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  1. In my previous installation of IL-2GB I finished the Stalingrad campaign with over 550 kills, all with Bf.109F2/4, no marks on map only track and my icon plane, no marks on external, real carreer, difficulty hard, front-line activity dense. I am not an "experten" but only training. In dogfight if you lose sight of your enemy almost surely you die. Training and again training, eyes always on target, well-knowing of your plane and if you are at a numerical disadvantage e&e (escape and evading). Maybe a new headsets could help a lot. Ciao! M
  2. Hi, I hope some good skinner feel inspired to make a new skin about I./JG52....🤞
  3. 🤣🤣 Almost right....it canghes automatically about every 10 minutes...
  4. Hi, I have Installed Icon Shepherd and now icons are steady in place. Many thanks!! Ciao! M
  5. Hi actionhank1786, I./JG52 had this group crest: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:I-JG52-ins.svg In internet I found this pictures and profiles: https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/germany/aircrafts-2/bf_109/bf109-i-jg-52/ https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Bf-109F/JG52/pages/Messerschmitt-Bf-109F2-Stab-I.JG52-Johannes-Wiese-Katwijk-Russia-Sep-1941-0A.html https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Bf-109F/JG52/pages/Messerschmitt-Bf-109F2-Stab-I.JG52-Johannes-Wiese-Katwijk-Russia-Sep-1941-0B.html Maybe from this profile is possible to obtain some other camo for the same group: https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Bf-109F/JG52/pages/Messerschmitt-Bf-109F4-2.JG52-Black-2-belly-landed-being-checked-by-several-Luftwaffe-blackmen-01.html https://live.warthunder.com/post/666632/en/ https://www.axiswarprize.com/panels-and-emblems.html https://jg52.ucoz.com/photo/1-0-4-3 https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Bf-109F/JG52.html https://www.scalemates.com/it/kits/iliad-design-48017-messerschmitt-bf-109f--273316# Hope this help. Ciao! M
  6. Many thanks Ninja!! This afternoon I will try it! Ciao! M
  7. Many Thanks Ninja!!! I am waiting for it! Ciao! M
  8. Monitor 1920x1080, Steam VR settings 150%, 2704x2648. Before the new installation of IL-2GB and Steam VR, in the previous one, I had the same settings but with all icons...
  9. Hi guys, after the new installation of IL-2GB and various software, when I launch WMR for Steam VR, icons disappear from the desktop and those that remain change places .... What is it due to and how can I solve it? Thanks for your help! Ciao! M
  10. Hi guys, I am looking for I./JG52 skins for BoM campaign, but I not found anything. Do you know if is it possible to find skins about this gruppe? Thanks! Ciao! M
  11. Hi guys, thanks for your replies! Maybe a silly question, but, why you are talk about temps and LC? Maybe my values are lower than those possible with a pc like mine? Yesterday I de-select SSAO and HDR and I played with 52-56/92. It is a good result? Do you think I should to OC my rig? @Dutch2: many thanks for info about my MB. I will read the information and watch the video to see if I can learn more about my rig. Ciao! M
  12. Yep, it is possible.... This is the improvement of my rig, but apart the CPU it is substantielly the same, with the same cooler system: https://www.pcassemblati.eu/pc-gaming-extreme-i9-9900k/1030-pc-gaming-intel-i9-9900k-hdd-2tb-ssd-m2-512-ddr4-32gb-rtx2080-super-8gb.html Maybe as said by Dutch2, at 47x the heating throttling back performances. But it seem to me there are not a great differences in fps...or not? Ciao! M
  13. Hi folks, well, after all the tribulations of the previous discussions, last week I decided to uninstall and reinstall all over again. Unfortunately I hadn't saved the command and button configurations, so I had to remap everything. Not an impossible thing but maybe there is a configuration file that would have avoided me. I left the default graphics settings in the game and set the Reverb to 150% in the Steam video settings. Through IXTU and following the advice of a friend of mine, I tried to understand if it was actually convenient to overclock the CPU. I have pinned some values both as fps and as FOV (I think it is the figure below the fps in the figures at the top right): 36x --> 50-52/92 42x --> 53-54/92 47x --> 46-48/92 Then I tried a couple of QCs with 16 planes and heavy weather. These are the values: 47x -> 44-52 (highly variable) / 92 36x -> 44-47 (much more stable) / 92 To see the results it seems to be better at its native frequency of 3.6 GHz than at 4.7 GHz, so I decided to leave it like this and try to improve the graphics. Then I will also re-install OvGME and enable the mods, more realistic clouds, skins and akenkreuz, to give more historical realism. Crossing your fingers now everything seems to be back to normal and it's really exciting to see it again! If you have any suggestions let me know, please! Ciao! M
  14. Hi 69th_Panp, yep, mine I9900 too worked with boost to 4.7, but in this last period I had a lot of issues as explained above. So I de-activated all boost on bios and I tried to manage overclock from IXTU. I started from 36x and now I reach good results with 42x. Performances are not as on April, but I hope to end the Stalingrad campaign. I am on January 5th and I have not many missions to play. Then I will re-install all, IL-2, SteamVR, WMR for steam VR. I hope to come back to good performance with a new fresh install. Here some stability test at 36x, 40x and 42x. Temps rise from circa 65°C/36x to circa 80°C/42x: Fps too are not even the same. For exaple, yesterday I played a first mission with 38/42 fps with peaks of 44, but immediately after, in a second mission I played with 20/22 fps. If you have some suggestions let me know, please. Thank you for your interest! Ciao! M
  15. I had the opposite result.... Continuos crash every time.... However I'm glad someone is happy with the new improvements 😀
