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  1. ha ha ... yes it's true! I found it. As you suggested, it works great! Once disabled at the beginning, it never reappears. Thanks mate!
  2. Thanks for suggestion mate! But...where can I found the headset proximity sensor? 😬 Ciao! M
  3. It disabling the mouse. So I must to hit ctrl+alt+canc to return on the keyboard, then I press win+Y to re-enabling the mouse and then I close the ctrl+alt+canc windows to return to the game... Disabling win+y I would avoid all of this.... Ciao! M
  4. Hi guys, there is a way to disabling permanently the WIN+Y function on VR? It is very annoyng and during the game I must hit ctrl+alt+canc to disabling it. Thanks for your help. Ciao! M
  5. Here some pictures and a video of my throttles v2 with AS5600 sensors. Ciao! M
  6. I used AS5600 hardware programmer because I am not able with handly hall sensors programming. Here the video for AS5600 settings. I used sensors on my throttles with 70° excursion range. Hope these help you. Ciao. M
  7. Thanks for the appreciation guys! I used Eval Kit and the software included in. Without eval kit I think you can't program the Hall chip. You don't need the rotary knob support (I programmed the chips directly mounted on the gimbal) , but you need the configuration box. I had also made a video for the programming....if I can find it I will post it... I'd like to make it but I don't know what to use for force feedback or how to design it... Ciao! M
  8. I tried motionvector several weeks ago but the performances were really poor, so I continued with motionReprojection Auto. I tried to delete the second motionreprojectionmode but nothing happened, now I have the same performance before used motionvector for the first time. It is not a problem because performance are good, only a mystery motionvector no longer works as before.... Ciao! M
  9. I don't know....Do you think the problem is that?
  10. Hi guys, me too have the same behaviour. After Steam update motion reprojection no longer works as before. Motion reprojection indicator also no longer works as before. Here mi settings log: { "driver_Holographic" : { }, "driver_Holographic_Experimental" : { "motionReprojectionMode" : "auto" // Motion reprojection doubles framerate through motion vector extrapolation // motionvector = force application to always run at half framerate with motion vector reprojection // auto = automatically use motion reprojection when the application can not maintain native framerate "motionReprojectionMode" : "auto", // Automatic motion reprojection indicator to display the mode currently selected // green = off because application can render at full framerate // light blue = on because application is cpu bound // dark blue = on because application is gpu bound // red = off because application running at less than half framerate "motionReprojectionIndicatorEnabled" : true, // Motion indicator size and position in 0-1 space "motionReprojectionIndicatorSize" : 0.015, "motionReprojectionIndicatorXPosition" : 0.3125, "motionReprojectionIndicatorYPosition" : 0.3125, // Some people may experience increased discomfort such as nausea, motion sickness, dizziness, // disorientation, headache, fatigue, or eye strain when using thumbstick controls in Windows Mixed Reality. // // Setting thumbstickControlsMoveEnabled to true may cause application compatibility issues "thumbstickControlsTurnEnabled" : false, // true = use thumbsticks for artificial turn, false = default application thumbstick behavior "thumbstickControlsMoveEnabled" : false, // true = use thumbsticks for artificial move, false = default application thumbstick behavior "thumbstickControlsReversed" : false, "thumbstickTurnSmooth" : false, "thumbstickDeadzone" : 0.25, // During some transitions (typically entering Home), controller events start accumulate and the system has difficulties to catch up // Settings a mximum age for a contoller input allows ensuring that the events queue does not grow indefinitely "obsoleteStateMaxTimeInSeconds": 1.0, // Disable DX12 support "forceDisableDX12": false }, "NoInterEyeRotation" : { "battlezone_dx11.exe" : true, "battlezone_dx12.exe" : true, "DOOMVFRx64.exe" : true, "Fallout4VR.exe" : true } } I think is correct, but it doesn't work as before. Now I have FPS as before motion reprojection, around 55-60 fps during fly and 90 fps when no flying. Ciao! Marco
  11. Hi Clyber, sorry for my late reply, I see your post just now. For the Hall sensors I purchased these: https://ams.com/AS5600 https://ams.com/search#/AS5600EvalKit https://www.digikey.it/product-detail/it/ams/AS5600-SO_EK_AB/AS5600-SO_EK_AB-ND/5066879 https://www.digikey.it/product-detail/it/ams/AS5600-SO_EK_ST/AS5600-SO_EK_ST-ND/5066880 https://www.digikey.it/product-detail/it/radial-magnet-inc/9049/469-1075-ND/6030786 https://www.digikey.it/product-detail/it/radial-magnet-inc/9050/469-1076-ND/6030787 These sensors works great (IMHO)! In this time I am redrawing my gimball mechanism based on new ideas collected in the web. Stay tuned....😉 Ciao! M
  12. It is true and almost obliged. When I start VR I must to have headset disconnected. If it is connected and I try to start VR from Steam, the app doesn't find the headset. So I must: connect the headset and immediately WMR starts itself, then I start VR from Steam and it runs ok, then I start IL-2. In this time I use beta version to test motion reprojection. Ciao! M
  13. As I said here in my previous post about VR, once tried VR, I think is very very hard to come back to 2D...IMHO.... Ciao! Marco
  14. Marvel


    Ok, thanks Meplanes !
  15. Marvel


    Hi Meplanes, the zip file in the first post also contains the collection of all the other effects? Ciao! M
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