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  1. FC vol.2 with career mode from 1916 to the end and map for the whole western front from the channel to Switzerland incl. small part of England. If this happens I will buy 5 copies
  2. I don't think that the sale was the announcement... If it was they were going to remove the Morse code message. People in here are way too pessimistic. Or maybe I'm a believer... 🤷‍♂️
  3. The issue with the AI chasing you to base can be experienced in BOS as well, but to be honest recently when I was playing a BOM career, this happened very, very rarely. I almost never got chased to base. 🤔
  4. I would like to mention that I'm experiencing something similar. I've flown around 15-20 missions (mostly ground attack missions) with the P-47 and in 100% of those missions my flight is getting bounced by a superior number of enemy fighters. Most of the time they are chasing me until my starting airfield. It's like the enemy fighters don't care if they would run out of fuel and wouldn't be able to fly back. My career options: Career speed: Realistic Career difficulty: medium Activity: Dense
  5. This would be amazing... I think an RNG factor should be added to the system since not everything should depend on the player's mission success/failure. For example, both sides will have X number of bombing/ground attack mission each day. Depending on the outcome of those missions, the RNG factor will change. Of course the player will participate only in a fraction of those missions, as they could be intercept enemy bombers or escort friendly ground attack planes etc... The rest of the missions in which the player does not participate will be "simulated" after the day based on morale, equip
  6. I'm just amazed that you had an AI pilot that survived for 77 victories! Maximum i've seen is ~15-20.
  7. Hi guys, I'm about to finish the "Battle of Moscow" for the first time and I was wondering how does the career progression work, since I don't want to lose my pilot progress. Basically, I was in the I/JG 52 and in the end of March 1942 I got a pop-up that asked me if I want to finish my career or I should switch the squadron, so I switched, but now I have some questions. If the career finishes (20.04.1942) and I'm in a squadron which is not in the "Battle of Stalingrad" ( IV/JG 51), will I lose my pilot or can I still choose a different starting squadron in BOS? If I'm in a
  8. I sincerely hope that they will stick to WW2 / WW1. IMO most of the people currently playing the Il2 GB series would like any other WW2 specific scenario. On the other hand, if they actually go for post-war scenarios they will lose a big chunk of the current playerbase. From what I see around the topics in the forum a lot of people share this opinion. (yes I do know that the people on the forum represent a very small portion of the whole il2 playerbase.) Anyway, I just see it as a lose-lose if they go for a post-war scenario. What's the point of attracting new players if "half" of your current
  9. Hi guys, This is a shower thought 🛀, so you can take it with a grain of salt, but do you think that a new career timeline(not overwriting with the current ones) can be created with the current planes? If yes, which one would that be? I would gladly pay 40-50 euros for a new map + career.
  10. Can someone please tell the devs that they forgot to press the Submit button for the DD last friday?
  11. There must be something wrong with this website... I keep refreshing, but for some reason I can't see the new DD.
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