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  1. I assume that many (most?) 1GCCFPs play this sim with the automatic engine boxes checked. I've been testing with Throttle auto limit and Engine auto control checked, but using manual radiator controls. I'm gradually getting to manual control for everything. Not being well versed with P-47, my initial take was the Clean (no external stores) performance numbers in game agreed with the published data. Can you fellas test something? Simply as independent sets of eyeballs to see if I'm missing something obvious. I'm using the last page of a PDF covering the -25 through -35 (attached) as my reference source. The configuration calls for 2 x 165 gallon tanks (green box upper right corner). Carrying these would approximate carrying 2 x M65 1000 pound bombs. How so? 165 gallons of gas at 6 pounds per gallon equals 990 pounds. Empty weight for the airplane in the Specs is 10,483 pounds. Full fuel is 370 gallon x 6 pounds per gallon equals 2220 pounds (not 3095 pounds listed in the Specs) and 2 x M65s another ~2000 pounds or there about. So a full load and 2 bombs puts the weight around 14,700 pounds before takeoff. The chart shows allowable weights from 12,000 to 16,000 pounds so we've got that covered. Right now I'm only looking at Column I in the lower left corner using Max Continuous thrust (2550 rpm, 42" MP and Auto Rich mixture) at Seal Level (S.L) and 5000', the two rows of data at the very bottom of the chart. With the auto features checked, I'm unable to get anything close to 270 mph with Max Continuous (2550 rpm and a bit more than 42" in game) at tree top height. I'm unable to get anything close to 288 mph at 5,000'. I have yet to test the power settings for 5,000' in Columns II (2550 rpm and 36") or Column III (~2250 rpm and ~34" it's blurry to me). My general assessment is the drag coefficients are off by a large margin and guys hauling iron can not achieve anything close to the historical performance in terms of achievable speed while low level. So...what airspeed can you guys get at Max Continuous power while hauling 2 x M65s at 5,000' or at tree top height?
  2. I've found this issue to be dependent on which direction the nose wheel is initially pointing (in QM use the F2 view prior to taxi). You are using the same corrective action that I do.
  3. First Team is a detailed chronological narrative like Shattered Sword versus for example Bergerud’s Fire in the Sky which IMO is a grand survey of the Pacific air war. I also really enjoyed Mark Peattie’s Sunburst.
  4. It's a story of superior airmanship...outstanding bombing skills...world class formation flying...and a little something nagging in the back of your mind, "Did I put the gear down?" @ShamrockOneFive, and @SYN_Requiem were on WOL flying A-20s. Typically Requiem kills all the targets and occasionally frags his wingman (me...). But the first sortie tonight Requiem took the lead and at my request made the first pass over the target just to ID the target since he set his bombs to a 15 second delay. Sure enough he was flak bait, but it allowed me and Shamrock to kill the guns and takeout most of the targets. Requiem's battle damage forced him to bail out due to fuel starvation just inside our line. Shamrock and I got home without a scratch. Second sortie, Requiem jumped in a LaGG-3 and Stunner joined us in an La-5. They kept a pair of bandits off of us in the target area. After a pass I came off target to see both engines overheating. Rather than climb and sort it out, I looked down in the cockpit whilst in a steep bank and conveniently drug my left wing into the trees. I'm here to tell you the Pk of the ground (trees) is close to 100%. I exited the mission and hopped back in a brand new A-20 at Agoy waiting on Shamrock's return. I heard him announce he was on an 8 km final. Thinking I'd do him a favor and record his landing, I hit record. And it was worth it. Isn't that gorgeous? Lit up like a Christmas tree and flaps down...pure professionalism. Uh-oh...hmmm "what's wrong with this picture? Anybody?" Unfortunately I was not directive. I should have said, "GO AROUND GO AROUND GO AROUND..." instead of whispering, "gear gear gear." Good news...after his first impact (bounce) he did indeed lower his gear. Now he can claim to his squadron commander and the crew chief that the gear was down but it simply collapsed. Shamrock is tricky that way. Final hop of the night Shamrock and I went with A-20s whilst Requiem and Stunner took fighters. We made sure Requiem was out in front of us (ask him about his recent two-ship in DCS with Shamrock). Here we are on final to Agoy...oh no not again... Phew...see I told you it was a story of superior airmanship.
  5. That was my take as well, it took me three attempts to get into it. It wasn't bad, just a different writing style for a grand survey compared to the others. Indeed, but how do they model the glue breaking down and spontaneous structural failures?
  6. That is a great book, right up there with my personal favorites, Lundstrom's two volume First Team.
  7. [no snark or animus implied] Do you have numbers to back that last part of your statement? I'd speculate that the overwhelming majority of the Russian speaking player base wants more Eastern Front. I'd speculate most of the European players want more ETO or something in the MTO. I'm for something that gets the Mosquito included, but I'm buying ANYTHING the Devs build.
  8. Not a specific answer to your question. The following pages are from Butler & Hagedorn's Air Arsenal North America. I skipped the pages with only photos, there is an argument to be made for the A-20G. The last two pages in this sequence are Hurricane specific serials.
  9. So back to the topic of this thread... From @Alexmarine28 A number of Hurricanes were used for air defense around Moscow, where the 67th, 429th, 438th, 488th, and 736th IAPs were equipped with the British fighter. The VVS Hurricanes in this sector were engaged both the defense of the Soviet capital and in offensive actions on the Western and Kaliningrad Fronts. In January 1942, several Hurricane-equipped regiments flew in support of the Red Army’s counter offensives outside Moscow, and a number of the Soviet capital’s Hurricanes were transferred to the South-Western Front. And @77.CountZero the Soviet military had accepted 2,834 examples of the British-built fighter. As mentioned above, initial batches were comprised of Mk. IIB models, which, along with their Canadian-built analogs (X, XI, and XII) would account for more than half the Hurricanes flown by Soviet forces. Approximately 200 Mk. IIAs, armed with eight Browning machine guns, were also sent by the British, and just over 1,000 Mk. IICs, with their four 20 mm Hispano cannon, were flown by Soviet forces. A small number of Mk. IIDs (two 40 mm cannon) were also sent to the USSR Thanks
  10. Discuss...https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/12391-229-я-часть-дневников-разработчиков/?do=findComment&comment=718214
  11. Yeah...what @kissklas said.
  12. What fake stick forces or stick limits are you referring to? Am I missing something? Honest questions, no snark or animus.
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