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  1. Mouse control stops working with my Tobii eyetracker for some reason. Is anyone using one of these?
  2. Nobody replied to my previous so let me try this one. Can anybody tell me what the key binding is to control the turret of a tank?
  3. Hi guys, I got a Tobii eyetracker yesterday after seeing that TrackIR doesn't seem to be available anymore and not being willing to fork out for a VR set. My question for the panel is has anyone managed to get proper control of a tank turret running VR at the same time? I have tried to follow the instructions to install JoyToKey and have mapped what I think was tank turret control (is it pilot head snap view or something?) to my joystick BUT it slews around like a b*st*rd and is unuseable In fact trying to using the Numpad keys seems to control the turret but the thing has a mind of its own even with keys. I have had a good look at the keymapping in settings of the game but cannot find anything that is specifically "turret" so am only guessing that "pilot snap view" or whatever is the setting is what I should be altering. Before I installed Tobii I always used mouse for control of the gun and it could be tricky from time to time but I could rotate or elevate more or less the desired amount but now it's rotate 15 degrees leeeeeeeft..hey come back here gun! Anyway, I hope someone can help. Or at least put me out of my misery and tell me that Tank Crew is not playable with VR (of a sort) other than driving around looking around A
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