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  1. Hello, Some friends from "another sim's" squadron and I recently picked up IL2 for a more coherent WW2 experience. But we're struggling to figure out multiplayer in IL2. We're used to being able to spend a few minutes slapping together a mission in the editor and then put it up and be able to respawn. We had someone who had a little more experience help us out with a co-op match but there didn't seem to be any ability to respawn? And that is limited to dogfight servers that apparently you have to request to put up a dedicated server? Are there any good youtube videos (i searched to no avail) explaining how to do it? We'd like to be able to host our own flights, determine our realism settings, and edit the missions. Jumping into other people's servers always seems to leave something different than what we're looking for. I apologize if this is all basic stuff and appreciate any help. -Jester
  2. I am considering purchasing Il-2 Great Battles and would like to know if there are still plans for a Pacific theater? I understand it would be some time away but as it seem thread replies have been closed I'm guessing it's cancelled? A Pacific theater would get me into this game and buying its other content. Well it seems I found my answer. I'll probably end up purchasing some content to support the future development of a Pacific theater. Please know though that those purchases are a vote for that content and not future European content. Hopefully it will come in the future.
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