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  1. The most important thing to me is that on the 6th of June, in Normandy sector, it would be a landing offensive. Not justa normal day as in the Bodenplatte extension in which there is no Bodenplatte offensive at all. Means, there would be paratroopers and gliders in mid air, tons of landing ships and others kinds of ships, etc.
  2. Thank you so much. The spy mission was exactly what I wanted to do with a mission in my campaign
  3. DN308

    May I suggest?

    Something that could be added in the game is the possibility to be aware of « change formation » when wingman with AI’s leader. I made some missions and played some campaigns where the leader is played by AI. I’ve found that when the mission includes a change formation order, the planes are changing formation but the player is not aware of that. Just seeing that planes are switching to another formation. I have reproduced that on custom missions just to be sure and yes, they do it without giving any order. When we play as leader and give the order to the formation, there is a message on the HUD and a voice playing. Not when we are wingman. May I suggest to improve that and to add the order to let us know about? Thanks in advance
  4. It would be great to have 500lbs and 1000lbs US bombs in the A-20 and B-25 as load out. Up to now, we just have UK or USSR bombs in these planes.
  5. DN308

    Airfield Sounds.

    You need a logic like: Mission begin => timer 1s => play media => (in the same time) Timer xs (the media duration + 1s) => stop media Then, your game will not be srewed up with pause unable etc.
  6. DN308

    Airfield Sounds.

    You can use it as media at the start of the mission until you take off. on ME, put a media start, play the audio and as you reach the take off point, put a trigger that end the media.
  7. I would like a link to these campaigns. I’m a great fan of the bombers missions and campaigns
  8. There’s a way to add buildings and road to the map as a mod or so. I even succeed in adding some airfields on the map. But you have to save it on the su, sp, au and wi maps.
  9. That is weird. The more cloud you have, the less fog you’re supposed to see. Most of the time, fog is coming from the temperature difference induced by the sun blazing on a cold soil.
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