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  1. I have an AMD 4Core cadenced 2,6 to 3,2 GHz and a GTX 1080 as GPU
  2. Type of improvement Having the possibility to edit terrain height and the Forrest in the ME Explanation of proposals In the ME, having the possibility to remove some parts of the forrest and be able to make the height ground flat would let mission makers and modders to be able to put some missing parts on the maps instead of asking for improvements all the time. Benefits Devs’ work would also be really easier as long as it would be possible to apply the work made by third parties to the game thru updates. it would be a win on win situation.
  3. Hello, Here’s another question: making missions needing a lot of planes for a bombing raid, with AAA, interceptors, objective and complex triggers, even effects, I often face stuttering or CPU overload, even on SP mission. 1- Reasonably, how many planes can I use on a same mission? 2- how to have groups of planes appearing at some particular points? 3- how to activate AAA and objects at some moments without having them check the sky from the mission begin? 4- how to have multiple effects without slowing the whole system? Up to now, my situation is: 1- I use the whole number of planes needed (I’ve recently designed a mission with 16 bombers and 16 fighters plus 15 interceptors, all active); 2- I just know how to spawn one a/c at a time. All I do is making them taking off at some moment, or flying from the other end of the map, trying to time the flight time to be at a certain point at a certain moment; 3- the AAA in my missions search the sky from the beginning until the end; 4- using some smoke effects to simulate an industrial complex, I have 20 effects substainers active since the mission begin... flying 40 km costs me 18mn at 400km/h... it’s a huge pain in the butt.... i need your help guys
  4. https://www.bons-livres.fr/livre/alain-chazette/1544-1944-le-mur-de-l-atlantique-en-normandie https://www.bons-livres.fr/livre/alain-chazette/2340-atlantikwall-le-mur-de-l-atlantique-en-france-1940-1944 http://www.cestenfrance.fr/poi/poi_AW.kml This is in French but you have plans etc.
  5. In the A-20, only the pilot is in UK outfit. Gunners are in russian’s uniform
  6. Yep, I’ve already done that... but, I’m searching a way how to make an industrial complex with a lot of chimneys have smoke without have the game stuttering all the time
  7. Is a factory building has a smoke ingame ? I mean, every chimney dispense a smoke automatically or do we need to put an effect substainer ? And if there is a smoke, how can we oriente it? Wind conditions are affecting automatically or no the smoke direction? I actually design a big industrial complex and putting smoke effect everywhere is way too CPU greedy
  8. I clearly would like battle of France 1- it’s a great battle too 2- the map would link the BoBP and the BoN one so the full (or quite) west campaign could be re-enacted properly
  9. In game clouds are awesome. I really have the impression that I fly in real clouds
  10. DN308


    Thanks a lot for all this work. can you tell us which effects can be combined with others?
  11. Most of 1942-43´s bombings over targets in Holland were between 300 and 1500 feet for Ramrods operations and 5000-12500 feet for circus ops. Wayyyyy below your « historical » bombing level of 3k m
  12. Trying to design a bomber’s campaign for the western front, during the allied air offensive from 1942 to 1944, I more than often run into a problem. Trying to design historical missions, I’ve found a lot of material related to medium bombers but until 1943, there was no B-25 available. There are a lot of really interesting mission to design with A-20 and... Venturas. So, I humbly suggest to devs if they would consider to make at least an AI Ventura’s model to run all these missions? With Normandy map comings, this aircraft would be really interesting too. This one would be used on every part of the map. So it would be a real great add for the game even if this plane was not exceptional. Thanks for reading
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