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  1. Yes please, knowledge is power. Your CLOD guides are excellent.
  2. Prefer a Lanc and a B24. I find the Libby a much more impressive heavy bomber than the 17
  3. BoF & BoB period, Hurricane all day long. Skip the middle and then June 1944 - May 1945 Western Front only.
  4. I am not trying to make any point. Just replying to idiotic posts that seem to think i should be a slave to the developers. Wether or not i come here and post my thoughts, is between me and the moderators and the devlopers. Nothing to do with any other forum members. As a paying customer i have as much right (not more) as anyone else to post my opinions. If you don't like what i say, put me on your ignore list. It works for me with quite a few members.
  5. I did ROF a favour, i bought all the aircraft for it. Much better than FC even with dated graphics. But WW2 Western Front is my interest really, in regards 20th century air and ground war. I only purchased FC, BOS, BOM & BOK. To support the developers. Never flown any of the Russian aircraft. So i have made more than my fair share of unecessary purchases.
  6. You might have money to throw away, but i don't. FC1 is less than stellar and i would much prefer development money be spent on another WW2 theatre. Even expanding the ground war with the new Normandy module.
  7. Battle Of Normandy COD Blitz Hurricane MKII Not interested in the Eastern Front.
  8. Knock $20 off the pre-sale and i will buy it, but $10 is not enough of an incentive.
  9. Lancaster, Liberator and Halifax. Shocking ommisions from a WW2 flight sim, particularly with Normandy now on sale.
  10. Because i am not made of money and i have other games that require some of the small amount of spare money, i have available.
  11. I hate the english with a vengeance. Anyone playing them, get's my automatic support.
  12. How long ago was this introduced. I haven't use anything from the game, since May 2019. Last time i played Tank Crew was then and trees were imovable objects, stopping T34's and Tiger's in their tracks.
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