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  1. So we better close the forum, because anything we say can distract developpers ... not only speaking about VR.
  2. There was no activity since September 20th until some days ago. I just saw activity here, and asker for an update ... and you were already moaning And telling us that if we don't like simulators in 2D we are shit
  3. So asking every 3 months if there are any news on VR is polluting the the forum, but your hate speech is not ? You have achieved an incredible "Streissand Effect" with your post ...
  4. I see activity here, but no news regarding VR support, isn't it ?
  5. Why support HOTAS if not the whole community is ussing one ? The whole community would benefit from the income generated by the sales of people that will buy it if it has VR.
  6. I'm not asking you and other people to play on VR, we are just asking the if we ask the DEVs to add VR, there is not a huge crew comming saying, adding VR is waste of time, better add another thing. That doesn't happen with other request from minoritary groups.
  7. I'm so tired of people saying not to add VR because only small percentage of people uses it ... There are many feautures that are only used for a small percentage of people in fligh sims, and I never see people bashing it when they suppor it ... How many people use multipleyer in BoS ? How many people uses dedicated hardware like the things RealSimGear does ? I never saw people opposing to support of exotic hardware in flight sims ... why so much hate to VR ?
  8. It worked, thanks. But it's very sad we have to do this when the game meshs it up, and you don't wanna replay a long mission you consider yo did correctly I wonder what % of users will be able to do this
  9. I'm not disappointed, but I only fly on VR now, so I'm not gonna expend 60$ on a product where VR is not their priority, until it has at least some basic VR implementation Good luck with the project
  10. Who said that ? I wanna see videos of the closed Alpha !!!!
  11. I guess the DEVs are even more eager than us to release, that will mean money for them ...
  12. Lo que hay para probar de tanques en BoS es el Tank Crew ? Está actualizado ?
  13. El mapa va a ser el mismo que el de DCS ? Parece que Ugra Media se hizo con los derechos de ese mapa, ya que los de Eagle Dynamics dijeron que era cosa de ellos si decidian actualizarlo para los cambios en su Terrain Engine ...
  14. Acording to a recent interview with the Asobo CEO, there are 120 people from Asobo working on FS2020, 20 people from Microsoft, and some more Third party, and the third party numbers are expected to grow a lot.
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