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  1. Thanks for info airsheep! I see on Amazon it cost about €545, while on Derekenwinkel at the end it cost about €670.... But I don't know how many time I could wait for it if I buy it on Amazon... Ciao! Marco
  2. Jarg1 How long did you wait from order to receipt item? Ciao! M
  3. Oh my God! I badly wrong the place to post my request.... I apologize for my mistake! Could an admin move my post here, please?: Thanks for your reply Jarg1! Ciao! Marco
  4. Hi guys, someone has ever bought the Reverb here on amazon? https://www.amazon.com/HP-Reverb-Virtual-Reality-Headset/dp/B07R768KJP Ciao! Marco
  5. Thanks for your opinion guys!! 😀 Can be said "the winner is: HP Reverb!" Now I must find a reseller for this item. The Italian HP store said to me the headsets take about a month from the order receiving, at best....😒 Amazon could be reliable? Ciao! Marco
  6. You are right Dburne, this is my pc: https://www.pcassemblati.eu/pc-gaming-extreme-i9-9900k/1030-pc-assemblato-intel-i9-9900k-hdd-2tb-ssd-m2-500-ddr4-32gb-rtx2080-8gb.html I think is right for VR. I bought it in mind for VR. Ciao! Marco
  7. Hi Apollon01, unfortunately Index is out of my budget....😩
  8. Hi guys, thanks for your impressions. Currently: Reverb 3 - Oculus 0 I will wait for other user impression also. Many thanks! Ciao! Marco
  9. Hello guys, I wish to buy a headset for VR but I am undecided between Oculus rift S and HP reverb. I play mainly with IL-2GB but I have DCS and Cliffs of Dover also. I read on the web several reviews about both headset but is hard to decide.... Based on your experience which of the two you would recommend? Thanks for your help! Ciao! Marco
  10. Ooopsss... sorry guys, maybe a my mistake. After a game client update the game works fine again. Ciao! Marco
  11. Hi guys, last few days I played a couple of mission of my career and today I wanted to play another mission, but when I tried to logging in I received this error message (see picture). Whats appened? Why few days ago I played without problems and today I have this issue and I no used the pc from those days?
  12. Hi guys, few days ago I deleted both CoD and Cod Blitz and then I reinstalled Blitz only. Now all works fine 👍! Thanks for all! Ciao! Marco
  13. Salve ragazzi, ho da poco iniziato ad usare IL-2GB e provenendo dal vecchio IL-2 mi trovo un pò incasinato con le viste. Nel vecchio il-2 era possibile guardare in ogni dove con l'hat switch e una volta rilasciato la vista tornava automaticamente fissa sul cruscotto. Qui nel nuovo il-2gb esiste una modalità simile? Ho provato varie soluzioni ma spesso mi ritrovo a dover ricentrare la vista "a mano" con le frecce del tastierino numerico e poi F10 per salvare la vista di default. Però quando uso l'hat switch per guardare da qualche parte la vista non mi torna più come l'avevo impostata con l'F10. Ciao! Marco
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