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  1. Well, We ran out of good ideas. So I threw a bad one out. Science.
  2. Is DvD code for firing the instagram machine back up! There's some really near behind the scenes stuff there also!
  3. Come fly on Finnish tonight I'll dip into the gin, I promise several shenanigans, and no work related questions.
  4. Looks gorgeous, can't wait to fly my Griffon around there, and do some night ops in the flying piano. Has any tweaks been made in terms of the graphics to help FPS? Understand if it's in the no comment not ready situation. Looks very detailed so I'm curious how hard it's going to hit us performance wise! Or is it about the same as Velikie?
  5. I'm absolutely devastated and betrayed... 😄 In other news. Tried to wrangle a few friends in. Maybe they make the jump
  6. I could run it on my i5/1050 laptop but couldn't manage any high details
  7. I hope they modeled that in. But seeing how 109s lack that violent prop torque I don't see it happening. Turn circle is the same. Handling is different though
  8. Outperformed 109G series in every way, Had same turn circle as the Spitfire IX, just a much beefier engine. 109K unless flown very smartly is in deep trouble with these coming, because she's very strong. http://www.spitfireperformance.com/spit14v109.html
  9. We have speculated the fuel system changes would potentially help with the DM issues. More things to burn in some ways. There was a a pretty fair understanding across the board that any DM changes prior to its release would essentially cause more rework after. One concern that was raised is the potential for the cannon aircraft to become even stronger then they already are. But thats in the wait and see pile. Well all love the series and the product. Sometimes the die hard fans are the worst ones to deal with. Anyway, I can leave this
  10. While I understand that they are quite busy with a bunch on their plate, the flat out refusal to even discuss anything has me wondering if my pre-order of Normandy was wise. I'm in the .50 is broken camp. But I don't think there would be a fix for a while due to current project load. This isn't a case of people being fan boys or demanding laser death beams either. Fortunately I really like the Mossie and Spitfire, but they both have machine guns also that are going to be dreadfully under powered. 😕
  11. DWD? Was that a Dark Wing Duck reference 😄
  12. Sent Jason a track with AAA shooting at a friendly invisible plane and me getting shotdown by invisible enemy.
  13. Will do my best to provide one, Is there anything else that helps?
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