectives. Everybody is just loiting over airbases to pick a fick. They need to fix this or the multiplayer gonna die pretty fast. I find it more and more predictable and boring. And remove those gps icons on the map, make people have to navigate themself. If you just comes near an enemy airfield you are getting swarmed by enemies who watch the map radar and see your location.
  15. "- If a player damages an enemy plane, and the pilot of that plane quits the flight while in the air, the attacking player still gets the kill points; - If a player damages an enemy plane, and the pilot of that plane leaves from the server, the attacking player still gets the kill points, and the leaver gets death points as a penalty." FuriousMeow is not gonna like this :D hahaha
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