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  1. Problem solved, for credit card that is. Just a few minutes ago, I went through the purchase again. I made sure that pop-ups and third party cookies were enabled for Xsolla. When I got to the checkout, I added my credit card as a form of payment. Sure enough as they stated, there was an amount less than a dollar that they use to add the account to my profile (based on e-mail from il2 site). I checked my credit card site, and the small charge was there. There was no way to return to the purchase so I tried it again, and sure enough now the credit card was an option for payment. I went through the purchase and it asked me for what the amount of a small charge was. I went to my credit card site and saw a second small amount, and entered it. The purchase looked like it was going through... but no... the same problem I had last night. I started another chat with their technicians, and this time, a technician called Angela helped me. She was much faster than the other ones that worked with me yesterday. She came back and said that she had removed restrictions (something that the technicians yesterday also told me to do) and to try again, and that I did not need to provide the "code" which appears in the charge that goes to your credit card. I told her that I never received a prompt for the code, but she told me to proceed. I re-submitted the purchase using my pre-entered credit card information and this time it went through, and immediately the information showed up in my il2sturmovik.com profile purchases. Unfortunately the chat window disappeared before I had a chance to thank her for her help. I went to the Xsolla site and started a chat with their support. The content is below: At the end of the session, I gave it a thumbs up (unfortunately yesterday, both were thumbs down, but in honesty, I did not have my problem solved, and today it was). I called my credit card company and told them that the charges were legit. Anyway, it was still frustrating, but they will work with you. On the positive side, they seem to be keen on cutting down on fraud and identity theft, so that is good. I hope this can be help to somebody else trying to use a credit card.
  2. Storebror, Thanks for the reply, I'll try the cookie option later on. Just venting some frustration, because I enjoy the series, and I want to help the developers. Both technicians were over chat. They took a while to respond. For both of them their final comments were: For the first technician, a female, she closed the session without my problem being solved, after leaving me hanging for a while (she kept on insisting for me to send an e-mail with my PayPal transaction, even though there was never a Paypal transaction that went to paypal; I also sent a screenshot of my credit card at their request through a direct upload link she put on the chat window); for the second technician, a male, he eventually stopped responding to my questions after saying they had removed restrictions (which did apparently did nothing because I had the same result, only the charges for the 2nd and 3rd trials never made it to my credit card). I tried calling the support number but they asked me to leave a message. By that point I was ready too frustrated to continue, so I posted here. Yeah, maybe I had bad luck and I'll give it a try again later, after a bottle of scotch... a really large bottle of scotch. Cheers. Added: I am going through the Xsolla help area in their website to try to see if I can resolve this. (https://xsolla.com/gamer-support/#card_1). They talk about the processing system and what causes problems. Like I said, I will give it a go later. I also did contact my credit card company to let them know that I'll be trying the purchase again and that if they see multiple charges (because of Xsolla's verification), that it is legit.
  3. UberDemon

    The IL2 store

    Yep... same problem here, using credit card, paypal, and chatting with Xsolla tech support. Nothing worked. I am trying to support the developers but their choice of e-commerce partner is not letting me. When you have that many people having problems, I hope someone pays attention. It would be a shame to lose business because of that.
  4. This is not a user problem. This is squarely on the service that the IL2 team decided to choose (Xsolla). I have spent the last 3 hours working with their team and they have not been able to solve this. I am trying to spend $175 to support the IL2 team and enjoy the new features, but I cannot do it through their interface. I can't use PayPal (had same problems described above) and cannot use VISA. I've had the purchase denied 3 times ( I monitored my own credit card site, and in the first time I saw the less than a dollar charge and the full purchase, then they were removed, then pending, then removed). I had two useless technicians try to help me, including sending a picture of my credit card (minus some information that was blurred) and nothing. I and my family successfully complete purchases on Amazon, Etsy, and other online dealers on a daily basis with all security features with no hassle. A small developer would benefit from a system that works. This is frustrating, period. And there is a point in which it should not be "a user to solve" issue. If you are paying for something, then it should be a "provide service" issue. Right now it is a fail, no other excuse. I want to also clarify that I have made 11 purchases since 2013 in this site, with the same credit card, and never had a problem. So no the problem is not in my end.
