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  1. Reddog, i had same annoying issue in 4.312, it completely disappeared in blitz. It was caused by vsync in my case. If you are using nvidia, try "fast" vsync option in control panel.
  2. 9km in BoS vs. 14km in Clod on any 1920x1080 monitor....size of monitor doesnt matter.Fact is that 5km difference gives you much more options. Circling around airfield in BoS and looking at several planes taxiing just to see them all disappear second later because you are out of 9 km radius is just wrong.
  3. i dont need 190 key, but bizarre videos is great idea
  4. my gaming time is limited and i simply dont have time for unlocking stuff. for 95$ i want everything unlocked and ready to jump in MP, cause thats why i bought this game in first place. im not interested in campaign, sure i might play it some day but to be forced to play it because i need unlocks for MP is wrong and plain stupid.
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