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  1. Everything is really nice, as usual. Please, let me ask a question anyway. Should we have a release of the wonderful campaigns prepared for BoBP someday?
  2. @Jade_Monkey, trying to design a mission with B-25 in the same manner you designed your A-20 mission, I run into many problems. I have to confess that I tried to import your A-20 bomb run mission to try to find some inspiration correct mine, but first, I didn't find the answers to my problems, and can't find the building logic. I'm brand new in mission design, so I don't have the knowledge. But I have a bunch of questions and really want to succeed in design the one I started. If you don't mind, I would love to have some help from an experiencedd and talented guy just like you.
  3. Exactly the kind of question I ask myself while tryning to make one actually
  4. Hmmm.... That's freaking hard to design a mission.... I can do nothing but salute your work Jade!
  5. Many thanks for us! At least Free French are entering the virtual war!!!! Awesome job
  6. Hello everybody, I’ve made a search on the whole forum and didn’t found out a tutorial on how to design a custom scripted campaign. is there something written somewhere that explain how to? I know I have to design first some mission but I need to know how to link them altogether and create a whole campaign. thanks in advance for your answer and help
  7. Sounds interesting. currently searching for ideas, I would certainly pick up some of them many thanks
  8. I already have and fly it on the original version. What a great job you've done!!!
  9. Very frustrating to not be able to catch them. And most of all, not to be skilled enough to taxi properly with the Spit... Shame on me
  10. All these missions are really great! Don't you consider making a SP campaign with all the missions together?
  11. I will check it. I didn't want to change all the voices in the campaigns. Even if I don't understand German or Russian, I like to have the original language in my headphones. But I have to admit that for this one in particular, just like for the "Achtung Jabos", I found it a little bit annoying to have to refer to the written translation during the flight
  12. Absolutely awesome! Thanks for this great art. I consider trying myself doing some missions. What I would the most is to make a Rheinland campaign... I'm so sad there's none already
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