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  1. Yeah that's what they ask for. Quickest way to do it is to record a large amount of them in one go (recommend stick to one 'level of excitement' per run) then pick a piece, cut it and paste into a new window. I also recommend setting a keybinding for 'export' so you can just select with mouse, then hit Ctrl+X, N, V, E (I set 'export to .wav' as Ctrl+E).
  2. Ran through a set last night, sent a link in PM Hard to resist the urge to channel the 40s lexicon. Damn and blast it, Jerry's got me! It's no good old chap, my leg's stuck and I'm headed for the drink. Bad show. Kindly inform next of kin.
  3. Do you still need more British voices? I will record a set tomorrow if so.
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