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  1. Thanks for the effort guys, Sadly I decided to return the Reverb, With a bit of a double feeling. I did some further troubleshooting with a friend of mine, whom is having the same issues with his Pimax. After some debate I decided to stick with a properly working CV1. I have left that in the box to ensure I don't feel the scare of the lesser quality screens in the CV1 coming from the Reverb.
  2. Hi Gordon, Thanks, I'll reinstall SteamVR for WMR tonight! Alex
  3. Hi All, As a Rift CV1 user, I decided to upgrade to the HP Reverb a few days ago. In terms of resolution definitely an upgrade, so I'm very much impressed with this HMD. However I am getting some shady FPS drops which I just can't explain. First of all my rig: Intel I8400 2.8-4Ghz RTX 2070 8GB 16GB ddr4 2666hz SATA SSD installed windows+ IL2 HP Reverb And some settings I use: HP Reverb: 90Hz SS180% (Will try to set this to 100% and see what happens) Steam VR: 60HZ (I cant seem to adjust this anywhere, and googled unsuccessfully why this happened?) SS180% (Will try to set this to 100% and see what happens) IL2 Settings: Monitor resolution 1024x786 Landscape normal Shadows low Mirrors Off HRD Off AA off SSAO off My normal FPS, in for example "Missions" Mig 3 scramble (airfield defence mission vs BF110's) I get 60 FPS no problem, sometimes dropping to 45 FPS. I do however have issues on the Single player campaigns, for example Havoc over the Kuban with the A-20, but also with all other Single player campaigns. Havoc over the Kuban is one of the examples that I start on the strip with 30FPS, this is steady and doesn't ever go up until I am in air. The higher I fly the better the FPS goes, if I look up into the sky it goes up to 45FPS maximum. But when flying low on 30FPS it is simply unplayable. In order to try to fix this, I have tried the following: Set all options to the above described, without any noticeable difference, it is said turning some options off, grants 3-5 FPS per option, But im still stuck at that 30. Could it be something is forcing this FPS from the Reverb, or Steam VR? I'm confident that the more activity in the game, the lower the FPS gets. But reading a lot of your stories, I understand my findings do not overlap with yours. I have read that, IL2 is a very CPU intensive game, and that I can only use a single core? Is this still the case? With that in mind, I decided to purchase a monitoring tool for FPS, CPU and GPU. I ran this in the Havoc over the Kuban single player campaign and observed the following: FPS 30 average CPU 33% in use (constant) CPU latency 15-20ms GPU 50% in use (constant) GPU latency 15-18ms RAM 9GB of 15 GB in use The tools marks the CPU and GPU latency as orange, so this might be a bottleneck. However the usage of the CPU 33% (doesnt comply with 1 core, since I have a 6 core CPU) is not high, and the GPU (50%) is not high either. The same accounts for RAM, nothing special there. I'm just wondering if I'm overlooking anything here, to be honest I'm kind off lost here. Hopefully any of you can be of help with the experience you have. Thanks in advance, Alex
  4. Just ordered the 650,- pro version, looking forward to trying it, no consumer version available in NL by the looks of it...
  5. Hi All, I have been looking at the forums for a while now, time to contribute something now. Ive been playing IL2 GB for about a year now, having grown up with MS combat flight sim as a 90's kid always gave me an interest in the genre, I have tried the original IL2 Sturmovik but back then I was too young to take it serious. I do remember the stuka tutorial which was amazing. Years passed and on a random sale I decided to buy BoS last year. What an experience! Somewhat shocked of the learning curve and aircraft controls (my first flight on the Bf109 F4 dove right into my ground target as I tried to pull out at 650 Kph...) , I picked myself up and kept practicing. Watching the Air-combat tutorial video's, reading the IL2 forums and reading up on actual flight and aircraft techniques was super interesting! Not to mention dogfight tips & tricks , basic fighter manoeuvres ! After a few months of reading up, I made an entry into the VR world, which was a completely different world for me. After getting the Oculus Rift, setting it up with all your forum tips I never ever looked back. The experience just can't be explained if one has never used a VR set. The amount of control, freedom is unparalleled . Although not perfect graphically wise, the feeling you get when you are actually IN an aircraft weighs out the imperfections of VR. 140 hours of gameplay later: I have yet to scratch the surface of this sim, I have barely flown half of the available aircraft as of now, I'm now flying mostly fighters in all kinds, learning their specific strengths and weaknesses and adjusting tactics to them really takes up a lot of time! I recently bought the most beautiful aircraft, the JU-52, what an aircraft! It was surprisingly not what i expected in terms of performance, but what an aircraft! Hauling supplies to the Stalingrad from, dodging I-16 fire whilst running on 2 engines. Leaping home in my Bf109 while I have lost half of my wing, even crashing on the Russian steppes even losing my crate is a great experience. Not to mention me diving into a formation of bombers with cannons blazing! And now BoB came out, with Holland (My home country, missing Dordrecht as a City though!) as a map, With aircraft that are incomparable to anything I have ever flown, the experience is about to become even greater! And I havent even tried multiplayer yet! Special thanks to all the people participating with making tutorials, forum posts, single player campaigns (I loved them all) and anyone else making the community great! Ill be sure to do my bit in time as well! Ugh, just ordered a HP Reverb just for this game Alex
  6. Do you by any change have a link to this 500,- pricetag? In Hollands its 650-680 euro's, and I'd love to order one!
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