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  1. There must be something wrong with this website... I keep refreshing, but for some reason I can't see the new DD.
  2. Thanks for the input! Are you using full flaps in all of those scenarios or in some of them take-off flaps are preffered?
  3. Hi guys, First, I will start by saying that I watched a couple of training videos for the FW-190 and they are only saying how to extend/retract the flaps. I can also see that they are using the flaps when landing. Is there any scenario during flight/combat in which you would use the flaps or should they be used only during landing? Thank you in advance, Xyperion
  4. Hey, thanks a lot for the tips. I'm looking forward to playing online when I get a bit more experienced vs the AI in Career mode. My reaction to these "rules": 1. Big no-no so far, it often happens to crash near (or hit) a building/plane... I'll probably do more damage to the airfield than a bomber raid 😂 . 2. 70% of the times it works every time. 3. I guess I can do this. 4. That's fine. Unless engine management is included, sometimes I use emergency mode for so long that I forget about it and I have to make emergency landing deep into enemy territory. 5. Pretty sure that by the time I can ID the plane I'll already be shot down or I'll bump into it by mistake. 6. I tried not to use the map in some missions and I ended being so lost after a dogfight that I was ~50km away from my destination... 7. Okay, back to single player... Jokes aside, thanks for sharing these tip. I'm going to follow all points that you made to improve my flying and hopefully in a couple of months I'll be ready
  5. Does this mean that in SP it will be impossible to recognize the plane from 2km+? I doubt that the AI will fly to the strength of their planes.
  6. No, I'm using Track IR. Thanks for the tips everyone! You truly are the best. Additionally, I found a memrise game in one of the threads linked above. (https://www.memrise.com/course/2205705/il-2-airplane-recognition-v1-by-brzi_joe/1/garden/learn/#) It's a pretty fun way to learn those silhouettes.
  7. Hi guys, I was wondering, how do you guys find out from a distance (1km+) whether the plane is a friendly or an enemy? I always have a hard time finding out, so I have to enable the icons for a second or two just to see whether I'm chasing an ally or an enemy. If I try to spot them without the icons, I have to literally fly 200 meters near them just to spot the insignia of their faction. Whenever I try to play without the icons, often I shoot at friendly planes before realizing (poor guys never saw it coming)... Before someone jumps on me, I'm playing SP only (for now, but i guess this is good for my future online teammates ). I've always wanted to try multiplayer, but I'm afraid, because icons are not enabled. With ww1 planes spotting is so much easier...
  8. Hey guys as a new pilot and a forum lurker for a couple of weeks now, I'd like to share my experience and issues with these beautiful birds(WW1). I've always been a fan of WW1, but I found out about RoF ~2 months ago. I watched some videos and got hooked. I played a bit with a keyboard, but after a while I changed to a stick + throttle + rudder pedals. Track IR followed a bit after that as well. I got so hooked that whenever I had some free time I played RoF(~200 hours already). From the beginning I wanted to play as immersed as I could, no icons, no help whatsoever. I jumped into the career mode after a couple of days "training" and watching learning videos. I played DiD with my pilots... Every time a pilot dies I just create a new starting at the time the old one died. Currently I'm in April 1917 with 10-11 dead pilots behind me. I'm now able to shoot down enemy AI planes, but sometime it takes me 10-15 minutes to do so. For example when im in a D3 vs nieuport 17 I have hard time lining a proper shot. Anyway, last week I thought that i was ready for MP and i could stand on my own, but oh boy was I wrong... I got destroyed by these guys. I died so many times without being able to hit a single shot that I was ashamed of my noobiness and left. Maybe one of the reasons is, because I havent reached these late war planes in SP and I dont have that much experience with them. After some forum lurking I found out about FC and immediatelly bought it to support the devs including bom bok and bos even tho I have only 3-4 hours with the ww2 birds. I dont think that I will play much of FC until SP career is available. Im afraid to play MP now 😄
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