  5. I was having problems with this joystick (namely getting the throttle to work). Once I downloaded the latest drivers from Thrustmaster, it worked perfectly in BOS/BOM/BOK. Figured someone would be interested. https://support.thrustmaster.com/en/product/tflighthotasx-en/ The file name from the site is "2016_FFD_4.exe" Click on the arrow by the Drivers option then you should see the red Download button for Unified Drivers Package - 2016.FFD.4. UberDemon/danzigzag uberdemon.net
  6. Wow, this is getting better. I need to get re-acquainted with this.
  7. My first choice is always the P-39; I just always liked it. The Airacobra was like the Daffy Duck of US fighters... it was not well understood by the American fighter pilots (for the most part that is, not all), it had no respect, and it was grossly mis-recorded by pre-1990's Western sources when it came to its Soviet use. I still run into people that continue to state the P-39 was liked by the Soviet pilots (solely) because it was a great tank-buster (and it had reliable radio equipment). When I quote newer historical literature and talk about the wrong translation/interpretation of what close support to troops meant in the Soviet documents (that is, protection of ground troops which is something like intercepting enemy aircraft so that the friendly soldiers are safe), I get weird looks. Still today I play that first P-39 mission from the first Russian demo of IL-2 where you take off during rain to intercept a formation of 4 Ju-88s. On the other hand, the P-40 and Hurricane are both relevant in the Eastern Front, so I'd like all represented.
  8. Thank you. That is the plan, albeit with a quieter voice these days.
  9. Since I wrote UGMG, I'd like to provide just a small clarification. I started writing UQMG when I was still Beta testing the original IL-2, as well as doing some other things on the side for Oleg at his request. He encouraged third party developers. I released the original UQMG not too long after the release of IL-2, and then it was a matter of updating it as IL-2 updates came, with major overhauls when Forgotten Battles, Ace Expansion Pack, Pacific, and eventually 1946 came out, but it typically followed the major releases without too much delay, so it was not exactly years, it was a part of the series pretty much from the get go. The same was true of Starshoy and Lowengrin's work... they came fairly soon after the original IL-2 release. I got some peer help from Starshoy who provided me my initial list of mission object codes (particularly regiments) he had obtained from Oleg's team, and his engine was eventually incorporated into the sim. I can't remember exactly when Lowengrin released the first version of DCG for IL-2, but it was not that long either. As far as QMT, I did some brief work with Shift_E to do some integration between UQMG and QMT and that came a little later. MissionMate also came a little later. I am not trying to compare BOS to IL-2 1946 to be clear, just saying that hobby/independent developers, given the time, resources and information can turn supporting applications pretty fast, adding to the appeal of stock applications. I realize that as I get older and life gets more demanding, I have less time, and I am an awful example of expediency anymore since it has been a while since I updated UQMG... but there is a new generation of coders out there who could come up with some awesome applications. BOS is really looking good BTW. It is taking a little getting used to but it is impressive. Still asking forgiveness from the wife for spending money for the premium license...
  10. Greetings, This is one of my first post on this forum and I apologize if this topic was already discussed (I did a search and did not find anything on this). I have the deluxe early access version so I started to look into the control settings. Under Weapon Controls I saw a few features which peaked my interest, namely: Ctrl + ~ (Put away flare/personal gun) Ctrl + [1 through 4] (enable flare gun of 4 different colors) Ctrl + 5 (enable personal gun) Fire flare/personal gun (the default does not work well because it fires the aircraft's main guns... so I suggest something like Alt + Z) I am not too familiar with RoF so I can't comment on how this relates, but at first, when I tried to use the features above, they did not work. I finally figured how to get them to work, but it seems the features could be much more interesting... in any way this is what I found out: You can only use the feature (Ctrl 1-5) when the cockpit canopy is open, whether on ground or flying You can only fire from first person view, or cockpit (F1); in outside view (F2), I could not make it work You cannot use the feature when in parachute (when you land on your feet you can't use the flares... this does not quite make sense though... ) Personal gun feature is not enabled... so no personal pistol/weapon as of yet, just flares Within the cockpit, an arm appears with a gun and you can use mouse of joystick POV to direct arm... then you fire using proper command... I suggest mapping Alt + Z for personal flare/gun. If you fire the flare inside the cockpit, you will have repercussions (broken gauges and glass) From a paying customer point of view, I hope the development team continues to develop this type of feature... a personal gun would be nice... I hear the team is not going to model infantry and that is too bad... it would be nice to see something like the old "WW2 Fighters" infantry feature... plus if you had some elementary ground movement, that means you have a fighting chance to not get captured. Just thoughts, but this is promising. Below are some pictures:
  11. I am truly amazed at the little details... the firing sequence on the engines... the pilot breathing... the amazing graphics... the vehicles (leaps and bounds from where the original IL-2 static moving vehicles were)... little by little I am getting more excited about the full release. The price for the deluxe early access was a little stiff, and I had to sweet talk the lady, but I got it... plus I realize this is a niche market, etc... glad to help the developers, but the price is a concern nevertheless.
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