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  1. Yep... Well, I succeed in putting alltogether in the main BOS installation but it's in the GB that it's doesn't work at all. I will follow the guide. Thanks a lot!
  2. Everything's done properly... Well, as descripted. I cannot find the skins and campaigns in the game launch with Steam. I can find it with the Great battles launcher, but there, I have another issue as it doesn't recognize my account and ask me to buy BOS, BOM, etc again...😟
  3. I should be a dumb, but even if I extract to the IL 2 Great battles directory and then campaign or skin, I can't find it in the game... Some advice?
  4. Ok, thanks for your answers. I really like COD, its graphic quality and the gaming opportunities. I really think COD is the best base for more games, maps and great battles. More than Il-2 GB. so congrats TF and keep on the outstanding work
  5. And that’s could be definitely a great game support no? many great planes, many great missions and campaigns around the 75th dday anniversary
  6. Yeah, I saw some. So the question... when? and why not a battle of France with this kinda planes?
  7. What it would be a great idea as an evolution of COD would be a pre dday and battle of normandy. Even if after dday the LW would has been weakened, the pre campaign should be really interesting
  8. Is that possible that I didn’t find the Dewoitine in the game? How Is that possible? I will double and triple check wish Ingo to have thé pleasure to fly that one
  9. 1) probably 2) no because I’ve put an exception on the launcher.exe whatever, it was hard to find this solution but it works so far
  10. Well, i succeded in fixing my problem by deleting confuser.ini and launcher.exe Then logged with Steam and it placed some new files in. Seems to work so far
  11. Well, I’m devastated. i made thé update to night and now, where charging a mission, or anything else, thé game crashes at 95%... » launcher.exe stopped, Windows will search for a solution, bla-bla-bla », and That’s it. I can’t use CoD anymore
  12. Something concerning bombs management coule be nice, in single as well as multi player Quick, single or campaign missions.
  13. Outstanding work. I would love to fly the Hawks in a campaign
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