  16. Hi RedKestrel, thanks for reply! My monitor is a Samsung S27C350, res 1920x1080 ref rate 60 Hz. Thanks for explanations and suggestions. Onestly I cannot understand why I have these issues only with Il-2 and when I playing with DCS or P3D all works fine. For example, when I playing with DCS and I use Steam fpsVR, I see that GPU works heavy, but I never had a crash. The same happen with P3D. Maybe IL-2 is an ultra heavy game for a rig as mine? Keep in mind that I played without problems until April. Then the problems started in early May, but I always played with the same settings. Then something changed but I don't know what .... Next days I will do some stress test on GPU, system memory and disks to see if they have issues with heavy load; I will also try to do as per your suggestion and I full uninstall all, IL-2, Steam, WMR for Steam, etc... I hope I can solve somehow ... Ciao! M
  17. Hi guys, I just finished the mission where I was nailed for quite a while but ... in 2D, no VR. Everything went perfectly. No jerky or limping, no freezing or crashing. All absolutely fine. The indicator in the upper right corner has been nailed to 60/91 all the time (it was 32/92 in VR). Could it be a software problem between WMR, Steam VR and HP Reverb? How could I solve it? I also noticed a curious thing (actually it's been a while since I noticed it but I didn't give it any importance): when I connect the Reverb and WMR start, the internet connection drops immediately, and when I close WMR it starts again immediately. Then after several attempts both the internet connection and WMR work regularly. Many thanks for your help! Ciao! M
  18. Hi guys, yesterday I did other tests and I also checked in the BIOS. With IXTU I set the multiplier to 36x and I made a benchmark before and after. Needless to say, those numbers are like Arabic ....: I rebooted and entered the BIOS to check the CPU frequency and RAM: Then I went back to windows and ran a stress test for the cache which went well (about 2 hours). Also in CPUID the frequency was correct at 36x .... at the beginning of the test: In the end, however, he had returned to 42x .... I also tried to relaunch a mission of the campaign on Stalingrad with IL-2GB, which I have been stopping for for about a month and a half, but also this time the game first got freeze and then I had to restart with ctrl + alt + del because not there was no way to get out of that situation. I also tried with DCS, setting the graphics and VR to the maximum but everything went well. I saw with steam fpr that the GPU worked a lot, almost 97%, but I didn't have any problems. Maybe is it appropriate to reinstall IL-2GB? Ciao! M
  19. Hi FlyingH, I really dont'know that.... However on an Italian forum (https://www.tuttovola.org/index.php?topic=8532.msg54505;topicseen#new), an user pointed out to me that my CPU seems in overclock. As I said in that forum, I have "Intel extreme Tuning Utility", but I never used it and I really don't know how to do to overclock the CPU. Is it sufficient to bring the slide back to 36x to return to the cpu factory settings? I tried to slide back at 36x to see what happen but I not applyed due to the warning message. Thanks for all your help! Ciao! M
  20. Folks I started a new discussion of these issues here: I think is a more specific room for this kind of sicussion. Ciao! M
  21. Hi guys, I move the discussion in this section because I think is more indicated for these kind of issues that are not specific of VR. The previous discussion is here: A few minutes ago I tested cache with AIDA64 for three time and I always had crash. Here some screenshot of the tests: Next days I will test the remaining three item of the stress list, system memory, local disk and GPU. I have not experience of these kind of test, so I ask, for your experience till now wich kind of issues have my rig? Many thanks for your help and suggestions! Ciao! M
  22. Well guys, yesterday I started a series of tests with AIDA64. In first I stressed all components and I had it right away an hardware failure. As you can see cores temperatures immediately rise to around 100 ° C. So I started testing individual components one at a time for a couple of hour. In the pictures the start and the end of the test. CPU: FPU: CPUID: Some benchmarks: In the next few days I will continue to test the various components to see which one is causing problems. Do you have some suggestions for these tests? Ciao! M
  23. Hi guys, many thanks for your suggestions and help. Next days I will test some app to see how my rig respond to stress test. I found this app also, AIDA64 (https://www.aida64.it/prodotti/funzioni/diagnostica-hardware ), who allows to stress several or all components simoultaneusly for a couple of hours. I hope it's just an IL-2 issue and not an issue of OS....🤞 Ciao! M
  24. Hi guys, the blue screen of death happen when I had crash during campaign missions or quick combat, in any case when I playing IL-2GB. Never experienced during the only use of windows. There is a way to stess windows to have a blue screen of death to verify if in thruth I have issues with Windows install? Ciao! M
  25. Hi guys, thanks for your replies. @dburne: I playing usually with IL-2GB and DCS but crashes happen with IL-2GB only. I tried to wring to DCS neck but till now I have not been able to causing crash. I thought to re-install IL-2GB, even if this will make me miss all the missions of the Stalingrad campaign.....As a second option I could to re-install Windows, but I will try to do everything possible to avoid it. @54th_Hashashin : I bought mi pc last year on April, €2100....you can see the specs on my signature. Is no time to bought again a new pc....😬 Do you have crashes with the new pc, also? Both with IL-2GB and DCS I play some quick combat (IL-2) and free flight (DCS) with fpsVR active to see the main values. I play with SteamVR SS at 188%. I have almost even the same values for both game: GPU 70°C / 98% - fps37 - RAM 7,6/8 CPU 60°C / 8% - fps 39 - RAM 6,2/31,9 As I said IL-2 crashes and with DCS I am not be able to crash it. I'll try to jump on a multiplayer match to see the performance.... Ciao! M
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