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  1. Can see what I can do to transfer some infos
  2. Do you still collect info on airfields for BoBP map? If yes, do you plan to update it? I have collected data’s on NL airfields that would be really needed
  3. I know that. but the main problem is the height on the map. You can create the airfields but they are barely usable due to the differences in heights and the Forrest set on the actual place of them. Since you can’t remove trees and can’t have a flat terrain, some airfields can’t be recreate properly.
  4. Jaeger, there's a little thing to correct maybe. In the briefings, we're asked to fly two 1000lb bombs, and when checked, it seems that they are 500lb instead. For the player's plane and for the others too.
  5. Hello, I would like to mark a position with a fume, just like a fume shell fired by a tank or something. I want it triggered by my plane passing a WP. I don't want to make it substained as long as a chimney smoke. So two questions: 1- what is the logic? I used WP MCU --T---->Timer----T----->command effect-----O----->vhl------T------->Fume Is that correct? 2- What is the duration of this kind of effect without been substained?
  6. Well, sadly, I have to answer you that the answer is in your question... Hard way only... Though, there should be a way to do it since we can observe that in carreer with bombers formations. Maybe an "activate" MCU. Not tried that yet, but tried others things not satisfactories.
  7. Weird. I've played it many times and never had this problem. Did you orbit before this waypoint? Most of the time it's an issue with timer triggering the "missionend" or the "checkzone" too soon.
  8. Well, we don’t start anything and you seem to know much more on the subject than me. On the caption it is written P-47B. Right or wrong it’s on it. I don’t want to say that because it’s written, it’s true, just to point the fact that Razorbacks were usable until the end of the war and that it can be played on both BoN or BoBP maps. So, having this plane is not as useless as I had read.
  9. Razorback went all the way to VE Day. So you’ll be able to fly it on the Bodenplatte map. That’s one of the planes which can be flown on two following maps in terms of period. It was even faster than the D22 Some others planes can’t do that.
  10. Let me know if you find a trick I’m interested too
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