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    20th century military history. UK railways 1835 - 1995. Blues, Pop & Rock music 1953 - 1990.

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  1. Battle Of Normandy COD Blitz Hurricane MKII Not interested in the Eastern Front.
  2. Knock $20 off the pre-sale and i will buy it, but $10 is not enough of an incentive.
  3. Lancaster, Liberator and Halifax. Shocking ommisions from a WW2 flight sim, particularly with Normandy now on sale.
  4. Because i am not made of money and i have other games that require some of the small amount of spare money, i have available.
  5. I hate the english with a vengeance. Anyone playing them, get's my automatic support.
  6. How long ago was this introduced. I haven't use anything from the game, since May 2019. Last time i played Tank Crew was then and trees were imovable objects, stopping T34's and Tiger's in their tracks.
  7. Please fix the fact they cannot bulldozer trees, not even the small ones.
  8. ETS2 & ATS, purchased everything for both games and haven't stopped playing since 1st August.
  9. Haven't visited the forum since August 3. A lot has been done, so well done the devs.
  10. It's the only bloody atitude. My money, my decision and my choice.
  11. Other = Battle Of Japan, fire bomb the hell out of it. But as there are never going to be any decent bombers, in game. It's never going to happen.
  12. No Mossie no more IL-2 purchases for me.
  13. Anxiety, depression, agoraphobia, social disorder, OCD. Medication for the last 20 years, i know where all you boys are coming from. Mike.
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