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  1. No, I was saying that if you make a fast and precise pass, you can take down the Peshka. But if you make a 10 senconds pass, you get too exposed, and you get killed
  2. OMG, that's really long !!!!! Whit the setting I have only played with difficulty and "front activity" I think it was called ... Realistic was always on.
  3. I also want the posibility to inspect my plane, even if it's with fixed cameras. In multiplayer, normally external views are not allowed, and I would like to make a vuisual inspection before take off, for checking rockets and bombs.
  4. I started my first career in Moscow, and I got captured after 5 or 6 missions ... That's perfect, I just found the settings I want for my career, now I'll create a pilot that I really care about him. How long does it take to finish the Moscow Career ?
  5. You should ask =LG=Coldman how he does it, he got me down getting only 0.05% dammage from my turrets ... https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=20618&name==SFF=_cercataa
  6. I wonder if that's what happened IRL ...
  7. This is my first TAW, and I'm wondering how this could work before the 3 lifes limit ... What avoided "suicide" pilots from entering and making anything ? My first day was really a shock, I died 4 times and game over. That gave me 24h to think about my strategies, and why they didn't work on this server. Since, I didn't die again. I like this 3 lifes system, I think it's what difereciates the most this server from the others. Sometimes dying is a question of bad luck, but dying 3 times, I think is a problem of Strategy
  8. Technically It was similar, someone else were doing the job. Legally it was different ...
  9. It sems that once you get negative, they put you a 24h penalty, and they add +1 live at the same moment, not after the 24h penalty. So you never see the live counter <0 on the web, but it reached negative values
  10. Good idea, but if they do that, I guess we wouldn't see a new TAW until 2021 ... seems complicated.
  11. Of course they were involved, for making something on DCS you need their aproval, it happens on every 3rd party module. If not, you'll not have the tools for it. But it happened something similar to the Hawk and Veao ...
  12. Normandy and WWII planes were finished by them and ED, but it was started by someone else, they abandoned the project, and because some people already bought it on Early Access, ED hired Ugra-Media to finish it. Ugra-Media makes much better maps if it's enterely their project. Initial Project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/508681281/dcs-wwii-europe-1944?lang=es And RRG Studios is in fact from PRC.
  13. For me actually: WW2: IL-2 After WW2: DCS I bought the DCS Normandy map on a sale, just for soppurting them, maybe in some years we'll have something solid on DCS for WWII ...
  14. No probem, I'm patient, no Rush, with DCS and BoX I kill my time !!!! Just curious about it :P
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