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  1. Je suis friand des modèles ayant pris et à la campagne de bombardement tactique des Pays-Bas et de Belgique jusqu’en 1944. Et les défenseurs aussi évidemment.
  2. Superbe!!! Merci beaucoup
  3. Very nice work. Do you plan to improve the lowlands railway’s net? Most of the tactical bombings during the per-invasion air campaign took place there with light and medium bombers
  4. Alright, thanks. In my experience, Me still orbited for a while. Bingo fuel, I landed before seeing them landing or been deleted. But ok, that’s fine for me. By the way, your campaign is really nice and interesting. I loved flying the Dora again. Many thanks for your job.
  5. In fact, I just waited for the Me262 until the end of mission before landing but the jet didn’t land at all...
  6. Hello, I’m stuck in the last mission. after the first kills, enemy's fleeing, alright. But then, I rejoin my leader and we are making turns forever above and around point 3. Is there something I could have missed?
  7. Updates give us some nice implements but screw most of my work. I have to go back to the building process in order to make the missions to work as intended. That’s the second time I have to...
  8. I know that Bostons made a raid with US 500lb (2 of them) along with 4x 250lb in 1942 and not these English or Russian ones we can found in
  9. Not first at all but really pleased. I’m looking forward for the mossie anyway
  10. Yep, I know that. But they are in a kind of blue color that remind these missing texture parts. Sorry, I can’t really explain correctly in English but sometimes, when you mispaint a part on a template, you have this kind of blue color on this part. And that chip is like you would have forgot to paint it.
  11. Many thanks!!! Merci beaucoup!!! Je vais pouvoir les inclure dans ma campagne, avec ta persmission
  12. @saldy, Nice campaign! Many thanks!!! I've just noticed a little problem in the player's skin. Messing up with my keys' map, I've jettisoned my cokpit in the air, and then : Note the blue chips on the upper edge. Maybe something is missing in the skin. Nothing really important but I guess the author would be interested in that little issue. @E69_julian57
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