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  1. Hi rowdy, I installed the gpreset and it seem all is improved. I installed gpresets in data/luascripts/gpresets, that's right, isn't it? I set gamma correction at .9 because at .8 the landscape was too reddish. Ciao! M
  2. Hi Rowdy, I have installed v10.1 and I noticed I am flying in a sort of mist. With previous version I had not this. Just a question: the gpreset file solve this behaviour? Ciao! M
  3. Ok, I will try to do that. Please, could you tell me where I can found "fade to grid"? Ciao! M
  4. Done. This a copy of my communication to Steam support: "Dear Staem VR support, I am writing to you because for some weeks now I have been having various problems with Steam VR. 1) When I launch Steam VR, almost always my internet connection go down and it works again when I close Steam VR. To play campaigns on IL-2 GB I need to have a stable internet connection. 2) Usually I play with IL-2GB (non steam version) and always with my headset, an HP Reverb. The game starts well, but when I load a single mission or a quick combat or a campaign mission the load screen starts heavy flickering and this is very annoiyng. I must to close my eyes to prevent it from bothering me too much. If I take off the headset I see the usual game load screen, but wearing the headset I see an overlapping of a purple banner showing IL-2 loading and the Steam VR dome background. Several users of IL-2GB, on the IL-2GB forum, reports the same issues. I hope these notes and the report in attachment could help you to solve these annoying issues. thanks in advance for a kindly reply. Best Regards." Hoping they can solve it....🀞 Ciao! M
  5. Hi mate, ok, I will do that as soon as possible! πŸ‘ Ciao! M
  6. Hi, me too have this kind of unpleasant behavior since several month. I have experienced this after a steam VR update. It always happen when a quick combat or single mission or campaign mission is loaded. As you said if you have epilepsy is dangerous due to flickering vertigo and then epilepsy attak. I don't know if Steam VR is aware of this kind of behavior in IL-2GB. How can you do it to let them know? Who should we contact? Do they have a service for this type of report? Ciao! M
  7. Hi Dutch2, ok, I will test as per your suggestion.πŸ‘ Many thanks! Ciao! M
  8. Hi guys, many thanks for your replies! πŸ˜„ @Alonzo: as I said no overclock nor CPU neither GPU. I play as is it, I wouldn't even know how to do it.... I don't have made no modification on my installation, on december, and january it worked very good, I was very satisfaied of performance. Here my settings since then: @Dutch2: FPS indicator shows as follow: - Game start: green and red dots alternately, FPS run from 25 to 90 in the very first seconds of game starts. - Game main page: blu dot or a mix of blu and azure dot. - Game in play (mission, quick combat or single mission): steady azure and blu dots togheter. FPS from 45 to 48. Absolutely very steady. -Game crash: no warning of any kind And now a good news: Thursday and Friday I play a lot without any crash: several quick combat with 16 planes, a couple of single mission and a couple of campaign mission. FPS indicator as per above. I notice there was a NVIDIA driver update and a Windows update. I hope this may have solved my issues, but in the next week I will do some test again to confirm this....finger cross...🀞. If you have some ideas about my settings, please let me know. Ciao! M
  9. Hi Dutch, thanks for your suggestions. Yesterday evening I done the procedure to enable Steam VR Beta again. For the restore point I will wait to have a stable behaviour on pc. Yesterday evening also I changed my "default.vrsettings" (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MixedRealityVRDriver\resources\settings\default.vrsettings) with a backup copy I had saved on January. In this copy I had enabled motionreprojectionmode:auto and the motion reprojection indicator. I tried to play the same Stalingrad campaign mission I do from a couple of days and I had another crash. Basically a mockery: escort to stukas north of Stalingrad, dogfight with La-5 and Yak, 3 shooted down, way back to base, landing ok, esc key, finish key....game crash and mission to be redone....speechless.... FPS was between 45 and 60 and the motion repro indicator was visible. They almost always show indicators blue and azure (GPU bound and CPU bound). Very little green or red. Then I tried to do a quick combat with 16 planes, the maximum I presume, and all worked fine.... Ciao! M
  10. ehmm...sorry for this silly question but....how do you do it? I have a not steam version of IL-2GB
  11. Hi, did you mean to unistall Steam VR and then re-install a fresh one, right? No, I don't checked on Steam forum but I could do it....πŸ˜€ This afternoon I will do some other tests with a different internet connection pocket cube and if it doesn't work I will try to reinstall Steam VR.... Ciao! M
  12. Hi guys, thanks for yours replies! Hi, nope, no overclock, I wouldn't even know how to do it.... Yep, I will lower graphics setting one at a time. But is a strange behaviour...until a few weeks ago and before some Steam VR update all worked fine.... Other strange behaviour in the last weeks, and that I noticed well yesterday, is the internet connetction crashing after I start Steam VR and I log in. Ciao! M
  13. Hi guys, in the lasts week I have experienced a lot of game crash during campaign session and I don't know how to solve these issues. Usually when I play a campaign mission suddenly the view go flickering or jerking or black screen flashing and then the game crash and go back on Stem VR. I play always in VR and I have an HP Reverb as headsets Does anyone experienced this behavior? There is a way to solve these issues? Thaks in advance for all your help! It is absolutely frustrating play in this way. Complete a mission is a matter of luck... Ciao! M
  14. Yes, I play always with my Reverb. This morning I had two crashes... Thanks for your help! Ciao! M
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