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    20th century military history. UK railways 1835 - 1995. Blues, Pop & Rock music 1953 - 1990.

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  1. Because choice is a wonderful thing and so is free will. In fact my earlier answer is academic. As BoX has not been installed here for over a month.
  2. No pissing here, i just do not enjoy them. I'll get my coat.................................
  3. All the links are broken for me, buddy.
  4. I don't enjoy or like any North American steam. To big and ugly for my tastes.
  5. The dead horse post is just symptomatic of some of the members on here. That somehow think they are superior in knowledge and value. To the community than the rest of us plebs. My opinion is you cannot have a serious WW2 combat flightsim, without heavy bombers. Particularly the BOBP section of the game. Where 4 engined heavies would have been present, even if not directly involved in said campaign. No heavy bombers ever, is a game breaker for me. I will just drift away and play something else. Uboat early access is quite entertaining at the moment.
  6. Started last week.......................... 1914: Voices From The Battlefields.
  7. Proper job boys, excellent updates.
  8. The few multiplayer games i have tried over the years, no one seems to take them seriously. Different types of game from RTS to FPS, so i tend to stay away from playing MP and just do my own thing. Plus i am not to good at any of them, so i tend to get killed pretty quickly. 😄 😄 Mike.
  9. TC is the only module i play, but i am not interested in MP.
  10. No FC or BOBP for me until the maps are released. I only play TC and have done for weeks.
  11. Definitely enjoyed the mission thank you. Must try and complete it and then try the other version, with the PzIII-m. Thank you for all your hard work, Thad. Mike.
  12. Great stuff Thad, harder than last time with more Soviet defence. Drove myself off the bridge, what an idiot. 🤣 🤣 Really good buddy and loads of fun. Mike.
  13. Thanks very much buddy, very much appreciated. Mike.
  14. No worries buddy, i keep everything in regards transactions online. I am pleased to see you got it sorted out. Mike.
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