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  1. =SFF=_cercataa

    Why is career online only ?

    That's easy to do with SQLite ...
  2. =SFF=_cercataa

    Rift-S underwhelming

    Yes, but they inflated the price, same price than Quest but no 835, no battery, no Disk, and cheaper display ... I'd recommend it for 300$ If they wanted to ask 400$, they could at least left the headphones on it ...
  3. =SFF=_cercataa

    Hypothetical VR Problem

    In the Steam version you have the choice to launch it flat, or VR, so in the standalone version you must have a command line parameter to do so, I guess
  4. =SFF=_cercataa

    VR Development: any priority changes?

    Offf course, in 2019 still many people listen to the Radio instead of watching TV ...
  5. =SFF=_cercataa

    VR on low Tier PC; A Review

    Yes, comercial VR is gonna make 3 years soon ... and it's amazing what we have now !!!! 2nd gen is gonna blow our minds !!!!
  6. =SFF=_cercataa

    Tactical Air War

    It seems like some people only enjoy by exploiting the game and ruining it for the rest of people, that they only get fun if they remove the fun from the rest, if not, I don't understand.
  7. =SFF=_cercataa

    CAP/Hunt missions are brutal in VR

    In DCS there are some nice ones, since you are in tension, sometimes you have to depart the CAP zone to engage an enemy incomming. Here there is no BVR, I wonder if something similar could be achieved in WVR
  8. =SFF=_cercataa

    Tank Gunner in VR - Anchor Point

    Yes, it's not well done in VR .. no rush, but it would be nice if the improve it a day
  9. =SFF=_cercataa

    Please fix the NASCAR AI.

    Yeah, don't stop everything, but improve that AI :)
  10. =SFF=_cercataa

    DCS news

    It was this spring, so yes, the dealine must be the 21st of this month
  11. =SFF=_cercataa

    DCS news

    It now seems it's gonna be a standalone game, instead of module like FC3. The latest news is an interview with PC Pilot https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=228251&highlight=MAC BTW, I'm quite new to DCS, and before starting I though the same about Nevada, but now I'm excited about making some red flag or aggresors campaigns, like real pilots do before going to the battlefront If you look at the previous article, you'll see they are spliting it in 2 layers: The simulation engine UI Layer DCS: Access to everything MAC: Everything simplified If they do it well, it could bring a lot money from people looking for arcade gamming, but scared to play DCS. In fact, you can already make DCS arcade, not only with FC3, if you look at the options: Cheat Controls, Simplified flight model, Game Avionics Mode, etc ...
  12. =SFF=_cercataa

    84 slots, we need more

    Being only 5% of the users means there is a lot of grow potential for the multiplayer, many customers could come if the hear de multi is amazing ... so they must have this as a long term goal :)
  13. =SFF=_cercataa

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    They say that, but then, they will ask for GPS too 😅 I'm wondering, if you make the targets too close, then it would be imposible to intercept bombers, isn't it ? And when on a Bomber, you lose the tension of being intercepted, scanning the sky, etc ...
  14. The Axis AI now makes boom and zoom, or I dreamed it ?
  15. Bien bien ... nosotros volaremos rojo y os espiaremos por aqui Bueno, el plan era de volar rojo si era en Febrero, pero para Junio/Julio que es cuando parece que será al final, igual cambiamos de bando !!!!