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  1. Good morning/evening everyone I'd like to join a UK/UE timezone squadron who fly Royal Flying Corps/RAF aircraft in a healthy mixture of roles. I almost exclusively fly on Combat Box and Finnish Virtual and occasionally on Flugpark. Let me know if you need fresh blood. S
  2. Very true von Tom! Flying as German these last 5 months I have learned to be patient. My natural instinct after years of duking it out in nimble Russian fighters on War Thunder was to attack as soon as I saw the enemy 😁
  3. Good evening/morning folks Can any of you help with an error I've been getting allot over the last week? I'm in-game when my Quest 2 screens go black and I'm taken back to the Quest lobby with a "PC Disconnected" message. I check my monitor and I've gotten: OpenComposite Error OVR Call failed, aborting. Error code: -6000 Descr: HMD no longer present I've had the Quest 2 since November as was getting crashes to the Quest lobby when I was playing through SteamVR and assumed that was the problem. I switched to OpenComposite and the probl
  4. Good morning folks, I play almost exclusively on the Finnish Virtual Pilots server which is very challenging but great fun. Over the last week I have had a fairly regular problem when it comes to firing the guns of the fighters I'm flying. At least 4 times I have gotten into great firing positions only to squeeze the trigger (I have mapped 'Fire All Guns') and for nothing to happen. I have triple checked that ammo is selected before launching and over the weekend even test fired my guns before and even early in the flight to make sure they are working. Usually these early tests wor
  5. Hi mate, are you still flying? I've recently, today in fact, left a squad so am looking to move on.
  6. Hi guys, I have filled in the application form, twice, because I realised my current handle wasn't suitably German sounding I have also registered on your site under Gustav Thomas, my grandfather's name, what do I need to do next? I couldn't tell where to post a "Can I play too?" post.
  7. Salute everybody! Are there any UK or European virtual squadrons who take part in the excellent Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War looking for new cannon fodder? I've been playing it for the past couple of weeks and it has finally dawned on me how important having a wingman and team mates is! Also I've only just gotten into using a VR headset so have no idea how to communicate with other players other than voice comms. I'd only feel comfortable using those with folks I know so it's time for me to join up or I continue to watch the cinematic of my Spitfire suddenly goi
  8. Mouse control stops working with my Tobii eyetracker for some reason. Is anyone using one of these?
  9. Nobody replied to my previous so let me try this one. Can anybody tell me what the key binding is to control the turret of a tank?
  10. Hi guys, I got a Tobii eyetracker yesterday after seeing that TrackIR doesn't seem to be available anymore and not being willing to fork out for a VR set. My question for the panel is has anyone managed to get proper control of a tank turret running VR at the same time? I have tried to follow the instructions to install JoyToKey and have mapped what I think was tank turret control (is it pilot head snap view or something?) to my joystick BUT it slews around like a b*st*rd and is unuseable In fact trying to using the Numpad keys seems to control the turret but the thing
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