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  1. @Pantsy be sure to get @Juri_JS's most excellent SP campaign Night Fighters over the Kuban.
  2. Mais non, mon ami. I was a Jurassic Era fighter pilot, the INS (inertial navigation system) in the Phantom prior to ARN-101 ("Arnie") had an acceptable drift error of 3 NM per hour. The A model Viper had an acceptable drift error of 1.5 NM. All the bombs that fell off my airplane were dumb. I have an abiding love of maps marked up with black lines from one turnpoint (a nickle sized circle) with stopwatch times and an arrow with my course to the next, short perpendicular marks denoting each minute, a square to denote the IP and triangle to denote the target. Working backwards from
  3. To expand on this excellent post, there is a RL fighter pilot navigation technique of planning and flying your mission at an airspeed that is a multiple of 60. Pick one of the following multiples of 60: 240, 300, 360, 420, 480, or 540 units/h. These speeds are fairly easy to convert to 4 units/min, 5 units/min, 6 units/min, 7 units/min...you get the idea. 1GCCFPs flying US or British airplanes have a challenge of taking an extra moment (perhaps offline) to calculate "ballpark" enroute times from their base to their target. The navigation burden is made a little easier for these fo
  4. Well I'm paraphrasing my experience as a RL fighter pilot. Lest there be any confusion, my response was without sarcasm or snark. It's how I learned (and later taught) BFM. It's axiomatic, that's all.
  5. LOL...at the beginning of your video I was thinking, just tell them "speed is life...don't get slow."
  6. Or download the free PDF Fighter Combat Tactics and Maneuvering
  7. Wow...that's some very lucky single shot kills on those last two. Well done!
  8. That would be this excellent SP campaign.
  9. It’s not available on kindle in the States, but I have the hardback. A favorite read of mine. I have all the ORBs for 418 Sqdn but his mission chronology doesn’t match the official record. Nor can I find the details for the horrific crash and crew being burned alive unable to get out of the wreck. I’m working my way through all the Mosquito squadron ORBs.
  10. Patrick doesn't modify or code AI behavior. The Devs have been tweaking it for years. It's always a work in progress.
  11. Oh bugger... my bad @Bremspropeller and @ZachariasX I don't have Through To The End yet, but I reached out to the author, David Palmer to grab a hardbound copy. The book is 80 NZD and postage is another 70 NZD. I'll post more once I've read it.
  12. Aye laddie, I do. It's in my kindle Mosquito queue. I just skimmed through it. I give it two thumbs up.
  13. I'm not co-op mission savy, did you exit BoX completely or simply Alt-Tab to PWCG? The only time I have gotten that message was when BoX was not running.
  14. Oy mate...I resemble that remark.
  15. As @dburne posted, yes it can. Here's what I put in my journal.
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