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  1. the planes actually flown that route not back to base all died im reinstalling right now
  2. No Armour less then half fuel no bomb, low ammo but 4 20cal. i flown it a lot before and it doensn't fly like at all as it used to... the whole game is just weird so i think it could be a bug and reinstalling might help. and its all the campaigns. this is the kuban acmpaign... i should take off in anapa...
  3. I have troubles with the campaign mode. the routes make no sense at all and always start of the map and nowhere near my home base. Also the flight characteristcs of the fw 190 has change drastically for me its a really bad now. The maneuverability is completely trashed even if i only slightly pull at high speeds i get vibrations and and lose speed drastically. I haven't played in a while but i didn't have those problems before did they change something or should look into reinstalling the game?
  4. well thats some thourough testing thx alot mate!
  5. i had a hunch but im a bit confused because firstly the 109f4 followed me and the calculater i found set it at 440mph which is too fast haha is it modeled correctly in the game? yes i did forgot to mention so it does model it but not with most detail? i pulled up a online calcultor but the results of that would be way too good (over 440..) well ok in this case i used conversion improperly then can you educate me because that would be about the speed i achieved (a hunch faster with 75 percent mixture and with the bubbletup though also stripped of all weight)
  6. so i think the p 47 comes off really badly in this sim... its really a flying brick and the 50 cals seem to do not as much dmg as they could. (but 20mm are just better and its not like they are peashooters like smaller calibers so i think this is fine). what bothers me the most is the slow speeds at high altitudes at 9000m i only get at 250 mph max of the promised over 300 true airspeed i varied prop rpm fuelloads and even stripped off machineguns to get more speed. am i doing something wrong or is this sim just kicking the p 47??
  7. thx very much thats actually quite cool i will try more high g maneuvres then... i tend to avoid them because the pilots go to sleep so fast and its burns energy like crazy but in this context i could be worth it
  8. ant even stay away from bf 110s there... even with low fuelloads now thats something i did not know they have g suits?
  9. lol i actually like the p 40 in the game... i dunno why though.. yeah i know that but with the turning... it just doesnt ?? i also take low fuel loads and sometimes even remove machineguns(but then why fly a thunderbolt if you cant do the 8 machinegun stream of doom) i havent yet met a plane i can even keep at distance (not flee from it) when climbing.. i tried it in il2 shturmovik and in wings of prey and i loved it so much yeah it still doesnt turn but it had grunt in the engine and was a way better platform in these games and in warthunder they also seem to claim its
  10. is the thunderbolt really as shit IRL as in the game? because if yes those poor pilots that had to fly these things... or is just because you are in simulation and not do proper teamtactics?
  11. yeah i get that but there were still 9ts left... aslo it seems illogical taking the plane from a pilot that hasnt screwed up his? I havent had a scratch in mine im im just not flying it anymore
  12. i started i yak 9 career got to fly it once and now the game only gives me the yak 7 to fly... which yeah ok maybe the squadron doesnt have alot of them but whats the point of doing that career then?
  13. Can somebody pls make the 50 cals work in that game? especially the mc 202 ones the damagemodel is off. no plane can take sustained fire of 50 caliber machine guns especially not on the unarmoured tailsection. theres a reason those guns they wee used so much in world war 2 by most nations. but being a small annoyance surely is not the reason the mc 202 is unplayable in this game and also not represented as it should be, its like this thing is only equipped with peashooters (which i can se for the 7,7) but the 50cal is clearly under performing by a huge margin. I have shot those guns, they don'
  14. mate i dont now where that "accurate modeling" comes from i shot mg irl also 50s... they go through that engine block no problem what so ever and one shot lets an engine die i dont dont know where the "accurate" modeling was there also i shot a il2 in the tail all my ammo... if you shoot a tail in the plane with two 50cals not matter how weak they are that tail is absolutley shredded and unuseable... not after wone shot like with a 30 mm but after 100drs?? that think is going down... and yeah i know how to aim thanks very much i also dont spray and pray those shots hit you see how they hitits
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