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  1. Sorry, i was the first to ask why this plane is not equipped with rockets in the game. Someone replied that it was not equipped with rockets. well, i feel myself as not expert enough to complain and i thought i was wrong and that i should mistaking with the typhoon. Well, reading so much things about this debate i made some researches and i found out that the tempest was equipped with two bombs or 8 rockets. debate is still rolling so...
  2. Just a question: why this game don’t permit to have extinguisher on the planes like we have on Cliffs of dover ? this is historically accurate so no probleme to have some normally. this game is so accurate that i’m still surprise to don’t find it...
  3. I was sure someone will tell me that... Wasn't sure of me writing that, and bam! I get it right on my nose... I have to check my planes knowledge... My bad, sorry. Ok, that's clear now. Thanks
  4. So far, no problem for me with a download from Steam. Just two things: No Arras map for me; No rockets for the Tempest... That's sad
  5. Hell... Please met us know if you have any improve or solution. My download from Steam is still ongoing so I'm afraid to have the same kinda issue
  6. Yesssss!!!! Just checked and see that my february purchase was for the Premium edition... Now, I try to help my loading rate increase a lot!!! Thanks to all for the great job! So? What about Bodenplatte game as stand alone part? We have to wait 1 more month? Is my understanding correct? And the Steam version is supporting this update or not?
  7. I should not have understood weel that part... Bodenplatte is still not fully available??? BTW I didn't noticed that the P-38J was not include in my purchase... 🥺
  8. I presumed the tank was part of the update. The update isn't supposed to be free?
  9. Hum??? Sorry but even if Steam tell me that the game is up-to-date and ready to go, no Pz IV in. No nothing... Is there something I missed?
  10. Yep... Well, I succeed in putting alltogether in the main BOS installation but it's in the GB that it's doesn't work at all. I will follow the guide. Thanks a lot!
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