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  1. Man, please kiss your wife and thanks her for me for being late!!!! Have a great weekend together and a great thank you for that one
  2. Thank you so much!!! ‘Early July is still far away but it worth the long wait! Finally my Jug!!!!
  3. Awesome work! Is that possible you just do one or two more? I would need it for my campaign
  4. Would love to have the P-47 and/or Mosquito I need them
  5. Just simple of that? Complex trigger --> timer --> deactivate --> loop to complex trigger? I'll try. Many thanks to all @namhee2, merci beaucoup!
  6. I can't remember how to deactivate a MCU Trigger (complexTrigger). I've put a complex trigger detecting some type of plane entering a cylinder. It activates a WP for my flight. Well, it works, but... After ten minutes of combat, it triggers another WP. Perfect. And as soon as an enemy plane re-enters the zone, it activates again, and again the same commandattack. Can someone gives me the logic to de-activate the complex trigger after the first activation, please?
  7. Hummm... Interesting. I've made some new airfields (missing on the map) and they disappeared for some reasons. It appears that depending of the map (.su, .au, etc.), the airfields exist or not. You may copy the surfacetex, surface.dat and surfaceTex.txt in the .wi folder.
  8. Thanks a lot and congratulations for your outstanding work, once again!!!
  9. Maybe my bad, but I still have Russians flying my A-20B over the Netherlands in an US plane
  10. I’ve just put some precision on the OA - B a/c
  11. US or GB pilots instead of Russians in a/c flown in Allied side
  12. I vote for that pack idea too. We need some bombers for the allied side. A-20 is not enough for the historical credibility. The B-25 at least with the cockpit and the bomber sight is a minimum. A B-26 also. It would not be a great addition but a must have on this sim evolution
  13. Flying that with Lancaster would have been great
  14. Agree on both suggestions
  15. Thanks gents, @Jaegermeister and @Gambit21 ! I learn with the best, sincerely In fact, when I test my missions, I just think that maybe, players will find it too easy or so. That’s why I try to find a way to give a better challenge to the player. But I agree, make it too hard should be a great mistake
  16. Exactly. That what I told to myself while flying your campaign. Don’t take it the wrong way (I hope my English would be good enough), but I found out that the objective in the two first missions was not complicated to achieve. In my campaign, I try to find how to make it harder because i’m convinced that it’s not enough. I think that it should be the same feeling for every mission/campaign maker. I just hope that I will be at least, able to make a credible campaign as a minimum
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