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  1. Truly a work of art! Alan
  2. Thanks for the skins Julian. Will use them in the Panzerknacker campaign. Alan
  3. Thanks Devs for the update! This is one first class operation! Alan
  4. Thank You Obelix! Very much appreciated. Will Be using these wonderful skins in my PWCG campaign. Alan
  5. Does anyone know if this skinpack is still available for download? Seems the original link no longer works. Thanks, Alan
  6. I notice this too. I must say, after only completing the first two missions, I am enjoying you campaign immensely! Thank you so much for your effort!!! The airfield environments are so alive with various aircraft, vehicles, and the occasional ground crew walking around. Are there any future plans for more Hs 129 campaigns? The 129 is now my favorite plane to fly in this sim. Alan
  7. Having a blast with this campaign! Well done! Having just completed Mission 5.
  8. Redglyph, I found Requiem's videos to be an excellent resource. Thanks for the tip! Alan
  9. Just finished the second mission. Wow! Very intense action. Had my right rudder shot off and didn't use enough rudder trim which caused a rather rough landing. I must say, I really appreciate your mission briefings. Seems like you are a natural story writer. Your story telling transports me from the here and now, to the artic cold of the1942 Russian Front. Looking forward to continuing the campaign. It's obvious a lot of hard work has gone into this. Thanks! Alan
  10. I just bought Battle of Moscow DLC today specifically so I can enjoy this scripted campaign. But before I give it a go, I have to learn how to fly the BF 110! Just by reading the post in this thread, this campaign truly looks epic.
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