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    20th century military history. UK railways 1835 - 1995. Blues, Pop & Rock music 1953 - 1990.

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  1. Many thanks for all your hard work Oyster_KAI. Particularly for the Hurricane updates, which i purchased yesterday.
  2. C'est la vie, you win some and you lose some. Wouldn't buy from Steam, as i prefer to support the developers directly.
  3. Purchased the Hurricane, didn't notice any 25% discount. Store purchase @ $19.99
  4. Drive cars in ETS2, there are plenty of car mods.
  5. SP for me MP is unrealistic and i am not really an MP player in any game.
  6. I wanted to vote for one, not interested in the first group of 4 as they are all EF. Yet i am not allowed to leave those blank. I voted for Hell Hawks,
  7. 2 inches i can actually see the enemy then.
  8. Thanks very much buddy, great work.
  9. Just added Normandie to my collection after reading what the latest updates were. Thanks very much developer boys. 😎
  10. Yes please, knowledge is power. Your CLOD guides are excellent.
  11. Prefer a Lanc and a B24. I find the Libby a much more impressive heavy bomber than the 17
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