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  1. busdriver

    Ju88 - Start>TakeOff

    Learn to fly the Junkers 88 A-4
  2. busdriver

    Any Chance At All Of A P-51 B/C?

    My favorite 1:72 scale Mustang kit as a kid.
  3. busdriver

    Night Flights and Lighting

    Usually the idiots not adhering to "light discipline" (to borrow a USN term) are convoy and trains. I reckon it is a compromise of sorts that no town has a few random lights. Be that as it may, navigating around Juri_JS's Night Fighters over the Kuban isn't too hard, and is immensely entertaining IMO. Night flying in the U-2VS at 100 meters and 120 kph is also fun.
  4. Just wait until you are flying a U-2 night sortie at 200 meters height and can see the shadow (from the moonlight) of another airplane on the ground. Very cool.
  5. busdriver

    U-2VS in career?

    Yes I have...
  6. busdriver

    Overcast weather

    Hold on there sport. Motodave gets the respect he shows. Constructive critiquing is not something he knows how to do. He simply lacks that ability. His methodology is simple, 1) assert that some aspect of the sim is totally unrealistic and 2) assert that he's a not only a pilot, but a warbird pilot. He's never actually told us which single engine WWII fighter he's qualified to fly. He's not the only pilot on these forums, but you might not know that. I've only been flying since 1971 with 18,000 hours. The Devs are aware of issues with clouds in the game. And as Gambit pointed out, Jason addressed his awareness and the limitations of the software once again today. It is what it is. Most folks around here are aware, Motodave...not so much. After 57 other guys have complained Motodave is simply number 58. Motodave is that guy in class that keeps raising his hand to tell the teacher she forgot to assign homework. Remember what you thought about that guy?
  7. busdriver

    Why I'm I so slow?

    Do me a favor. Fly another mission, but take three screenshots, the three I have included. One is to make sure (as RedKestrel mentioned) that your gear is up. Another is so we can see your instrument panel. And the third is to confirm that you are indeed using normal or at least have the auto-engine boxes checked in custom realism. Yep the gear is up. From upper left you see I'm at 2000 meters. Upper right you see I have 1000 mm hg (manifold pressure). Lower right I have just over 2700 rpm. Lower left you see I'm at 460+ kph. I enabled auto engine controls within the custom realism window for the above speed run. I accelerated to 470 kph with normal realism selected.
  8. busdriver

    Master Server connection error?????

    Did you get this resolved?
  9. busdriver

    Master Server connection error?????

    Genuinely sorry mate. Wish I were smart enough to help you sort this out. A knowledgeable Steam user will probably help you.
  10. busdriver

    Master Server connection error?????

    Are you starting the game with the IL-2 application (.exe) or the launcher application (.exe)? I had a similar problem last year and apparently I had been using a shortcut to the IL-2 application. Using a shortcut to the launcher, then starting the game got the game to update.
  11. That Flight Lead is clearly god's gift to aviation. He makes it look effortless.
  12. busdriver

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Yesterday evening on WOL...Requiem and I had a blast. He is a deadly sniper, and I'm usually the "designated mort." He however did not escape unscathed. His victim threw his right outboard wing at Requiem.
  13. busdriver

    U-2VS bombing

    And Gambit has the absolute COOLEST surprise for U-2 pilots. It's AWESOME!
  14. busdriver

    Why I'm I so slow?

    What is your reference source that leads you to think a WWII fighter could simultaneously fly 350-450 mph (approx 300-400 knots or 560-725 kph) AND climb with a rate over 4000 fpm? This is asked without snark or condescension. Using the P-40 in a QM flight as an example, using expert engine controls, cowl flaps at 50%, 50% fuel load and carrying a single FAB-500, I started at 3000 meters altitude. Without using Combat power I could not accelerate very much from a starting airspeed of 200 mph, so I lowered the nose to accelerate to 300 mph then leveled off. I set Max Continuous power and watched the airplane decelerate to about 260 mph shown below. Dropping the bomb allowed the airplane to accelerate to approximately 280 mph. Sure that's a small sample size, but the intent is to show you should not expect to see 350-450 mph in level flight in Continuous power. It is however very likely to see approximately 400-450 kph in German or Russian airplanes in level flight below 3000 meters in Continuous power. FWIW, in the P-40 in Max Continuous power, I could climb around 1500+ fpm at 3000 meters whilst maintaining 200 mph. Why did I limit myself to Max Continuous power? Realistically you would be part of a formation when going to war. In order to maintain formation integrity and not waste gas, you would not climb or cruise at a speed that would require more than Continuous power in order to hold that speed. In fact, if you are the Flight Lead you would set your power less than Max Continuous to allow for the assured engine performance disparities between airplanes, thus allow your wingmen to stay in formation. This engine performance disparity is not a problem in game, but if you are the Flight Lead you need to at least allow your AI wingmen some power surplus to catch you after takeoff and when cruising.
  15. busdriver

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Reminder to self...the Pk (probability of kill) of the ground is practically 100%. Made it across the river to my comrades.