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  1. I read your line about flying with and against aces, and that the implementation is only away a text file and a dedicated user. So... I have much free time over the next couple of months and woud love to help out. If you explain to me how it can be done with a text file i woud take on the task. No worrys! The historical data about the various aces i am able to find on my own.
  2. does this possibly break a mission? or is it randomized anyway where, and if you encounter aircrafts?
  3. When i got awarded with the iron cross 2nd class it really felt like an achievment.I made 2 kills in that flight, was heavily damaged so that the engine died off when the landing field came into reach. I fought with controls, trying to keep the plane in the air to make it to the landing strip.Black smoke surounded me as i finally dished the plane on the landing strip on my belly. Iron cross 2nd class well deserved, it really felt like an achievement after that experience. Today i flew a mission, meet bombers over the front line and escort them back.No enemy contact the whole fli
  4. Thanks Pat! (bows down, handing over ass with a white paper sheet) I am really happy that i can please you, not to mention how awesome it is that you take some of your precious time to nail my six °7<| <---Pat Wilson nailing my pleased emergency exit in his free time awesome
  5. did you noticed that in german career when you click on a pilots name (dont matter which one of your squad), everybody has the same picture of a girl with the text "I LOVE YOU" pretty slutty, seems like she serves the whole LUFTWAFFE as a landing field 🤣 does this possibly break a mission? or is it randomized anyway where, and if you encounter aircrafts?
  6. YES! this is exactly the issue i have! I dont understand the idea behind this? So is beeing the Deputy Commander or Commander a no-go in career if you want to actually fly a mission? pretty stupid game design... at least they coud warn you about this at the start of a new career 🤨 so commanders and deputy commanders didnt flew any missions in WW2 or what do you wanna tell me with this comment? but quiet funny anyway d(@_@)d
  7. I really enjoyed IL2 Cliffs of Dover with Team Fusion patches the last couple of years. Then i got access to IL2 Battle of Stalingrad and got through a lucky coincidence a HTC VIVE. I play IL2 BOS the last couple of months because the VR experience. Today i watched a youtube video about Dunkirk from PhilyDaily and got reminded how awesome COD was 😮 I really woud love to play it again, but since i sold my FaceTrack NoIR device i am not able to play with headtracking anymore :(( Is VR support planned for BLITZ? This woud be great news and something to look ahead to
  8. i dont know... it really needs additional work to be immersive... kinda feels out of place that arms are not moving with the flight stick. I pass on this one for now....
  9. can someone confirm the issue that in career you get to a point where you not get assigned to flights anymore? i ranked up to OBERLEUTNANT and beeing the STELLVERTRETENDE STAFFELKOMMANDANT, and since that moment i got 1 mission after 15 advanced days.And that 1 mission i only got because i transfered to another staffel... the thing is my name allways is listed in the 2nd or 3rd mission of the day, but when i advance time and the next mission is loaded in my name allways dissapeared from the assigned roster oO? its really strange, when i startet my career i got a f
  10. idiot... daf idiot.... if all people woud behave like you we gonna have to pay for every single goddam VR implementation in the end. i dont get.... idiot! goddam idiot! damn is he dumb! ....
  11. VR shoud be banned World Wide looking what it actually does to this cVRack heads
  12. listening to the guy in the vid for over 2 mins makes my agro-meter sky rocket
  13. this is my personal music playlist to create an intense enviorment for wpic battles https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIQNBykqPnSO902DXFkAJYoIgWFnfmlrO
  14. WTF!? ALIBABA stated 6 posts above yours that he found a solution to the problem but the topic is locked for some reason -_-
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