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  1. Is there any Ferdinand in the game? I didn't notice it... It has been announced, no?
  2. La traduction est faite et devrait être intégrée à une mise à jour de la campagne dans peu de temps. Excusez par avance quelques erreurs de traduction, ce n'est pas toujours évident de traduire des expressions anglophones.
  3. Just a little thing. The typing was yellow, not white, but I can live with that.
  4. Thanks for the Lieutenant Lopez
  5. Happy to read that. Exactly my thoughts.
  6. Little bugs: On career, medals and awards are marked "Null" for US and English pilots. Germans are still ok; With the Spitfire, whan putting on flight lights, it occurs in German, not in French (I'm playing in French); When selecting Free French Squadron, all my wards are English and have an Scottish or English background. Don't you think it's possible to script a French story for a character?; There's a tree right on the last approach of the runway in Florennes (house of the P38 career first mission) I can't see the FC career, is that normal?
  7. Pour info, je suis en train de traduire "Fortress on the Volga" pour Jason. Dès que j'aurais terminé, ça part pour la MàJ du jeu
  8. Say hello from me to a fellow ghost in the grass (still active BTW)
  9. Finally I have the informations: Crew chief Sgt. J J Ornstedt Armorer Cp S. Caras
  10. DFA? looks like your fellow get the same passions as me...
  11. Maybe yes, maybe not... May??? But we are in November!!!!
  12. As I saw on TC announcement, it could be an combination of tanks and air ops Of course I would love Battle of France 1940, but I guess it would not be a go for it
  13. No one talked about the F4-U
  14. A last one, is there a chance that the buildings can be destroyed by fire? One of the disappointment when you strike a barn and it still standing even with a 88mm in or a 500kg bomb on
  15. And will us have the chance to fly or have AI French squadrons?
  16. Sure... But: a little change could and should makes the game alive for a while. The Italy campaign could be a serious kick and boost for the serie. Using an expansion of the BoBP now existing map can be a serious base for further expansions
  17. All right! Thanks a lot. I Learnt something new today! At least one good new!
  18. Someone can explain me this joke? I just found out what leek means in English but I suppose this is a joke and I don’t have the point
  19. And BoBP? Do we have a release date?
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