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  1. With the amount of invisible crap hiding on the maps, The speeding away will be quickly met with a disabled truck and partially dead crew!
  2. I'll try to dig it up. Thanks for mentioning it
  3. Superb post. Very scientific in your approach! Thank you for your efforts!
  4. I haven't dabbled much with the single player. Tried the canned campaign and didn't love it. I do have a ton of fun on Finnish virtual. It's kinda neat because it starts early war and makes its way through. There's probably a group that flies specific missions you can jump in with. I know when we had our 5 ship of iL2s in formation scraping the trees one of the younger guys was absolutely delighted with it. "My level of immersion" was repeated a few times! I think any of the campaign's that can be purchased are quite well done though.
  5. Was refering to total player counts, I agree. 4000 on a map would be impossible! COVID completely dumpster fired my supply lines and cost me 30G last year. I cannot WAIT for it to be history! Good info on the server side stuff, I don't have much knowledge of all that so it's nice to learn more. My favorite part about war thunder is how cities would have flak hidden in them. So you'd be attacking a convoy then surprise! 88mm popping around you!
  6. Dumbed down in sense of resources Not ability. Instead of having each gunner be modeled as individual AI, have one AI control all guns and give the player the ability to control one if they choose. It changes nothing in single player ( well it would allow for heavy bombers I guess) and it decreases server load in multiplayer.
  7. Warthunder is making money hand over fist, and I know people suggest that it's because of the joystick aspect but when FS2020 dropped they literally sold out everywhere. I think the community is out there, it's just a matter of getting players interested in it again. I'm curious in iL2s case if it's utilizing multiple cores or not? Could they alter the engine to shift the load on the CPU side of things? This is out of my league knowledge wise but I'm sure it can be improved upon.
  8. I never had the chance to play WWIIOL but isn't it much simpler then iL2?
  9. Ah you're one of those single player don't mess with my experience because the AI might get better then me, aren't you.
  10. Denum

    How many?

    It's kinda ridiculous that it's been messed up this long. I swear the single player don't make any noise because you just have to breath on NPCs with .50s and they just crash. Unless I was miraculously getting PKs left right and center.
  11. There's a difference between making money and MAKING money. 200? Try 4000+ at least... Even if they released a multiplayer upgrade for 40$ I'd buy it. Single player isn't fun nor is it challenging. I whole heartedly agree But I'm not expecting something for nothing. I'm willing to pay a little to get a little. Even at 50$ for the multiplayer upgrade, it's a small price to pay for the hundreds of hours I'll get out of it.
  12. If iL2 wants to make money, multiplayer is where it's at.
  13. You find me a game that can handle 200 players vehicles on a map. I wouldn't mind seeing the AI dumbed down a hair to allow for more AI vehicles and stuff on the ground to make the war feel more alive in multiplayer, and some simple heavy bombers. But I doubt things are so simple.
  14. PS, rough math at 10,000$ per plane gets roughly 130 (maybe less depending on overhead) hours of dev time each. Probably isn't enough 😉
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