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  1. While I appreciate that this is an old thread, I wanted to add my own comments on this as I've just come across this over the weekend and I was even considering re-installing Windows 10 as I could not get rid of the Virtual devices added by the manager software. However in between re-installs and uninstalls, I tried removing all the registry entries with no success at removing the devices. But I did come to a realisation. The issue appeared to be down to CM Control Center. I concluded this as it only happened after I added the map to the CM Control Center program and loaded it. I also realised that as CM Control Center remembered the last loaded profile it had to either have configuration details somewhere. Removing the registry entries meant that the settings were more likely stored in an ini file. With that I did two things. 1. Deleted the .map profile from My documents. 2. Set about looking for the .ini file. Most programs will either store settings in either the program directories, or in %APPDATA%\ or %LOCALAPPDATA% - Note that these environment variables are specific to the current user. I found the files in question in %LOCALAPPDATA%\CH Products\Control Manager\ Data The two files in there are: CHCtlMgr.ini History.dat Both files are text files. The ,ini file contains the startup settings [CurrentMaps] CurrentLoadPath=C:\Users\timdu\Documents\EliteDangerous.map CurrentMapPath=C:\Users\timdu\Documents\EliteDangerous.map [LoaderOptions] StartAction=2 LastMode=1 While the History,dat file contains a history of loaded maps. EliteDangerous.map C:\Users\timdu\Documents\EliteDangerous.map I suspected that if I deleted the files they would be recreated the next time I ran Control Manager but with the default settings. (i.e. No maps and no History) So I first closed down CM Control Center and Control Manager. Then I deleted the files. On relaunching CM Control Center, I noted that while the Mapped Mode button was still grayed out, the Off and Direct Mode buttons were now enabled. Which was the default state of the software as there was now no map loaded. The final step was to recreate the map file and put the system into mapped mode. This once again allowed me to use the joystick and throttle combination properly. While I can't say that I won't have the same problem again, but so far since Saturday I have been able to play Elite Dangerous with the previous binds I've set up. So at worst this is a temporary fix that can be re-applied. I will post back with an update in about a weeks time. Hopefully this will help anyone else using CH Products Joysticks with Windows 10. I'm using Windows 10 Professional Version 1809 Current Build 17763.253 Again apologies for resurrecting an old thread but I do hope this proves useful.
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