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  1. Yes, we enjoy them, many thanks for your work and already looking forward for more missions from you
  2. Will be a pleasure to enjoy tthat one!!! Many thanks in advance!
  3. My dream comes true at least!!!! MANY MANY THANKS!!!!! Screamin' Weemie is already roaring of pleasure!!!
  4. Really nice...but without the U-2, no chance to give it a try.
  5. Thanks for the improvements, but I noticed in career mode that there is no snow even during the "no fly" period due to heavy snow I that normal?
  6. Just a quick one if you don’t mind: THAT IS ENORMOUS AND COOL!!!!! But: - WHEN??? ETA? - I can’t see Paris on the map and it is finishing a few miles off my birth land east of Valenciennes... so sad...
  7. Is there any Ferdinand in the game? I didn't notice it... It has been announced, no?
  8. La traduction est faite et devrait être intégrée à une mise à jour de la campagne dans peu de temps. Excusez par avance quelques erreurs de traduction, ce n'est pas toujours évident de traduire des expressions anglophones.
  9. Just a little thing. The typing was yellow, not white, but I can live with that.
  10. Thanks for the Lieutenant Lopez
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