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  1. In other games a little, but in this one, performance improvements are huge for me with OpenComposite
  2. When Oculus Link launches I'm gonna try this and DCS to see if it improves the CV1 ... I have my cable ready :)
  3. P-38 or P-47 are lovely, but very differents beasts, so I see no sense to compare. The P-51 and the Tempest yes, and at the moment I like more the tempest, I feel it has more maneuverability, and keeps a lot of energy in the turns. But for making a fair comparison, I should play with both a lot, to compare fire power, accuracy, range, durability taking impacts, etc ...
  4. That also makes me think s something related to the 3.201 version. I was just trying to start a coop mision before the update, and it worked ok, but my friend couln't start the game because he launched after me and the update was required. So I had to update, I launched the mission after the update, and I got this problem. So I think is better doesn't waste his time with this. We should report a bug here, ut I haven't never played a coop mission succesfully, so I'm a little confused: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/89-technical-issues-and-bug-reports/
  5. Brief description: New Fighter AI is suicidal in 3.201 Detailed description, conditions: Career Mode, Realist, Normal dificulty, Medium Activity. The new Fighter AI is amazing, seems much more realist, but they often die crashed. It happens to my team-mates with Mig-3, and to enemies with 109 F-2 and F-4 It seems like they faint because they push to hard on the stick and are affected by the new G system. 80% of fighters die icrashed n different type osfmissions.
  6. Yes, coop, it happens to me, and it happens to my friend too, and also with the new version. But it also happens with the "Complex Cooperative Mission" that comes as an Example with the game, so I think 1C broke the coop
  7. Do the missions work with version 3.201 ? I was just trying with a Friend, and just the update arrived, and now when I choose a plane inside the game, it stays "loading forever".
  8. Yes, I was asking that, good to know it's in the pipeline !!!!
  9. Am I high, or the Bodenplatte and Arras maps are "contiguous" ? Is this a coincidence, or they are planing something ? Does the Bodenplatte area have some interest for WW1 ? Because the No mans Land is further to the south ...
  10. That's not a downside, more fun doing it Thanks for the tips
  11. 5.0 and Tobruk will come toguether or on different dates ?
  12. You should try OpenOVR, it improved 10-12FPS for me. https://gitlab.com/znixian/OpenOVR/blob/master/README.md You'll need an OpenComposite.ini file with: supersampleRatio=1.7 enableAudio=off
  13. Yes, that's what I meant by complicated, you have to use the real radios of the planes ... configure frequencies, change channels. It's awesome, but you need a clickable cockpit, knowing how does the radio works on each plane, etc. I don't see that for IL-2 ...
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