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  1. Hi Goffik, ok, this afternoon I will try. Thanks! Ciao! Marco
  2. Hi Goffik, I done as you suggested, all Ok!! Thanks a lot! @Rowdyb00t: Fantastic mod!! Congratulations! Game seems to run more smooth now Ciao! Marco
  3. Hi guys, there is a way to have the same VR view in the monitor also? Now when I use the headset in the monitor I have a double view. Is possible to have only one (for a hypothetical spectator)? Ciao! Marco
  4. I Goffik, ok, this afternoon I will check in the graphics folder if there is the "sky" folder. If not, I will try as you suggest. Ciao! Marco
  5. Hi Rowdyb, I tried to istall "data" folder in my Mods folder and then activated it by OvGME but I not saw difference, so I cancel and I tried to install "sky" folder by OvGME and clouds seem to be changed. I made right? "sky" folder is the correct folder to activate by OvGME? Thanks! Ciao! Marco
  6. Thanks! I will try soon as possible! Ciao! Marco
  7. Thanks Orlok! Another quick question: I use OvGME as activator, the folder to activate the clouds is "sky", right? Ciao! Marco
  8. @rowdyb00t :yes, I know, I am really stupid but where is the link to download the mod?☺️ Ciao! Marco
  9. Looking on internet for VR setting, I found this article and relative video. Perhaps many of you know it well but maybe others could be interested about. Is for HTC Vive but some informations about Steam VR can be usefull for other headset also, I think. video: Ciao! Marco
  10. Hi guys, I have VR about ten days and I am not an expert, but I have noticed the same behaviour as Yardstickfb. Without clouds I have 90 fps steady, but when I set clouds , even at the minimum level, my fps drop to 50-60. Next time I will try to test rowdyb00t's mod to see if I can have improvements. Ciao! Marco
  11. Hi guys, I managed to set my desired cockpit position as suggested by Dburne; do this directly in VR I found it more difficult.Now, in the 109F-4 I have the desired position. I setted graphics options also as suggested by Peregrine7 (https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/28660-vr-tips-and-tricks-improving-your-vr-experience-updated-5thjun18/) for "look good and still get good performance", but non completely. I didn't understand where to find "manual override" and " game resolution" in Steam VR. Could someone give me a screeshot, please? Yesterday I tried some flights with clouds or without clouds and fps changed accordingly. With sky clear/no clouds I has 90 fps steady, while with clouds fps drops 40-50 and sometime graphics go jerky. How could I solve, please? Many thanks for all you help! Ciao! Marco
  12. Hi guys, many thanks for your suggestions! 😀 This afternoon I will try to set haedset in the desired position. Ciao! Marco
  13. Hi guys, well, I installed WMR for steam and I done the setting suggested by Gordon200 and done the first flights. Very impressive! This being my first experience with virtual reality these are the impressions I had: Colors: less bright than monitor; they seem a little faded. Is possible to obtain more bright colors? Position in the cockpit: I seem to be sitting taller than normal. The impression is to have the head in contact with the canopy. Maybe I wrong the initial setting of headset? Gunsight: the brightness is rather weak and I find it difficult to follow the target. FPS: it is the green number in the high right corner, right? With monitor I had 50 or 60 fps, with VR I have 75-90 fps, is ok or is wrong? When I flight close terrain graphics go jerky. I read this thread and in the next days I will try to set as suggested: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/28660-vr-tips-and-tricks-improving-your-vr-experience-updated-5thjun18/ If you (surely) have suggestion, please, let me know how I can improve this amazing experience with VR. Many thanks! Ciao! Marco
  14. Hi Gordon, ok, this afternoon I will download and try WMR for Steam VR. Many thanks guys! Ciao! Marco
  15. Hi Chiliwili69, I have not a Steam IL-2GB, I bought the three modules directly on the IL-2 store. In this case also I need to have Steam WMR to play IL-2GB? Ciao! Marco
  16. Hi Jarg, sorry for my silly questions and doubts....I had not connected the usb3.0 togheter the dp....☺️ Now I must to understand how to play in IL-2GB....maybe for you is a very silly question but for a beginner is hard to do....☺️ Ciao! Marco
  17. Hi Jarg1, I tried both, first the dp and then the usb 3.0. I have not switched on the handles, I using the headset only... I have dp 1.4 and HDMI 2.0b https://www.nvidia.com/it-it/geforce/graphics-cards/rtx-2080/
  18. Hi guys, the headset is arrived and I start to install it follow the instructions, but almost immediately I stopped.... I update IL-2GB, win10 and then I try to install the headset in Mixed reality portal but the app tell me to ceck the cables and try again. I do this several time but without success.... What am I doing wrong? Is my first experience with vr and I do not know what I have to do. You can see my pc config in my signature. Many thanks for all your help.... Marco
  19. Thanks for info airsheep! I see on Amazon it cost about €545, while on Derekenwinkel at the end it cost about €670.... But I don't know how many time I could wait for it if I buy it on Amazon... Ciao! Marco
  20. Jarg1 How long did you wait from order to receipt item? Ciao! M
  21. Oh my God! I badly wrong the place to post my request.... I apologize for my mistake! Could an admin move my post here, please?: Thanks for your reply Jarg1! Ciao! Marco
  22. Hi guys, someone has ever bought the Reverb here on amazon? https://www.amazon.com/HP-Reverb-Virtual-Reality-Headset/dp/B07R768KJP Ciao! Marco
  23. Thanks for your opinion guys!! 😀 Can be said "the winner is: HP Reverb!" Now I must find a reseller for this item. The Italian HP store said to me the headsets take about a month from the order receiving, at best....😒 Amazon could be reliable? Ciao! Marco
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