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  1. Migoto mod is not a factor, VRSS area is the same with the mod turned on or off.
  2. On OG Vive I have something similar to Fenris_Wolf - a thin vertical band where the VRSS is visible.
  3. Frames with High Clouds: Avg: 133.750 - Min: 95 - Max: 232 Frames with Low Clouds: Avg: 141.878 - Min: 98 - Max: 238 Motherboard: MSI MAG Z390 Tomahawk CPU: 9600K CPU Freq: 5.0 Ghz L3 cache: 9 MB RAM type: DDR4 RAM size: 16 GB RAM Freq: 3200 MHz RAM Latency: 16 GPU: 2070 STMark: 3011
  4. I tested WOL with the HUD off and unfortunately I have to withdraw my confirmation. While the spiking is reduced with the HUD off, it is still significant. First graph is flying in WOL with HUD off. Second is WOL lobby (hangar view).
  5. I too can confirm turning off HUD in multiplayer clears most of the stuttering for me. Single player with HUD has almost no stuttering. The frametime graph is from Berloga with HUD on.
  6. I have the same problem and I suspect most of the users complaining about stutters since last patch do, too. I haven't tried the Ju88, but my graph when flying 109 and 190 is similar to yours, only the spikes go much higher than the regular frametime. Like yourself I have been trying every imaginable fix for the past two weeks without success. The spiking is more pronounced in multiplayer. I use OG Vive on Win10, i5 9600k & RTX 2070.
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