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  1. Thanks Capt! πŸ˜€ Next I will try to set motion reprojection on "motionvector" and to disabled it, just to see the differences. Ciao! M
  2. Hi wju, I followed the instructions in your link above and I installed WMR for SteamVR BETA. Then I enabled motion reprojection adding the line "motionReprojectionMode" : "auto", as per instructions in your link. Before I had 85-90 fps steady, and after I have 42-50 fps, very often steady to 44-46 fps. It is correct in this way? It was this the pourpose of the motion reprojection, less fps with the same smoothiness? It seems game run smooth. I tried a combat with 16 planes over kuban summer maps, clouds mod and corrected skins activated, it seemed to me that everything was going smoothly. Ciao! M
  3. Thanks for info, wju, I need WMR for SteamVR BETA before.... 😬 Then I'll try to follow their instructions.... Ciao! M
  4. Hi wju, I have my settings in this way, it is ok? Ciao! Marco
  5. Me too have the same issue as you described after the last Steam update. Really very annoying 🀬. I hope Steam can solve the issue. M
  6. Thanks for info 71_st_AH_Macro, I understand. πŸ˜€πŸ‘ Just a question: why I have not IL-2 BoX in my applications tab? Ciao! Marco
  7. Hi guys, yesterday I set SS both at 180% (2160x2112) and 188% (2208x2160) either I choose the 188%. I also set HDR off. The improvement was obvious: definition and details have improved and performance has not been affected (circa 65 to 90 fps). This afternoon I will try to set AA to x2 as Chiliwili and Thewarsimmer suggested. Do you suggest to keep only video SS at 188% and set other slides, SteamVR, SteamVR Home, at 100%? Ciao! Marco
  8. Ok, so will I move the slider till obtain 2160x2160 or the closest values, right? M
  9. Hi Ironk79, well, after I tried VR I think is almost impossible for me to go back to 2D. One thing is to fly looking at the cockpit, one thing is to be in it (IMHO). As you said are personal preferences... Ciao! Marco Sorry for my silly question mate, where can I found settings for SS res in Steam VR? Could you post a screeshot, please? M
  10. Hi guys, thanks for your replies and suggestions.πŸ˜€ @all: why I have not "IL-2 Sturmovick BoS" in my Steam VR settings drop-down menu? @Pre : my monitor resolution is 1920x1080 and game has the same resolution. How can I set 2160x2160 as you suggest? @peregrine7: ok, I will try to set anti-aliasing and others as you suggest Ciao! Marco
  11. Hi guys, it's been almost a month and a half since I started my experience with VR through the HP Reverb viewer and here I report my impressions. Being my first experience with VR maybe many of my impressions are normal for those who have been using VR for the longest time. 1) seems to always see through a thin veil of mist. On the monitor the colors are more vivid. 2) The characters of the writing on the cockpit are not perfectly visible and, unless you approach to read them, they are blurred, especially on small writings. 3) The identification of the aircraft, lacking the sharpness for what I said in point 1), is more difficult and unless it is close enough to others aircraft it is not very easy. 4) Steam VR for windows is a bit of a pain to start. If the headset is connected to the PC, SVRFW signals that the headset is not connected and at that point I have to disconnect it and reconnect again. 5) The impression I had wearing the headset, mainly on the fighters, is that the cockpits is smaller and narrower than I imagined in real life. It is true that on the 109 or on the FW190 it was definitely narrow and small, but for example, on the P-40, I thinked it more spacious. 6) Clouds: very close ones appear with very few details, they seem almost fake. Those far away are very beautiful but they lose a bit of detail compared to seeing them in the monitor. 7) Generally a bit of everything is affected by the loss of sharpness, definition and detail, but I think it's a VR limits. Here are the settings I use, both in IL-2 and in Steam: I tried to get the best graphics settings but I am not an expert, so I will certainly have made mistakes. Obviously if you have suggestions to give me to improve the graphics and my experience with VR I would be very grateful. Ciao! Marco
  12. Hi guys, I've installed yesterday this mod, simply fantastic! Many Thanks! Ciao! Marco
  13. Hi Rowdy, I have installed v5 and it is fantastic! Congratulations!! Pity that in VR lose some detail... Ciao! Marco
  14. Marvel

    Pilot photos...

    I would like also to have my career profile picture. I hope this opportunity will soon be available. Ciao! Marco
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