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  1. Thanks for the informations guys. I hope to do a good choice for the new pc. Ciao! Marco
  2. Hi Alonzo, thanks for your reply. Looking on internet I found this also: https://www.pcassemblati.eu/computer-extreme-edition/1030-pc-assemblato-intel-i9-9900k-hdd-2tb-ssd-m2-500-ddr4-32gb-rtx2080-8gb.html I'm not an expert but it would seem like a good pc... Thanks for your help! Ciao!
  3. Hi folks, I am about to buy a nec PC for flight sims, especially BoX and DCS and in the next future I would to purchase the Oculus Rift also. I would have made a couple of configurations and I wuold to know which You consider most appropriate: 1) https://www.ankermann.com/it/configuratore-pc.htm?c=dfe454d67334f9b9e7ea31e0d95fa8b4 2) https://www.ankermann.com/en/desktop-pc-configurator.htm?c=efa0f86eecfa5a6f13fbfa81e170c990&c=efa0f86eecfa5a6f13fbfa81e170c990 Many thanks for your help! Ciao! Marco
  4. Maybe I could try to make the mechanism more compact and cheapest.....๐Ÿค” Let's see.... M
  5. Eh....at the moment I builded this one and I really do not know how much it could cost.... If other people were interested, I could estimate the final cost.... M
  6. Google translator is my friend! No, the rubber cap is a car spare part. To be precise is a Ford Fiesta Titanium 1.4 diesel car gear lever....like the one in my car...๐Ÿ˜‰ Ciao! Marco
  7. Thank you for appreciation Soarfeat. For the boot do you mean the rubber one?
  8. Hi guys, after several weeks I finished the joystick. It works fine and the movements are smooth and precisesly. Next step will be the throttles with AS5600 Hall sensors. Ciao. Marco
  9. Hi Sokol, thanks for reply. Untill now I think its works good, very precise in operation, but you consider that is a couple of weeks I use AS5600, so I have not experience in the long period. Anyway I think is more easy to mount and use. For a dedicated topic ok, I will prepare some information about AS5600 and I will post. Ciao! Marco
  10. Hi guys, this my new project for engine throttles v2. I will use the hall sensors AS5600 by AMS. Let me know what do you think about. Ciao. Marco
  11. Hi Sokol, I used the AS5600, http://ams.com/eng/Products/Magnetic-Position-Sensors/Angle-Position-On-Axis/AS5600, as discussed several replies above. The sound "clank-clanck" it is audible only if the stick is swinging from its central position. Normally, handling the stick for normal operations, the sound it is hardly noticeable. Now I am redrawing the engines controls using the AS5600. Ciao! Marco
  12. Hello guys, after several months I managed to do operate the gimbal joystick, setting the Hall sensors properly. The joystick works fine and it seems precise and smooth in operation. Here some pictures of the joystick in position with the control stick. The aluminium metal sheet cover and the rubber bellow, inspired by my Ford Fiesta car gear shift rubber bellow, are still missing. I will set them next week after testing the joystick. As you can see on the video the springs are quite weak. I will replace them with strongest springs in the coming days. The yellow square is the place where I will open a squared wires passage to avoid tear off the cables with feet. Ciao! Marco
  13. Hi Rani, I must yet to set the Hall sensors and calibrate the angle, then I'll tell you if works....I hope...๐Ÿ˜ฌ Ciao! Marco
  14. Well, after several weeks I managed to build the designed gimbal joystick. ๐Ÿ˜€ Mechanically it works, now I proceed with the electronically parts....๐Ÿคž It seems a little "snappy" but with the long bar it should improve the fluidity of the movement, otherwise I adjust it to get a softer movement. Thanks for your comments and impressions. Ciao! Marco
  15. Did not you find anything on the internet? Last year I used Shapeways for 3D printing my handgrip joystick. It will not be cheap but at the moment I do not think there are many options ... Ciao. M
  16. Nice gimbal. Is the ispiration of mine one, under construction in this time.... Sokol but do you use a gimbal like this for your joystick? Ciao! Marco
  17. Hi Sokol, thanks for the info. I retrieve information on the various sensors and see which one is more for me. Ciao! Marco
  18. Hi Sokol, yes, the cams are not the big deal, if they would be too hard is easily to change the profile to soften the movement. What do you mean by extra adapter circuit in between? Could you give me an example? The sensor you suggest is interesting, but is not rotative. Maybe the MLX90316 would be more functional for my joy. Ciao. Marco
  19. Hi Sokol, yes, the cam profile it's done this way on purpose. I would to "feel" the center position of the joystick during the game... Then if the "clunck" will be too hard I can soften the profile to reduce the hardness... Regarding the sensor AS5600, I would to purchase the Eval kit (http://ams.com/eng/Support/Demoboards/Magnetic-Position-Sensors/Angle-Position-On-Axis/AS5600-Eval-Kit) , to correctly calibrate the angle I need for the joystick travel , and another adapterboard (http://ams.com/eng/Support/Demoboards/Magnetic-Position-Sensors/Angle-Position-On-Axis/AS5600-Adapterboard) , to connect X and Y axis. Do you know if is possible to calibrate the sensors with the Eval kit and then connect them to BU0836X card? I understood that eval kit calibrate the sensor in digital mode, but then, can I use it on BU0836X card in analog mode? Ciao! Marco
  20. Hi guys, after several weeks I almost finished to drawing my gimbal joystick. Few minor parts are yet to drawing, but the main assembly is finished. The first parts are already at work. I hope the AS5600 sensor will be functional to the purpose. Ciao. Marco
  21. Hi Jaffa, for toughts and suggestions about mechanical devices I can help you, but for electronics I am the worse you can find here.... . When you speak about MCU, Arduino, JS, hc-05 or esp8266, etc. they sound me as arab language.... For electronics I try to understand in the Sokol's suggestions and other mates suggestions, those more useful for my purposes. When I built the flaps control using a electronic guitar switch Sokol and a friend of mine (electronic engineer) helped me a lot. The JoyToKey mapping for this device was made by my friend, I could never have done it alone (https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/29873-mjoy16-usb-circuit-board/page-2). About 3D printing add-ons I think is a good idea for some parts. For example the flight joke you scratched-built wuold be georgeous in 3D printing. I built my handgrip joystick in 3D and I am very satisfied (https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/29873-mjoy16-usb-circuit-board/). I would not use it to do mechanical parts. For them I prefer the usal (for me) mechanical construction: metal parts and mechanical machining. I will try to use the AS5600 sensor because it permit me to adjust the electric angle for my purposes. Unfortunately I need angles not in normal use for the most commercial Hall sensors. I will be happy to help you as much as I can. Ciao! Marco
  22. Thanks Jaffa and Sokol for your suggestions! Ciao! Marco
  23. I would like to use this one suggested by Sokol: http://ams.com/eng/Products/Magnetic-Position-Sensors/Angle-Position-On-Axis/AS5600 As discussed here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/33557-electronic-project/page-2
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