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  1. It is true and almost obliged. When I start VR I must to have headset disconnected. If it is connected and I try to start VR from Steam, the app doesn't find the headset. So I must: connect the headset and immediately WMR starts itself, then I start VR from Steam and it runs ok, then I start IL-2. In this time I use beta version to test motion reprojection. Ciao! M
  2. As I said here in my previous post about VR, once tried VR, I think is very very hard to come back to 2D...IMHO.... Ciao! Marco
  3. Marvel


    Ok, thanks Meplanes !
  4. Marvel


    Hi Meplanes, the zip file in the first post also contains the collection of all the other effects? Ciao! M
  5. Hi Rowdy, I installed v7 and clouds are much better now! Thanks for your efforts! Ciao! M
  6. Thanks to III/JG2Gustav05 for these beautiful skins! Installed as suggested by Skywarp, all works fine! Ciao! M
  7. Ok, thanks Skywarp, this afternoon I will try. Ciao! M
  8. Thanks Skywarp! Ciao! M
  9. Hi III/JG2Gustav05, thanks for this set of skins. I am playing III-JG3 on Stalingrad front and these skins will be very useful! To install these skins I must to use OvGME or JSGME, right? Ciao! M
  10. Ok, I think is a good choice. From what you hear on the net Oculus, Reverb, Pimax and Index are the most quoted... Ciao! Marco
  11. Hi guys, thanks for replies! @YoYo: no, I haven't reprojection issues, I am just courious to see the differences πŸ˜‰. The only issue with Steam VR is a very annoyng flashing when IL-2 load the campaign missions. I think is a overlap from the IL-2 mission loading and the purple load screen of Steam VR.... This is started to happen from the last Steam update... @wju: I know the "nota bene", and often I fly with hud off. I don't knew "nota bene 2" but I will try soonest! πŸ‘ Ciao! M
  12. Hi Rani, yes, is a mini display port. What kind of VR headset do you think to buy? I think Reverb has a mDP adapter in the box. I will check later if you wish. The Reverb request a usb3.0 port also. Ciao! M
  13. Hi Rani, I think the laptop could be ok for VR, is similar to Adonys one, but as YoYo said check if GC has the DP. Ciao! M
  14. Thanks Capt! πŸ˜€ Next I will try to set motion reprojection on "motionvector" and to disabled it, just to see the differences. Ciao! M
  15. Hi wju, I followed the instructions in your link above and I installed WMR for SteamVR BETA. Then I enabled motion reprojection adding the line "motionReprojectionMode" : "auto", as per instructions in your link. Before I had 85-90 fps steady, and after I have 42-50 fps, very often steady to 44-46 fps. It is correct in this way? It was this the pourpose of the motion reprojection, less fps with the same smoothiness? It seems game run smooth. I tried a combat with 16 planes over kuban summer maps, clouds mod and corrected skins activated, it seemed to me that everything was going smoothly. Ciao! M
  16. Thanks for info, wju, I need WMR for SteamVR BETA before.... 😬 Then I'll try to follow their instructions.... Ciao! M
  17. Hi wju, I have my settings in this way, it is ok? Ciao! Marco
  18. Me too have the same issue as you described after the last Steam update. Really very annoying 🀬. I hope Steam can solve the issue. M
  19. Thanks for info 71_st_AH_Macro, I understand. πŸ˜€πŸ‘ Just a question: why I have not IL-2 BoX in my applications tab? Ciao! Marco
  20. Hi guys, yesterday I set SS both at 180% (2160x2112) and 188% (2208x2160) either I choose the 188%. I also set HDR off. The improvement was obvious: definition and details have improved and performance has not been affected (circa 65 to 90 fps). This afternoon I will try to set AA to x2 as Chiliwili and Thewarsimmer suggested. Do you suggest to keep only video SS at 188% and set other slides, SteamVR, SteamVR Home, at 100%? Ciao! Marco
  21. Ok, so will I move the slider till obtain 2160x2160 or the closest values, right? M
  22. Hi Ironk79, well, after I tried VR I think is almost impossible for me to go back to 2D. One thing is to fly looking at the cockpit, one thing is to be in it (IMHO). As you said are personal preferences... Ciao! Marco Sorry for my silly question mate, where can I found settings for SS res in Steam VR? Could you post a screeshot, please? M
  23. Hi guys, thanks for your replies and suggestions.πŸ˜€ @all: why I have not "IL-2 Sturmovick BoS" in my Steam VR settings drop-down menu? @Pre : my monitor resolution is 1920x1080 and game has the same resolution. How can I set 2160x2160 as you suggest? @peregrine7: ok, I will try to set anti-aliasing and others as you suggest Ciao! Marco
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