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  1. I recommend following the steps exactly as I posted. Skip deleting the .msnbin files if you want. But use Resave All Missions in Folder not Resave All Groups... I say again use Resave All Missions.
  2. @Thad I'm not particularly ME savvy. In fact I'm down right ignorant. I wasted a bunch of time trying to load individual missions into the ME to save.
  3. Delete .msnbin files... Open the ME...that item at the bottom STEditor Go to Tools > Resave All Missions in Folder... Select the folder you want by looking in the data > Missions folder Then go get a cup of coffee or eat lunch.
  4. I've spent a lot of time testing an A-20 project (wrapping up soon) and had not seen that.
  5. Note to self: Don't GLOC the Tempest below 10,000' chasing a bandit with your nose buried below the horizon. One potato, two potato...[keep counting]...thirteen potato, fourteen potato...KABOOM!
  6. Amen brother...those things are bright at "Oh dark thirty" in the morning.
  7. @LukeFF looking for clues while continuing my research to get a better mental picture of the V/L system. I read these ORB entries. I deciphered the first highlight to read, "Melun E/W [east/west] V/L lit. One crossbar one mile from A/D [airdrome] and Arrowhead 2 miles." Apparently the Visual Lorenz system was simply what we now call "approach lights" but with extra features a bit further from the threshold. The second highlight also at Melun, I deciphered as "NE/SW [northeast/southwest] F/P [flare path] and S/W [southwest] Arm of V/L lit but no activity."
  8. Welcome. This chart from 1944 might be worth considering WRT the current 6 g GLOC threshold in the game. LOL...never had to work on your gun's defense in UPT? I think that's why in some communities it was called the "Spin and Puke." 🤢 You didn't ask me, but when I went to Brooks in 1986, I had been flying a bunch of BFM sorties as an RTU IP, ~18 in the two months prior. Our profile was different, without my g-suit inflating, my tolerance without straining was 6 g. That is NOT to say I didn't use an AGSM when I was flying. By the same token, two Gomers (F-5 Aggressor guys) both went to sleep in this test at 4 g...yes they were hungover from a late night down on San Antonio's River walk. I have subtle issues with the current model, but I never felt pain while pulling g and looking around. Got a sore neck and g measles from time to time.
  9. I had this happen ONLY when I started the mission with the power above Idle. Posted from back on 12 December in the Beta Tester Flood... Kids...ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS make sure your throttle is at idle power BEFORE your spawn in. Just saying while awaiting my transfer to the military prison at Fort Leavenworth, I anticipate an award from Herr Hitler for my 14 confirmed P-47s destroyed without firing a shot.
  10. Zweibrucken 38th TRS 1981-1984. I lived in the village of Wattweiler. I loved that place!
  11. For the record, while in the centrifuge the test subject (some were WSOs, GIBs, backseaters) had to hold the sidestick aft simulating pulling on the stick. If he/she let go of the stick the centrifuge would slow down. I know this, because I was one of them. I was able to spin up to 6 G without straining, but I had flown a bunch of BFM sorties in the previous 60 days. For the record, test subjects were generally well rested, well fed, didn't smoke, athletically fit and were not getting shot at compared to WWII fighter pilots that smoked a lot (calms the nerves), partied hard, and got shot at on a daily basis. Contemporaneous training material for the P-51 suggests pilots avoid pulling more than 4 G to avoid GLOC.
  12. Nope. Just flew a very short hop from Wasilla (PAWS) to Palmer (PAAQ) Alaska. Before takeoff weather map using Radar option for lowest tilt. There is a rain shower due west of Palmer. Line up and wait. Eastbound toward Palmer. ForeFlight map just prior to arrival. Shower has moved/dissipated to the north. On final...
  13. Well, New Orleans in in the circle. the arrows show locations with radar detect rotation (potential tornadoes). Those connect the dots show where weather is predicted to be in 20, 40, and 60 minutes from now.
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